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    doing your gf

    Default Chapter 75 Translation

    This chapter should be dedicated to Kujaku for awesomeness of Satan for brilliance...

    Chapter 75
    Page 1
    Top – Volumes 1~18 now on sale!!
    Middle – So that your warmth that I feel at my back may continue eternally
    Bottom – Seishi Kishimoto
    Below that – Chapter 75 [Armageddon]

    Page 2
    Zekuto – Run away… ha...
    Ruby – Tears!!... Is it possible!
    Zekuto – I won’t run away from my daughter
    Zekuto – for a second time
    Zekuto – This time it is a promise

    Page 3
    Zekuto – Ruby
    Ruby – Father…
    Kirin – What happened, Zekuto’s spirit that was dislodged from the demons
    Amidaba – It seems to have regains its balance
    Ruby – What is this, into my head,
    Ruby – Dad’s memories are coming in
    Zekuto – Hold tight Erurarudo
    Zekuto – Ruby!!

    Page 4
    Zekuto – I’m begging you, repond to me!!
    Zekuto – Erurarudo!!!
    Zekuto – Ruby!!!
    Zekuto – Ruby!!!
    Zekuto – Aaaaaaa
    Zekuto – I’m tired of
    Zekuto – O-Part wars
    Zekuto – I will change
    Zekuto – This world!!!

    Page 5
    Box – Stea main base
    Zekuto – Is it okay to enter into a lvl 5?
    ??? – It is an incredible surveillance system right?
    ??? – If you carelessly get close, you will die
    ??? – How is it! This is the first angel that Stea discovered
    ??? – It is Sandalphon
    Zekuto – This… is… the angel…

    Page 6
    Zekuto – Ruby!?
    ??? – Sandalphon’s nucleus, supposedly this guy will be spread apart, and investigated
    ??? – It may have a human shape, but it is still an O-Part
    ??? – What happened, Zekuto?
    Zekuto – Nothing? I’m fine
    ??? – Zekuto, I heard you keep getting permission from above, and are going to look at the angel
    ??? – It won’t change anything
    ??? – Hey… hey…
    ??? – You recently have a bad attitude. Did something happen on site?
    Zekuto – No… I’m fine…
    Eye – zuzu

    Page 7
    Mishima – That red wind Zekuto has
    Mishima – Betrayed Stea
    Miko – What did you say Mishima!!
    Mishima – He switched Solomon’s key and
    Mishima – Even Sandolphon has been
    Mishima – taken!!
    Mishima – Metaron is still fine
    Miko – How did he manage to
    Miko – destroy that!?...
    Miko – perhaps…
    Eye – zuzu

    Page 8
    Zekuto – Lets go with a smile
    Zekuto – Ni shi shi shi (really messed up laugh)
    Zekuto – ugh…
    Ruby – What happened father…
    Zekuto – I’m fine
    Eye – zuzu
    Zekuto – Nothing is wrong…
    Zekuto – Ruby…
    Zekuto – In order to obtain the power to rescue you
    Zekuto – I dwelled a demon in my body
    Zekuto – Even when we were traveling together
    Zekuto – slowly the demon took over my body
    Zekuto – Eventually, you who were an angel
    Zekuto – Would be hurt by me…

    Page 9
    Zekuto – I was afraid of that
    Zekuto – That is why I left you…
    Ruby – I…
    Ruby – I won’t
    Ruby – forgive you
    Box – If you don’t believe that you are
    Box – related, than that is the same as being strangers
    Ruby – Even if we aren’t connected by blood
    Ruby – whatever happens

    Page 10
    Ruby – You are my real father
    Ruby – That is why…
    Ruby – I won’t forgive you
    Zekuto – Ruby…
    Zekuto – That is my girl

    Page 11

    Page 12
    Jio – Ruby!!!
    Ruby – Jio!!!
    Ruby – Everyone run away!!!
    Ruby – It is no good, nothing will work
    Kirin – Ruby
    Jio – Damn!!

