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    Default Chapter 72 Translation

    stuff in parenthesis, is stuff I added in

    Chapter 72

    Page 1 (curses at the multitude of words)
    Top – Volumes 1~17, selling right now
    Middle – Kaballahs of angels and demons… they gather here!!
    Below Kaballah [left side] – True Kaballah
    Below Kaballah [right side] – Reverse Kaballah
    Bottom – Chapter 72 [2 battles]

    Page 2
    Jin – That guy was here too
    Zero – Damn, this guy is
    Zero – Able to change our bodies to something else
    Jin’s back – Gagu
    Zero’s back – Gagu
    Demon – Transform

    Page 3
    Jin’s back – Shuru
    Zero’s back – Shuru
    Jin – What!! what is this?!
    Demon – Huh…
    Demon – Maybe I made a mistake
    Zero – You are kidding me!!!
    Zero – Why…

    Page 4
    Duo – My body is right in front of my eyes!!!
    Jin – I’m zero!!!
    Zero – I’m Jin!!!
    Demon – It seems the transformation did succeed
    Zero – What happened!! Did our bodies get switched!!!
    2 ropes – Shuru
    Jin – It is his ability. We got our bodies switched exactly
    Zero – This is bad, in this body I can’t even hold Ashura!!!
    Rock – Gah
    Zero – Damn, I can’t move a person’s body the way I want to!!!

    Page 5
    Zero – After getting in this body, I finally learnt it
    Zero – Wolves have their support here
    Knee – kui kui
    Zero – I can’t stand like this
    Zero – Zero you bastard, don’t do a pose like that with my body!! Pull your tongue in, your tongue!!!
    Demon – Enjoy a different body for a short while
    Demon – You weaklings
    Teeth – Gachin
    Zero – There is no choice
    Duo – I will bear with this body for a short while!!

    Page 6
    Jio – This rock!
    Jio – So it is a mirror rock; no wonder it is so hard

    Page 7
    Hand – Pakiki
    Jio – Changing your shape to 1 shape after another!!
    Jio – Yes, a direct hit!!!

    Page 8
    Samuel – Kukuku
    Jio – Cheh, as I thought he regenerates
    Jio – I have no choice but to heat his weak point; the nucleus
    Samuel – You don’t know where that is
    Samuel – Your eyes don’t see anything
    Jio – What do you mean…

    Page 9
    Samuel – Zenom is the organization that will save this world, justice
    Zero – What did you say
    Samuel – Did you believe all of your actions were just
    Wall (apparently walls speak now) – Zeno!!!

    Page 10
    Jio – Yeah!
    Jio – At least right now while I’m facing Zenom
    Samuel – kuku… Zenom are the ones who are able to wipe out this nation’s
    Samuel – rotten Stea; they are justice
    Samuel – I will teach you
    Jio - ! (probably crying at thought of another character flash back thingy)
    Samuel – I originally was a member of Stea
    Idiot – Listen up you bastards!!
    Idiot – The mission we will be performing now is---

    Page 11
    Idiot – Stea’s top secret action
    Idiot – If you talk about it, you will be searched, and better assume to lose your lives
    Multiple Idiots – Yes!!!
    Samuel – The mission was
    Samuel – Using the O-Part found in Kerubi Mines,
    Samuel – Destroy the mine’s OPTs and their friends
    Samuel – Who had caused rebellion
    Muder maniac – They are there too
    Lazy bum – Taking our time like this
    Dead person – Gah
    Samuel – It didn’t matter if they were women or children, every Nekama was a target
    Samuel – re… rebel bastard

    Page 12
    Samuel – pant
    Boy – mama…
    Samuel – pant
    Samuel – pant
    Samuel – pant
    Samuel – I believed that Stea was justice, and didn’t waver (so he always had such an idiotic face like he is going to puke?)
    Samuel – I even held pride over the fact that I was in this mission (yay, I managed to kill a bunch of brats, I own)
    Samuel – But later on, I learnt that Kerubi’s OPTs didn’t rebel
    Samuel - In order for Stea to turn the high ranking O-Part that they found into a secret weapon,
    Samuel – In order to not leak the information about the O-Part, the plan was made (so, in English, someone high ranking enough to know the details about a mission that the very mention of results in death, blabbered those secrets to some random puppet of Stea, and some how neither of the 2 were killed…)

