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    Default Still no release... Take This!!!

    The first ever Mangatranslation from The Blues!

    (remember, this is my first manga translation, previously I've only ever subbed a ghibli movie)

    There might be som spelling mistakes or so, anything bigger and please tell me so I'll fix it.


    Page 1
    Center: Please take it easy and feel at home, honey.
    Bottom: Chapter 70 The heart of a woman

    Page 2
    Futomomotarou - Erm... Could you do me a favor?
    Spika - What?
    Futamomotarou - Do you have anything to eat?
    Spika - [Why food in a situation like this?]
    Spika - how... how about sukonbu... (sukonbu = sour snack made from algae)

    Page 3
    Ruby - There's a voice talking...
    Cross - Sure is...
    Futomomotarou - SUKONBU!!!
    Cross - A!
    Cross - He has finally caught up.
    Ruby - Futomomotarou!!

    Page 4
    Spika - Anyway, thank you a little bit
    Spika - Spika was saved
    Futomomotarou - Sukonbu
    Spika - Now, where is it...
    Futomomotarou - You... N... N...
    Futomomotarou - Nice thighs!!! (His name = Futomomotarou = Thighs+fat+son)
    Futomomotarou - You, what's... what's your name?
    Futomomotarou - I know! I don't have it now but i'll give you "Kibitanko"* later so will you be my companion!!? (*Written in katakana, i have no idea)

    Page 5
    Ruby - Idiot!!!
    Ruby - That girl is one of "Zenom's four guardians"!!
    Ruby - Don't get fooled by her appearance
    Futomomotarou - Zenom'f four guardians? Whats wrong with that?
    Ruby - Because...
    Spika - Erm...
    Spika - Instead of what you said, will you be my husband? It would be a first.
    Bottom of box: Happy!
    Spika - Well then, honey <3
    Futomomotarou - What!! Is it really ok, a cute girl like this wants
    Futomomotarou - m... m... me as her husband!!!

    page 6
    Spika - Feel free to use me until you die
    Ruby - [It came out]
    Futomomotarou - UOOOOOO!!! Finally the best companion who exeeds Dog-Monkey-Pheasant wiiiill...!!!!
    Futomomotarou - Yes, until death definitely
    Futomomotarou - in territory!!! (he is speaking of her thighs)
    Between her legs: "Definite territory"
    page 7
    Spika - Spika is happy, and somewhat...
    Spika - HOT!!!
    Futomomotarou - Kyaaaaa
    Futomomotarou - I'm a bit hot myself!
    Futomomotarou - Because I've met you... my heart is burning this much.
    Spika - Honey <3
    Cross - His body is on fire, it's a mistake.
    Ruby - They are naturally the ultimate master and servant!....
    Ruby - Let us hurry on.
    Cross - y... yes

    page 8
    Ponzu - This reaction
    Ponzu - There is no doubt
    Ruby - One by one... who already
    Ponzu - I've finally found you. The angels sandalphon and metatron.
    Ponzu - Or maybe I should call you this instead.
    Cross - No way

    page 9
    Ponzu - Satan's friends!
    Ponzu - Ruby crescent, Cross Biancina
    Ruby - Our names, how did...
    Cross - Ponzu...
    Ruby - Cross, do you know that halfnaked woman?
    Cross - y... yeah, but why in this kind of place...
    Ponzu - He has come to know my naked body too.
    Ponzu - It's been a while, cross. But now my name is...
    Ruby - N... Naked too?

    page 10
    Ponzu - "Recipe number 9i"
    Ponzu - "Lilith of Instability"
    Cross - Ponzu is... a recipe... of the reverse kaballah...
    Ponzu - I am now one a leader of the independent state "Jipan"!
    Ponzu - The government of Stea is now useless, then if only the Zenom Organisation would be smashed
    Ponzu - My wish would come closer!
    Ponzu - Yeah...

    Page 11
    Ponzu - With the iformation-storage-weapons sent from the blue star, using the power of both kabbalahs
    Ponzu - I will in the unconsiousness of the ancient race, get closer to the organism of the Great dimension. Haven't i said that already.
    Ponzu - Its almost as if I've been programmed by something...
    Ponzu - That's why i had the number 9i Demon "Lilith", that Jipan excavacated, implanted in my own body.
    Ruby - Wha... what's with that person
    Ponzu - Cross

    Page 12
    Ponzu - Won't you become one with me inside the two kaballahs...
    Ponzu - Then it would be possible
    Ponzu - that we would understand everything about this universe.
    Ruby - When did she!!
    Cross - And when you know that, what will you do?
    Cross - These are things that should not be known too!
    Ponzu - All living thing seeks information!