    Page 13
    Miko – Now recipes, become one with me once again
    Zero – I can’t get strength into my body!!
    Joker – Is that finger buy leaving
    Joker – It got scared of me and quit the battle
    Joker – Come again day before yesterday
    Joker – Wait… the nucleus… is missing
    Joker – this is bad!!
    Joker – Baku-sama will be mad

    Page 14
    Jin – Zero!!
    Ball – Ruby-chan!!
    Ball – How are we supposed to
    Ball – fight with that guy
    Ruby – Everyone please run as far away
    Ruby – as possible
    Kaballah – heart beat
    Kaballah – heart beat
    Kaballah – heart beat
    Kaballah – heart beat

    Page 15

    Page 16
    Kirin – What is it this time!!
    Mei – What is that!!
    Jio – What is it planning to do!?

    Page 17

    Page 18
    Tentacle Rape!

    Page 19
    XXX – uwaa!!
    Chick – Kya!!
    Jeezer – What is this!!

    Page 20
    Mary – Leader, something strange is in the city!!
    Leader – Evacuate to the under ground Mary!!
    Leader – Everyone!!!
    Joker – Uwaa!!
    Joker – The day before yesterday has already passed
    Amidaba – Damn!
    Amidaba – It seems this time it isn’t only recipe!!!
    Kirin – Neither the third eye, nor the sword works!!

    Page 21
    Miko – Finally the preparations have begun
    Miko – For Armageddon
    Jio – Everyone!!!
    Miko – You are not going to die. Throwing away your bodies, you will all become one…
    Miko – This is evolution.

    Page 22
    Kirin – My strength is… leaving my body!
    Kirin – Jio, even if it is only you, don’t get caught!!
    Kirin – I am sorry to have been such a
    Kirin – crappy teacher…
    Jio – Don’t say something so creepy!!
    Jio – I won’t be able to eat those ill-tasting pickles again!!!
    Ball – Jio!! I’m leaving Mari in your care!!!
    Ball – … I became an OPT…
    Ball – I was doing pretty well right? Jio...
    Jio – You utterly suck!!! You look completely lame
    Jio – Right now!!!
    Ball – Jio!!

    Page 23
    Ball – Jio~!! I don’t want to disappear yet!!!
    Ball – I don’t want to end in a place like this!!!
    Jio – That is obvious!!!
    Miko – Ku ho ho ho (real lame laugh. For shadowing of her doom)
    Jio – Damn, my left hand!! (*cough* foreshadowing *cough*)
    Jio – At a time like this!! (Just let out Satan… Geez, that guy could absorb all of Shin as an appetizer…)
    Jio – You damn Miko!!!

    Page 24
    Miko – He cut this tentacle…
    Miko – With a physical attack!!

    Page 25
    XYX – We were saved
    Kirin – This sword technique is
    Jio – What happened to you!!

    Page 26
    Kujaku – Rinnetenshou [Bell’s note, heavenly erase]
    Kujaku – No matter what you cut
    Kirin - !
    Kujaku – Along with the bell’s sound that disappears into heaven
    Kujaku – It will erase all but the soul
    Kirin’s head – Father?...
    Kirin - …. Kujaku
    Ball – Kujaku you bastard!! {you ruined that great tentacle rape!!}
    Kirin – Wait Ball
    Kujaku – You are lame as usual

    Page 27
    Kujaku – Big… Brothe…
    Mei – Uncle!!
    Ball – Mei!! Don’t go near him!!
    Mei – What!
    Mei – un… cle…
    Mei – swo…

    Page 28
    Mei – While holding your sword…
    Mei – You are dead!...
    Ball – Dead!?
    Ball – He is still standing!!
    Amidaba – That guy saved us at the end…
    Kirin – That is the real
    Kirin – Rinnetenshou!!...
    Kirin - …It appears that Kujaku… You were the one to receive the sword master’s blood
    Kirin – The real...