    Page 13
    Samuel – I decided to hide that O-Part inside of my body
    Samuel – Gua!!
    Samuel – and it became a parasite within me
    Samuel – I left Stea (no really?)
    Jio – So that was #5 angel, Samuel
    Samuel – It was pretty ironic
    Samuel – Humans decide themselves as justice, and the other person as evil
    Samuel – Even when they might be evil
    Samuel – I received an eye
    Samuel – to see that (so, we have established a lack of brain in his case)
    Samuel – Zenom was created to crush Stea (and just about anything else that exists)
    Samuel – Zenom is justice (didn’t you just finish explaining that stating you are justice doesn’t make it so)
    Samuel – You guys who go against that are…

    Page 14
    Samuel – Evil!!!
    Whale – Bih
    Injury – Suuuu

    Page 15
    Jin – What was that!!
    Zero – We got away from him
    Jin – Anyways, if our bodies don’t return to normal
    Jin – We can’t fight properly
    Jin – How long will we be in this body
    Zero – Above!!!

    Page 16
    Jin – If I was in my wolf body, using instant movement
    Jin – I could somehow dodge it
    Zero – Bastard—
    Zero – Takigarasu!!! [waterfall glass]
    Fire – Bihyo
    Zero – Why is it so small…
    Fire – Bushuu
    Zero – It disappeared!!

    Page 17
    Zero – Not good, I can’t properly release my spirit in this state
    Zero – Damn! This is pathetic
    Zero – Until our bodies return to normal
    Zero – Lets retreat
    Zero – Not again!!!
    Demon – I won’t let you escape
    Demon – Turn into weights

    Page 18
    Zero – Uoh
    Jin – Guh…
    Jin – My body is heavy like a weight
    Zero – Sun
    Zero – But our bodies returned to normal

    Page 19
    Demon – In he end, you want to live with this body right
    Demon – Kuromekazuki [black new moon]
    Zero - …
    Zero – Heh, So long as our bodies are back to normal, I can go evolved form
    Zero – This weight doesn’t matter

    Page 20
    Demon – Eh!!! Is that so
    Jin – My body is heavy!! (he finally notices)
    String – Dosu
    String – Dosu
    Demon – Transform!!!
    Zero – Bastard --- transforming our bodies again!!!
    Demon – I won’t let you evolve, this is the end
    Demon – You are weak, obey me and die

    Page 21

    Page 22
    Jio – Can he see in the rear as well!! It is strange, my attacks have stopped hitting
    Jio – I am supposed to have more speed

    Page 23
    Jio – Damn, at a time like this!!
    Jio – I have been using Devil’s Summon’s power for too long
    Jio – My left hand has…
    Samuel – your body seems to have reached its limit
    Jio – Idiot
    Jio – I haven’t use half my strength yet---
    Samuel – kukuku… stop bluffing
    Samuel – You don’t have 1/3rd of your spirit left
    Samuel – I can see all of it
    Samuel – From your thoughts to your soul
    Samuel – with this strict eye

    Page 24
    Jio – As I thought, he was predicing my moves
    Samuel – This is Samuel’s real power
    Jio – Damn

    Page 25
    Samuel – I told you that I can read your thoughts
    Samuel – It is over
    Some random dot – Kin

    Page 26

    Page 27
    Samuel – The shield for guarding was too late
    Samuel – You sure are trying hard against a fully evolved form
    Samuel – Oh--- regeneration…
    Samuel – It would be much easier if you released Satan’s power
    Jio – pant
    Jio – pant
    Samuel – No matter how much you call your self Jio, you are Satan who has a nucleus, you are evil
    Samuel – You still don’t get it
    Jio – I got it

    Page 28
    Jio – The 2nd feather from the front left
    Samuel – When I couldn’t see Jio’s body, he was absorbing my power
    Samuel – Even if you know the location, I can predict where you will attack
    Samuel – I am not an enemy of the weakened you
    Samuel – Justice always wins (like how Stea won against the non-rebels, how Hitler won against France, how Bush won against Gore [/sarcasm])
    Jio – If you really believe so…

    Page 29
    Jio – That is your nucleus!!
    Jio – Your weak point!!
    Jio – When you joined Stea’s plan in the past
    Jio – I am sure you did not killed Kebiru mine’s little kids
    Jio – who were without sin
    Samuel - !!
    Jio – Deciding justice and evil by yourself
    Jio – Making yourself look just…

