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    Default Chapter 73 Translation

    Yup, the chapter is out. Getting here. Credits go to Allashandra for bringing us this raw.


    As for the reason why I made the thread, here is the translation (enjoy, and let us pray for quick scanslation):

    Chapter 73 [Zenom]

    Page 1
    Top – New volume, 18th edition, on sale October 22nd
    Middle of Page – That man, quietly waits for the time
    Bottom Left – Kishimoto Seishi
    Bottom Right – Chapter 73 [ Zenom]

    Page 2
    ? – It is pretty quiet but,
    ? – This is…
    Spika – The area ahead is the seat of Zenom’s leader. The entrance is up ahead
    Amidaba – What is this young girl
    Amidaba – Why does she know such things?
    Spika – It is because Spika
    Spika – Is one of Zenom’s 4 heavenly lords
    Amidaba – I see
    Amidaba – That is why…
    Hand – pon (clap)

    Page 3
    ? – Wha~~~~~t!!!
    Amidaba – Why is such a person with us!!
    Ruby – If we explained that, it will take a long time
    Ball – She might suddenly attack us…
    Spika – Zenom’s leader is my ex-master
    Spika – My current master is Tarou-sama [futamomotarou is obviously too long for her to say]
    Fatty – Spika-chan
    Sane ppl – Wow~~~ These guys are so annoying~~~
    Mei – Holding hands…
    Mei – Ba… Ball, umm… you see…
    Mei – hand…
    Ball - ?!
    Ball – What is it Mei

    Page 4
    Mei – Let me do palm reading
    Ball – What? No, it is okay
    Ball – Ouch!!! My wrist
    Mei – Stupid Ball
    Ball – Wha… what was that…
    Amidaba – He is as slow as always
    Cross – Everyone
    Cross – Shin… no, Amaterasu Miko is already above us
    Cross – They have apparently been searching for Zenom’s base
    Amidaba – As I thought
    Ponzu – What does that mean
    Ponzu – I came from Shin
    Ponzu – There is no way Amaterasu Miko was on board

    Page 5
    Cross – Know, if we go into details, Miko is
    Cross – Not aboard Shin
    Cross – Miko is Shin itself
    Cross – It seems she threw away her body and became 1 with Shin…
    Ponzu - !...
    Cross – The fact that you came here under Barusa’s orders,
    Cross – means that Miko has likely already taken over his body
    Ponzu – For something like that…
    Ball – So what happened to Jio and Zero
    Ball – They had better be alive
    Fatty – I hope Jin is okay as well
    Ball – Jin as well…
    Ball – You were with Jin!!
    Fatty – For a while

    Page 6
    Ruby – Anyways for now, we have to take Zenom out
    Ruby – and pass through this point
    Kirin – Amidaba
    Amidaba – Yea
    Amidaba – Ruby 1 moment
    Ruby – What? Amidaba-san
    Cross - ?
    Amidaba – Ruby…

    Page 7
    Amidaba – What ever happens from here on, keep a strong will!
    Ruby – What!
    Ruby – What happened!
    Ruby – Geez…
    Ruby – I’m fine! I have fought with everyone else
    Ruby – What ever comes from here on, both my soul and body are fine! /probably…/
    Amidaba – Ruby…
    Kirin – That is right
    Kirin – It was pointless worry

    Page 8
    Jin – I hope Jio hasn’t been taken out
    Zero – You are worried
    Zero – He won’t die, even if he dies-
    Jin – That is true

    Page 9
    Jio – Geez, next is a giant octopus
    Jio – That whale-beast sure ate a lot of stuff
    Jio – I’m hungry too
    Jio – I will take 2 or 3 of your legs!!!

    Page 10
    Ball – that guy is Zenom…

    Page 11
    Zekuto – I have been waiting
    Ruby – That voice!...
    Ruby – What happened, Ruby-chan?

    Page 12
    Ruby – No…
    Ruby – That isn’t possible…
    Amidaba – As I thought Zenom is
    Ruby – Father…?

    Page 13
    Amidaba – Zekuto = Crescent
    Ball – What does that mean?
    Ball – You told us your dad died…
    Ruby – There were a lot of things I wanted to say and hear
    Ruby – there were times when I despised you but…
    Ruby – I’m glad you are alive
    Ruby – I have walked the path you set out father
    Ruby – Father it is me
    Ruby – I am your daughter Ruby!!