    Page 13
    Ponzu - The desire to know can not be stopped.
    Cross - Even if that's true... Even to information, the level and procedure of that certain age should exist too.
    Ruby - [The enemy is a woman again!!!]
    Ruby - What the hell is with this woman!!!
    Ruby - But i have to be careful in this situation!!
    Ponzu - In that case there would be no evolution!

    page 14
    Cross - No! That is the reason that we evolve.
    Ruby - Ooooo!! Behind her
    Cross - Inside natural development, the information of that certain level will be found... That's why we evolve.
    Cross - People who suddenly put information of a level they can't handle in their hands, will definately be destroyed.
    Ponzu - I wonder. It is written down that the people of the blue star in kaballahs old magic
    ponzu - held the information to stabilize nuclear fisson and fusion.
    ponzu - But that it was destroyed!

    page 15
    Ruby - Maaaan Enooough. Damnit you're longwinded and loud.
    Ruby - Women like you
    Ruby - Are hated!!!
    Ruby - No matter how great information is, if it can be used by even part of the people,
    Ruby - it wouldn't be like that kind of inexistant thing.
    Ruby - It could also become something that hurt everything around it.
    Ruby - Like your intentions right now, isn't it!!!
    Ponzu - Aren't you the one who is longwinded and loud, Ruby.
    Ponzu - I am now...

    Page 16
    Ponzu - talking to Cross!!!

    Page 17
    Ruby - What... What is this power?
    Ponzu - That is useless!

    page 18
    Cross - It connected again!!!
    Ruby - Kya

    Page 19
    Ponzu - [Shrinking!!!]
    Ponzu - She's disappeared!!!
    Ponzu - Where in the world is she?

    page 20
    Ruby - Right before your eyes!!!
    Ruby - Oh shit

    page 21
    Ruby - Just kidding!

    Page 22
    Ruby - Cross, be careful. Those eyes are dangerous...
    Ruby - Kya!!!
    Ruby - Cross...
    Ruby - A!

    page 23
    Ruby - Gu!!
    Futomomotarou - A!
    Futomomotarou - Ruby!!!
    Futomomotarou - Wait, Waaaiiit
    Futomomotarou - How!!!
    Futomomotarou - For a man to raise his hand against a delicate woman!!
    Futomomotarou - I've misjudged you, Cross!!
    Futomomotarou - [Fu, that was handsomely done. With this, all girls will definitely be my companions...]
    Futomomotarou - GUBOOA!!!

    page 24
    Ponzu - Since we first met
    Cross - Lilii?
    Ponzu - I was a hacker who searched for the information of the world,
    Ponzu - and it was the first time I felt that i wanted to know another persons heart.
    Ruby - That was cross?
    Ponzu - yeah... So he would like me, i wen't out of my way to become beautiful.
    Ponzu - And then, without saying anything, he disappeared from my sight.
    Ponzu - But now...

    page 25
    Ruby - [Cross is confused]
    Ruby - It's because of the look before.
    Futomomotarou - Is there a thigh-festival today or what!!!
    Ponzu - What is it, this person...
    Futomomotarou - Actually quite jealous!! Cross...
    Futomomotarou - Young lady, if you would be so kind to be my companion
    Futomomotarou - I swear!... I would never leave you unexpectedly.
    Spika - Honey...

    page 26
    Spika - You bastard! You're Spika's husband dammit!!!

    Page 27
    Futomomotarou - Futo... ... momo...
    Ponzu - This intrusion on me and Cross...
    Cross - U!
    Cross - Wh-at-is this...
    Cross - My head is...
    Cross - Ruby!!
    Cross - Are you ok?!!
    Ruby - Oh, good!! Your consciosness has returned!!!
    Cross - Where's Ponzu? No...!
    Cross - Where's Lilith?!!
    Ponzu - As i thought... Long ago Cross said it. Now there's a person who looks like my dead sister
    Ponzu - Ruby Crescent!

    Page 28
    Ponzu - That's why Cross is nice to you!
    Ponzu - You only look like her. Just don't get that part wrong.
    Ponzu - Ruby, you won't be able to become his real sister. Of course I will neither.
    Ponzu - Cross's pain is my pain
    Ponzu - That's why the all the difficulties in the past
    Futomomotarou - Uhm, the young lady is
    Spika - That person is a recipe!

    page 29
    Ponzu - I will let you forget them!

    Page 30
    Ponzu - Right after you receive my attack, unless you're an angel, you will not be able to regenerate your body!
    Spika - Wall!!!

    Page 31
    Futomomotarou - Cross!!! Hit her!!!
    Ruby - Even though he tried to be cool and said something like "a man must not raise his hand against a delicate woman"!!! Is it because of her appearance?
    Bottom of box: He withstood spika's attack. What's he saying?
    Cross - Can't regenerate wounds?...
    Ruby - Cross...!
    Ruby - The enemy has that appearance but she is still a woman. That's why this time too, I'll...