    Page 30
    Jio – You are just trying to
    Jio – Come to terms with what you do!!!
    Samuel – I have read it; acting like he will attack my left side feather weaponint
    Samuel – He will attack my “right side” feather
    Jio – For whose sake---

    Page 31
    Demon – Stength! Strength!! Strength!!!
    Demon – That is everything in this world
    Demon – I am strong
    Demon – But I will become stronger
    Zero – You just want to become stronger
    Zero – That is just regular strength
    Demon – With your switched up bodies,
    Demon – What can you do?
    Demon – You can’t do anything if you are not strong
    Sword – Kin
    Jin – Strength is not the goal---
    Demon – Huh?!

    Page 32
    Trio – For what do you
    Zero – Zuzu
    Zero – Buh
    Jio – Fight!!!
    Duo – want to become strong!!!

    Page 33

    Page 34
    Samuel – What?! Let side?!!
    Jio – That is real justice!! (trusting your extending hand into the other person’s weakness?)
    Jio – My world conquest!!!

    Page 35
    Demon – No way?! Their bodies are switched
    Demon – They can’t use their powers?!!
    Zero – That is real strength!!!

    Page 36
    Demon – Both of you are moving like normal… why…
    Jin – We managed to predict the 3rd transformation attack
    Zero – Those were created by my sacrificial lives
    Jin – We acted like our bodies were switched, and the real person just changed their stance
    Demon – Acting like you were hit by my ability…

    Page 37
    Demon – It hurts
    Demon – Regeneration
    Demon – Regeneration
    Demon – What?
    Demon – I can’t regenerate
    Zero – There isn’t a guy as weak as one who is relaxed in strength /your nucleus is here/
    Demon – I…

    Page 38
    Samuel – Hitting my weakness on my left side…
    Samuel – There is no way I misread his thought
    Samuel – Just now he was thinking of attacking the feather on my right side
    Jio – Just like you say
    Jio – In my head I was aiming for the feather on the right right
    Samuel – Than why
    Samuel – Did you hit my weakness on my left side
    Right circle – Left side
    Left circle – Right side

    Page 39
    Jio – Before you read my mind
    Jio – I had absorbed the information of glass into my head
    Jio – To my eyes everything appeared
    Jio – To be reversed
    Samuel – Information of glass?!!
    Samuel - …where did you find something like that…
    Samuel – It was!!
    Jio – Yeah, the rock mountain in this area
    Jio – This rock
    Jio – So it is a mirror rock; no wonder it is so hard
    Samuel – You absorbed the mirror’s information at that time!!!

    Page 40
    Jio – That eye turned into your failure
    Hand - Zuzu
    Jio – A real eye doesn’t use this stuff
    Jio – to look at what is in front of you
    Jio – It searches for a long life

    Page 41
    Useless dude – With your own eyes (what a unique thought)
    Jio – At that time, we both might understand
    Jio – what really fighting means
    Jio – with multiple meanings
    Useless dude – Jio Freed…
    Useless dude – Your eyes can really … the world…
    Jio – I’m taking this nucleus
    Useless dude – Just travel ahead
    Jio – Thank you

    Page 42
    Arm – chun

    Page 43
    Joker – Shield!!
    Joker – He really seems dead
    Joker – For 1 of Zenom’s 4 heavenly lords, Kujyaku-sama to be defeated…
    Joker – He definitely is above king level
    Joker – Anyways, I have to find Atoramaruku’s
    Joker – nucleus that separated from Kujaku-sama
    Joker - !
    Joker – It really was close by
    Joker – It is a no-trouble nucleus
    Unknown – Gakin
    Joker - …

    Page 44
    Sword – Gakin
    Joke – So it was just the sword falling fu~~~
    Joker – I was scared
    Mask – Joker, what is going on there
    Joker – Ah! Baku-sama, I have managed to retrieve the nucleus
    Joker – It seems Kujaku-sama drew the card of finish
    Mask – I got it! I sent others to the other locations
    Mask – Return

    Page 45
    Zenom – They finally came

    Page 46
    Kirin – I believed you would be fine
    Jio – that is a given
    Ball – It seems this is the end yoo (so no one notices the fact that they have a new member, or that they just gained 3 nucleus that they could be inserting into people to gain more fire power?)

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    Intresting how did the demon pull off the switcH?
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