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    Default Chapter 71 Translation

    Yes, I know it needs some fixes. Still, considering I tend to check my PMs once or twice a month, sending me a PM about it is an ineffective way of communication.

    Well, this is a quick translation (well raw has been out for 25 hours so not really "quick"...)

    Chapter 71
    Page 1
    Top: [666~Satan~] *something about selling volumes 1~17 together. Not sure about exact translation*
    Left: The source of a strong determination ---- Once again into that body
    Right: Satan’s power that is sealed into his left hand
    Bottom: Kishimoto Seishi Chapter 71 [Devil’s summon]

    Page 2
    Box: Jio, Battle mode after a long time
    Rock: Its like the saying
    Rock: A corner’s stance
    Rock: Well, I don’t really hate angular objects

    Page 3
    Rock: You call this stuff angular right…
    Gun: click (Kacha)

    Page 4
    Rock: I can’t get enough of this painful feel!!!
    Zero: That right eye
    Rock: Ashotaroto, don’t come near me
    Rock: I might end up killing you as well
    Demon: Got it
    Jin: All of these guys are weird

    Page 5
    Rock: Roar…
    Rock: Kerubenosu
    Jin: With a gun like that, what’s with this fire power
    Rock: Grab (gah)

    Page 6
    Rock: hit (tan)

    Page 7

    Page 8
    Wrist: twist (kui)
    Ground: (Zuh)
    Rock: damn
    Jin: Cheh, I missed
    Jio: thanks Jin, you saved me

    Page 9
    Horn: Zuzu
    Jin: Uwooo
    Jio: gua
    Ziro: I got his rear!!

    Page 10
    Monster: Shugo
    Zero: Damn, I can’t guess his attacks
    Zero: He hasn’t seemed to have revealed his ability yet…

    Page 11
    Monster: Zuzu
    Jio: Effect activate
    Jio: This time we will be attacking
    Jin: Hey, is that weakling the new Zero?!
    Rock: What is Ashutaroto so scared of?

    Page 12
    Jio: Only he knows that
    Rock: What does that mean
    Rock: I can’t see anything
    Jin: ?
    Jio: Eat this!!! Ashutaroto

    Page 13
    Monster: Hide in the earth
    Boomerang: Shun

    Page 14
    Monster: Gugyaaaa
    Monster: It hurts
    Monster: It hurts
    Jio: This guy reacts to everyone’s hatred and darkness in their hearts, and turns that into blades
    Jio: Even if you hide behind objects as shields, the blades are only there for you
    Rock: Guhahaha. In that case that is trash
    Rock: I couldn’t see any of the blades
    Jin: Why is that
    Jin: No matter how hard I look, he definitely has an evil soul

    Page 15
    Jio: Angels are souls are same as babies
    Jio: In reality, their darkness doesn’t exist
    Jin: So in other words, against him the current Zero Shiki doesn’t work
    Jin: Hasn’t it gotten even less useful than before…
    Jio: After becoming new, Zero Shiki is…
    Jio: No longer a weapon that is thrown
    Jio: The original effect is energy multiplication
    Jio: Along with this left hand containing Satan’s power
    Jio: it can be used

    Page 16
    Jio: Concentrate the soul…
    Jio: Activate…
    Jio: Devil’s Summon

    Page 17
    Zero: He takes the soul energy absorbed from his left hand, hits it at the enemy, rebuilds it, and has
    Zero: that energy go through Zero Shiki, multiplying in quantity and summons/releases it. That is…

    Page 18
    Jin: Devil’s Summon
    Monster: Regenerate
    Monster: Regenerate
    Monster: Complete
    Jin: Jio, is your soul okay even when using your left hand?!
    Jio: My body isn’t the only thing that has gotten bigger and stronger
    Jio: That part has gotten even stronger so
    Jio: Leave it to me /nishushu/
    Jin: Jio…

    Page 19
    Monster: Zutan
    Monster: Leave it to me too
    Monster: transformation
    Rock: Gah
    Zero: What the?!! The rock has turned into rubber!!!

    Page 20
    Jin: He is fast!!!
    Jio: Zero!!!!

    Page 21
    Rock: I don’t like rolling up into a ball and just watching but
    Rock: There is no need to use my ability
    Rock: Let us watch from above
    Zero: Guh
    Zero: wha… what was that just now…
    Zero: Jio… Jin…

    Page 22
    Jio: Probably…
    Jio: You don’t have such an allowance
    Monster: What the?