    Page 14
    Crescent – I have no daughter
    Crescent – If you crumble my soul’s sound, you will die
    Ruby – Father…
    Amidaba – Zekuto, I won’t let you say that you forgot
    Amidaba – Your daughter’s face!!!
    Zekuto – I’m not Zekuto
    Zenom – I’m Zenom
    Baku – You have done so far and want to be saved but…
    Baku – After entering here, don’t think you can leave freely
    Baku – The nuclei of your recipes will definitely
    Baku – be taken
    Baku – Spika, while you may be 1 of Zenom’s 4
    Baku – heavenly guardians, you still went to that side

    Page 15
    Ball – I don’t know the details but
    Duo – In that case we will just make you
    Ball – admit it yo
    Cross – admit it
    Zenom – Seeing it, I can tell, you aren’t the type of friends to lick each other’s wounds
    Zenom – but the type of friends to raise each other

    Page 16
    Zenom – What raises my soul is…
    Zenom – This!!!
    Ruby – My ears are!!!
    Zenom – First…

    Page 17
    Zenom – Your turn
    Cross – Everyone disappeared!!
    Zenom – Not everyone, you were the one to disappear
    Cross – What is this place!!?
    Crescent – You have number 9i, Lilith’s nuclei
    Crescent – I will tell you where this is
    Cross – Why do that!

    Page 18
    Crescent – On top of Reverse Kaballah,
    Crescent – number 9i Lilith’s sephirot
    Crescent – If you don’t let go of the nuclei soon,
    Crescent – You will be swallowed along with it
    Cross – Damn

    Page 19
    Cross – Where did he go!!?
    Kaballah – heat beat
    Kaballah – heat beat

    Page 20
    Ball – Cross got wiped out!!!
    Kirin – When did he return to the seat
    Crescent – The only one who can do that is Lucifuge
    Crescent – Cross or whatever had Lilith’s nuclei
    Crescent – I merely took him to the Reverse Kaballah
    Spika – Baku, Remu, and Muu-saman’s,
    Spika – 3 masks were needed to create a warp
    Spika – He did it alone and in an instant
    Baku – This O-Part, Magima’s mask is
    Baku – A gift from the leader

    Page 21
    Ponzu – Cross-san…
    Kirin – When Zekuto was in stea
    Kirin – He could not do something like that
    Amidaba – Is it a new O-Part or…
    Amidaba – Stea was wiped out
    Amidaba – There is no longer a point to gather Kaballah’s Recipes
    Zekuto – but Amaterasu Miko is alive
    Crescent – And right above me
    Crescent – Its aim is both kaballahs… and
    Crescent – This guy
    Box – Kapa (Opening sound)
    Crescent – Gathering all of the recipes
    Crescent – I will definitely activate the reverse Kaballah before her

    Page 22
    Ruby – Kaballah is an information memory weapon!!
    Ruby – If you mess up the control, what may happen!!
    Crescent – That is why I have this guy
    Mei – That is the same as what was in
    Mei – my village
    Ruby – That is the…
    Ruby – Legendary O-Part
    Crescent – It is true that Kaballah gathers all information, and
    Crescent – through re-arranging that, it can be called a guaranteed container weapon

    Page 23
    Crescent – As was recorded, on its own it spread to this star
    Crescent – We have fallen into the pattern of the blue star that was said to have been destroyed
    Crescent – This planet’s rotation is same as that of the blue planet, and has a
    Crescent – 23.4 degrees spin
    Crescent- The places where there is day light or night time 24/7,
    Crescent – is the same on both the North and South poles
    Crescent – It is 66.6 degrees. [in reality that is where such things do not take place, but don’t feel like correcting kishi]
    Crescent – Even in a place like this, the number 666
    Crescent – is hidden away
    Crescent – stars, where they point, and even directions,
    Crescent – May be part of Satan’s information (power)

    Right – Light
    Top (next to 23.4 degrees) – Norse Pole
    To the right – Area where the sun does not go down (arctic night)
    Below – North latitude
    Left – Equator
    Left – South Pole
    Left – Area that does not receive sun light (long nights)
    Above – South latitude

    Page 24
    Crescent – When Kaballah’s blue planet was destroyed, whether it recorded all of the information
    Crescent – and was sent here to not be wasted,
    Crescent – It was on the Noa ship…
    Crescent - that or
    Crescent – It is a terrible parasite
    Crescent – That ate out the blue planet
    Crescent – Eventually
    Crescent – This power will fall into someone’s hands,
    Crescent – And will need to be controlled
    Baku – If you interfere with Zenom, and I
    Baku – Won’t hold back
    Baku – Enter a

    Page 25
    Baku – dreamless eternal sleep
    Spika – That is Baku-sama’s illusionary attack
    Amidaba – Which is the real one
    Baku – Evil sleep
    Crescent – Wait Baku!!!

    Page 26
    Spika – Wall!!!
    Kirin – Above!!?
    Spika – What

    Page 27
    Kirin – 3rd eye, activate
    Mei – movement program under way
    Mei – Why can’t I do it!!?
    Kirin – That is also illusion!!!
    Ball – The real one was behind us…

    Page 28
    Baku – Not even a challan…
    Baku – What is that!? [kawarimi no jutus maybe?]
    Baku – They all became wolves!!!