    Page 32
    Cross - I'll go.
    Ruby - Cross!...
    Cross - This place is not like above ground, it is inside the stomach of a monster.
    Cross - Before the awakened body pulls out its speciality, what will happen to this place?
    Cross - Thats why I'll end it in an instant.
    Ponzu - To do that and let protect, now is the time!
    Bottom right: "Gilgamesh"

    page 33
    Ruby - Everyone!!! Don't look at those eyes!!!

    Page 34
    Ruby - It's no use, they've been completely confused, those two!
    Cross - Ruby!!
    Ryby - It's okay! Leave this to me!!
    Ponzu - Let's finish this already.
    Ponzu - As soon as you're touched by this.
    Bottom Left Box: The destruction and incorrect combination of molecule-levels lead to instability and to never again be able to hold your shape, if you can't


    Page 35
    Right: "Meru Darts" (Kanjis say "Claws of the Owl")
    Left: "Daito!!!" (kanjis say "Reduction!!!")

    Page 36
    Cross - [I'll end it with the first move.]
    Cross - [Air!!]
    Bottom right: "Dance Beguile" (katakana "Dansuobuguiru", make what you will of it)

    page 37
    Ponzu - [Cross...]
    Cross - Nowhere to run...

    page 38
    Bottom right: "Dont leave..."

    page 39

    Page 40
    Cross - With the hand of the awakened body
    Cross - i removed only the parasiting nucleus
    Cross - There's no danger to her life
    + + Cross - But her mind seemed quite gone, like that, it would have been dangerous.
    Ponzu - Cross...
    Ruby - You said it was to get closer to the excelled body or something but
    Ruby - wasn't it really because you wanted to get closer to the angel body Ruby - of cross even a littlethat you had the parasite implanted.
    Ruby - See, it's right on!
    Cross - was it like that?
    Cross - Maybe that nucleus used those female thoughts.

    page 41
    Ponzu - If your going to leave
    Ponzu - i have to tell you one thing
    Ponzu - Since I've been parasited by Lilith's nucleus
    Ponzu - somehow i haven't been myself and became actively used to it.
    Futomomotarou - You... Now youhave
    Futomomotarou - Nice thighs!
    Cross - I'm...
    Cross - I'm sorry...
    Spika - Futomomotarou!!! You bastard, you're spika's husband, aren't you!!!
    Futomotarou - Gyaaaa!!!
    Someone - It seems spika heard what he said about the thighs. Pull here! (dude, omg... omg!)

    page 42
    Rock - oh...
    Rock - I see. Jio Freed, so you're different from the old you
    Rock - Cause if you're not, that idiot next to you would die.
    Jio - Who's that?
    Jin - I ain't no idiot, my name is Jin! Remember that!
    Rock - Is that so, Jin... From you...
    Rock - I can see the recipe resonance reaction.

    Page 43
    Rock - I don't know where you picked it up, but you
    Rock - have a "Recipe nucleus" don't you.
    Jin - You bastard, how did you?!!
    Rock - Kukuku... Jio niticed and has constantly kept
    Rock - Satan's resonance reaction down, with his soul.
    Rock - If the pure evil nucleus gets as close as the old Jio did
    Rock - Jin, you will be killed by the Jio wo has become Satan.
    Jio - How do you know even that?
    Jio - Who the hell are you really?!!!

    Page 44
    Rock - I'll tell you!
    Rock - I'm the number 5 Angel "Samuel of Strictness"
    Rock - This pet over here is the number 4i Demon "Ashtaroth of Stillness"

    Page 45
    Rock - It's is used differently than those pets over there!
    Jin - I forgot to say one thing but
    Jin - I didn't "pick up" the nucleus, I beat the hell out of it and took it!!!
    Rock - I see, and it doesen't seem to be a lie.
    Jio - Hey! I want to ask something
    Jio - will it really be ok if we lose it in here?
    Rock - What the?
    Rock - If it wasn't, i wouldn't be able to smash you

    page 46
    Jio - It's like that...
    Jio - Now im relieved...
    Jio&Jin&Zero - Now well finally be able to fight seriously!!

    The End
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    Thanks for the translation :>
    do you know what happens at the end after the battle?
    Back from ban-hood, I blame explosm webcomics

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    Thanks for the translation, can't wait for the rest ^^
    Doing a scanlation of it, can post a link here if you want to but I'll mainly post it on mangahelpers

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    Updated y'all, will be finished today (sunday) when i wake up
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    Thanks for the trans! Very well done, especially for a first time

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    Final Update... Thank you kayangelus for being gone so I could do this...
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