    Page 23
    Rock: Turning the place’s walls into a Spider web!!
    Rock: I see, He was absorbing living information from this lattice
    Jio: Even the hardness has been multiplied by Zero Shiki’s ability
    Jio: Don’t resist, and
    Jio: Stay inside the bars

    Page 24
    Jio: Wow, that left hand is a great weapon!!
    Zero: But for Jio that move,
    Zero: combines massive spiritual strength and sadness
    Step1: Gyan
    Jio: Next is the angel
    Step2: Gan
    Step3: Gan
    Bar: Dosu
    Monster: Transform
    Bar: Biyokun

    Page 25
    Jio: He got out!?
    Jio: Tsu!!
    Rock: No choice

    Page 26

    Page 27
    Rock: Ashutaroto’s ability is to turn for a small period of time, an object of nature into something else
    Rock: Even water can be turned into fire
    Rock: There were quite a few Zenom sacrifices during his capture
    Monster: Strength is everything
    Monster: You have no chance of victory
    Rock: What!!?

    Page 28
    Zero: My ability, sacrificial life
    Zero: Both of you, stop letting your guards down
    Jin: Zero!!

    Page 29
    Rock: What did he do!!? My balls definitely struck those 2
    Jio: Zero, since when did you have such an ability!!
    Zero: I’m different from the past as well
    Zero: My clones that became sacrifices for you
    Zero: Only replaced the bodies
    Zero: You should soon feel the pain from getting hit
    Zero: Just be glad you were saved
    Jin: Guaaa, it hurts!!
    Jio: Guoooo, My left hand’s bones
    Rock: That power… is it possible that wolf…
    Rock: I see, he definitely is an angel
    Rock: that symbol is…

    Page 30
    Rock: I guess this eye was fooled as well than
    Rock: To have suppressed the nucleus to the point that Jio couldn’t sense it
    Rock: No. 4 Angel, Mercy’s
    Rock: Sadokael!!
    Jin: That explains why he can speak
    Jio: Zero is!!!
    Zero: That was my deceased
    Zero: Father’s name
    Rock: I see, the Recipe’s nucleus was
    Rock: living inside of the son

    Page 31
    Rock: I can feel it even more now. Kaballah’s recipe is seriously
    Rock: On a destiny to pull each other together
    Rock: This situation is getting pretty bad
    Chain: Kacha
    Rock; Time to use this than

    Page 32
    Rock: The Twelve Watchers
    Jio: Watch out, something high leveled is coming
    Jin: duh
    Rock: So far no one has managed to escape
    Rock: From the 12 watchers
    Rock: I will place it into a square shape

    Page 33
    Monster: I’m going to get hit too!!
    Eye: Suh
    Eye: Bin

    Page 34
    Jin: Damn
    Jin: !?
    Zero: Don’t worry, it is a sacrificial life

    Page 35
    Jin: Haguaaa, my chest hurts
    Zero: I told you that the pain isn’t transferred
    Rock: kukuku, I have no blind spots
    Monster: Gugu… it hurst, regenerate
    Bubbles: Gujyu
    Monster: Why even me

    Page 36
    Rock: Ashutaroto!!
    Rock: Did you get hit by my attack and go mad
    Rock: That is why I told you not to get too close idiot
    Monster: I will crush everyone!
    Rock: Cheh, it has gotten even more annoying
    Rock: It is about time to take out all of them together
    Rock: No choice

    Page 37
    Rock: Seroofui

    Page 38

    Page 39
    Amidaba: Wha! What is it?
    Mei: Wa
    Ruby: It is shaking
    Futomomo: Ate!
    Leader: It is soon…

    Page 40
    Miko: Soon I will be able to fish it out

    Page 41
    Rock: Gara
    Zero: That guy has no friend or foe
    Jin: We got blown back quite far
    Jin: We got separated from Jio
    Jin: Where is this!?

    Page 42
    Monster: Shuru
    Jin: Doh
    Zero: Doh

    Page 43
    Canyon: Dododo
    Rock: It seems there is no more annoyances left to get in the way
    Rock: Jio = Freed

    Page 44
    Hand: Pakiki

    Page 45
    Rock: Guh
    Rock: The 12 watchers have!!!
    Rock: An explosion!!!
    Rock: What did you throw!?
    Jio: With my left hand I absorbed the information of the water at my foot
    Jio: Inside a ball of lattic
    Jio: I only injected compressed Hydrongen
    Rock: Hydrongen explosion!!
    Jio: With this, there is really no more annoyances
    Jio: Left

    Page 46
    Rock: As usual you think too straight
    Jio: A snake made of 12 feathers… this is…
    Rock: With this it is over
    Jio: Full form Samuel
    Bottom left: Final showing his form, Samuel’s true appearance!!!
    Bottom right: Continue on August 11th, Monday

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    woot, thanks, we've been looking for a trans ^_^




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