    Page 29
    Ball – We are saved
    Jin – If it is a party, let us in as well

    Page 30
    Zero – That was barely safe
    Fatty – Jin!!
    Ball – Zero!!!
    Jin – Thanks to “sacrificial life”, Zero’s replacement, everyone is saved
    Zero – It is good that you were saved, but the pain is going to arrive soon
    Ball – Now that you mention it I feel something in my head
    ? – Uwaaaaa
    ? – My back hurts
    Ball – My head is in paaaaaaaain

    Page 31
    Crescent – the ringing has…
    Baku – Damn, they still had friends
    Baku – I am terribly sorry, Zenom-sama
    Baku – for someone as lonely as me to interfere
    Crescent – nuclei…
    Baku - !
    Crescent – It seems that youth does not understand art
    Crescent – I will add in the crime of destroying this lordly seat
    Jin - !?

    Page 32
    Zero – Jin!!!
    Jin – Damn
    Jin – What was that!!!
    Crescent – I took your nuclei
    Crescent – With this, every devil recipe has been gathered
    Crescent – aside from Satan

    Page 33
    Jin – Without moving a single step from the seat
    Jin – How does he have the nuclei I had with me!?
    Ball – That is!!
    Ball – It is the same as Zenom’s wise used to use
    Kirin – This is!!

    Page 34
    Ball – Shuri’s O-Part
    Kirin – What does this mean
    Baku – Most of Zenom’s OPT’s O-Parts are,
    Baku – Things they have received from Zenom’s leader… in other words…
    Baku – It is something he ahs created
    Crescent – 6i demon, Belphegor who specializes in inventions
    Crescent – His powers are in my body

    Page 35
    Crescent – The nuclei in my left hand is Astaroth…
    Crescent – The nuclei in my right hand is Asmodeus…
    Crescent – But this right hand’s nuclei is
    Jin – The recipe’s nuclei that I defeated
    Crescent – is a fake created by my O-Part
    Crescent – to respond to sensors and confuse Stea
    Crescent – Creation of O-Parts with only Belphegor’s strength
    Crescent – Is a bit
    Crescent – tough
    Crescent – that is why…

    Page 36
    Crescent – Belphegor, and Asmodeus, 2 of the nuclei
    Ruby – Father…

    Page 37
    Crescent – reside in my body
    Ponzu – That isn’t possible, for 1 human to be resisting 2 recipes
    Baku – Zenom leader, as I thought, each time he uses the power there is a large drain on his body

    Page 38
    Kirin – It that is so
    Kirin – Using numbers, attack at once
    Jin – What, a fishing stick!!
    Ball – What happened to shunkashuntou…
    Kirin – For me the sharpness of a blade does not matter
    Crescent – Asmodeus 70%
    Crescent – Belphegor 30%

    Page 39
    Kirin – Lets go!!!
    Ponzu – Asmodeus, who’s weapon is darkness, is at 70% power
    Ponzu – Belphegor, who’s ability is invention, turns that into a weapon at 30%
    Crescent – Darkness bind

    Page 40
    Kirin – What is this!! Nothing works

    Page 41
    Crescent – It is useless!!
    Crescent – On this planet, the information of darkness has yet to spread about
    Crescent – You have no techniques against this
    Kirin – Damn
    Jin – I can’t move in this
    Crescent – Fall into the abyss
    Ruby – Father…

    Page 42 (should be a double page with 43)

    Page 43 (should be a double page with 42)
    Jio – Bone petite

    Page 44
    Ball – Jio!!!
    Ruby – Jio…
    Ball – You were so slow getting here
    Ball – You bastard
    Crescent – Jio…
    Crescent – Freed

    Page 45
    Jio – Sorry for being late
    Jio – Everyone!
    Crescent – Satan 666 [Yeah, I wish. I want to see Satan beat the crap out of this guy. For once we wouldn’t have a “you lost because your heart sucks” ending to a fight]
    Jio – That previous darkness thing
    Jio – won’t work against me

    Page 46
    Crescent – I will definitely take
    Crescent – your nuclei!
    Jio – In that case, try
    Jio – to beat me
    Center – A direct fight over the 666 nuclei
    Bottom right – continue on October 12th (Friday)
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    Can I use your translation to do a scan?

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    Shoot first ask questions later imo!
    Back from ban-hood, I blame explosm webcomics

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    There seems to be a mistake on Page 24. There are 8 lines of text from Crescent in your translation, but on the RAW I count 9 bubbles (which leaves me with one bubble empty).

    Am I missing something? >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavos3 View Post
    There seems to be a mistake on Page 24. There are 8 lines of text from Crescent in your translation, but on the RAW I count 9 bubbles (which leaves me with one bubble empty).

    Am I missing something? >_<
    Yeah, I noticed that too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by luedap View Post
    Can I use your translation to do a scan?
    Yeah, go ahead

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavos3 View Post
    There seems to be a mistake on Page 24. There are 8 lines of text from Crescent in your translation, but on the RAW I count 9 bubbles (which leaves me with one bubble empty).

    Am I missing something? >_<
    Sorry about that. Fixed now... In my defense, I was doing this around mid-night yesterday, and forgot to give "or" (written as "that or" since 1 word having its own bubble looks bad) a new line...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayangelus View Post
    Yeah, go ahead

    Thanks, I'm gonna release it soon!

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    This chapter is awesome.

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    thanx man for this




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