    Page 29
    Kirin – Swordsman!!...
    Jio – That Kujaku saved everyone?! (no, it was just your imagination)
    Miko – Ku ho ho ho (yet more foreshadowing as to her demise)
    Miko – For your hope to suddenly appear
    Miko – And suddenly die is an interesting turn
    Miko – Is it okay? Jio Freed… no
    Miko – Satan!!
    Miko – If you don’t become 1 with Kaballah
    Miko – Armageddon will activate incompletely and…

    Page 30
    Miko – The creatures of this world that have lost their bodies
    Miko – Will not become 1 with me and will disappear
    Miko – The same will happen as with Alcard Spirits
    Miko – Aside from you Satan who remains outside, most creatures on this star shall disappear
    Miko – As if you have wiped them out
    Miko – Leaving behind the 666 creature
    Ponzu – The meaning of the 666 Satan appearing in the records along with the destruction
    Ponzu – So that is its meaning (and another retard enters the story…)

    Page 31
    Finger – Zuh
    Ruby – Jio
    Ruby – It is an incredibly great feeling to become 1 with Kaballah (yeah, who wouldn’t want to be tentacle raped 24/7…)
    Ruby – Don’t be scared
    Jio – Ruby
    Ruby – Hurry up and come
    Ruby – Everyone on the planet will die
    Kirin – Jio!! That is Miko’s trap!!!
    Amidaba – Do not be fooled!!
    Ponzu – Actually, chances are
    Ponzu – the fact that the creatures of this planet will disappear is the truth

    Page 32
    Jio – So at this rate everyone on this planet will be
    Ball – Isn’t there a way to stop that
    Ball – Maruhage (literally means round bald) or whatever?
    Ponzu – I don’t know but if we defeat the Miko who is
    Ponzu – united with Shin, something might happen (major cliché)
    Ball – What do you mean ‘I don’t know’…
    Ponzu – Yes, this is a bet
    Ponzu – If he enters the Kaballah, he might get absorbed
    Ponzu – The reason that Armageddon happened incompletely until now was
    Ponzu – Because they couldn’t control Satan’s power and place it into the Kaballah (in short, until now, Satan was freely roaming the world at the right time, and beat the crap out of shin before it could wipe out the world. Basically, Satan = ultimate good guy, Jio = only hope for the success of Armageddon = ultimate bad guy… or at least that is her theory…)
    Ponzu – In that case, right now housing Satan’s body…

    Page 33
    Ponzu – Jio Freed your existence is…
    Ponzu – Is it possible!!...
    Hand – Suh
    Ball – Jio!! What happened to you!!
    Ball – I’m going to conquer the world…

    Page 34
    Jio – For that sake, if the people of this world were to disappear
    Jio – It won’t be world conquest
    Ball – Jio!!!
    Jio – Ball…
    Jio – If you are going to cry, wait until I safely return
    Ball – Return for sure
    Ball – I won’t let you win our fight by running away
    Ball – I won’t be able to prove that I’m stronger than you that way
    Jio – Okay

    Page 35
    Jio – I’m going to go inside to beat the crap out of Miko
    Jio – It just became the opposite of what was going on before
    Ball – Jio…
    Ponzu – You must not go!!
    Ponzu – Jio, you are probably
    Ponzu – A container designed to definitely transport Satan
    Ponzu – Into the Kaballah!!!
    Miko – Ku ho ho ho
    Miko – It is too late (why does no one ask the question “who would make a container strong enough to contain Satan”?)

    Page 36
    Ball – Jio!!!
    Jin – Everyone on this planet has to bet on that guy
    Ball – On only Jio (yeah, who would believe in Jio)
    Futotomo – I believe in
    Futomomo – Jio
    Ball – Futomomo…
    Fatass – I don’t want this body that I’m proud of to disappear
    Ball - … that is true…

    Page 37
    Jio – There is nothing…
    Jio – Is this the inside of the Kaballah?!
    Jio - !!

    Page 38
    Jio - !
    Creep – I see, unlike the other recipes, for Satan
    Creep – The container, ‘Jio Freed’ must be ripped off (again, no one asks who made such a container… who would have the power to make one… or why Satan would resurrect itself inside that container…)

    Page 39
    Jio – You are Miko!!
    Miko – Now release Satan
    Jio – Uwo…
    Jio – What?
    Miko – It is useless. This is a spiritual body, nothing will work (err… doesn’t Satan absorb spiritual energy? So he is the only 1 able to beat her, meaning it would be best to keep him sealed off as securely as possible?)
    Jio – I guess it won’t work
    Miko – Now, become 1 with me so that we can solve all mysteries
    Jio – I have no interest in that stuff

    Page 40
    Miko – ku ku ku… Jio Freed, right now
    Miko – I’m saying I want to find out your mystery
    Jio - …
    Jio – my…
    Jio – mystery you say?!...
    Miko – That is right
    Miko – You have the gigantic Satan dwelling within you
    Miko – You are no regular container
    Miko – Jo Freed, what you are
    Jio – What I am…
    Miko – Now release Satan an
    Miko – Become 1 with me

    Page 41
    Miko – I want your information
    Miko – Your mystery, and your strength
    Jio – It deosn’t matter what I am
    Jio – I am
    Jio – the person you will defeat you
    Jio – I am Jio Freed
    Miko – ku ho ho ho ho ho I told you it is pointless (some more foreshadowing)
    Miko – This body is my spiritual body itself
    Miko – I have been using parts of this body until now
    Jio – The actual spiritual body…
    Jio - !!
    Jio – No matter how perfect you think you are, you eventually depend on O-Parts. You are
    Jio – an OPT

    Page 42
    Jio – If you want to know that much, I will teach you
    Miko – Ho ho, that is a pretty nice O-Part
    Miko – However, at this point, it doesn’t matter what kind of blade you have
    Jio – As I thought you can see it
    Jio – Zero Shiki R’s fangs
    Jio – This guy reacts to the soul and spirit of whoever sees it
    Jio – and creates a fang

    Page 43
    Jio – The meaning of my strength!!
    Jio – Do you understand this meaning?
    Miko – You mean!
    Jio – It means this!!!

    Page 44
    Miko – what…
    Miko – My conscious…
    Miko – it… is…
    Miko – leaving…
    Miko – no… don’t…
    Miko – disap…
    Miko – pear…

    Page 45
    Jio – In the end, the moment you threw away your body
    Jio – You were finished…
    Ball – The absorption has stopped
    Ball – Jio beat Miko!
    Amidaba – It seems so
    Fatass – My body was saved from disappearing
    Fatass – This way I can taste food

    Page 46
    Jio – Did I do it?...
    Jio – Anyways, this way this planet…
    Satan – Belongs to me
    Mouth – pekiki
    Bottom right – That figure with the creepy laugh is ~~~~~~~~~ 666 SATAN!!!!
    Bottom left – Continues 1 month later, Wednesday on December 12th

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    thanks for ur trans!!!! are u gonna post it up at mangahelpers??

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    doing your gf


    Quote Originally Posted by darkwolf118 View Post
    thanks for ur trans!!!! are u gonna post it up at mangahelpers??
    Already posted it up... In a reply to the R/T/S thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayangelus View Post
    Zekuto – Hold tight Erurarudo
    Zekuto – Ruby!!

    Page 4
    Zekuto – I’m begging you, repond to me!!
    Zekuto – Erurarudo!!!
    Erurarudo? I see the katakanas for Emerarudo (エメラルド, Emerald), not Erurarudo (エルラルド)....

    Thanks anyway for the trans!

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    Thanks for the trans Kaya.




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