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    Default Chapter 69 translation

    Okay, I haven’t seen a translation for this when it was out for a while, so I decided to start on it. It is pretty late right now, hence; Note: This is a rough translation only. Don’t read if you want quality, and have patience.

    BTW, in the raws I have, pages 10 and 11 are flipped. I’m going by which seems to make more sense.

    Chapter 69

    Page 1
    Middle – lots of masks and just 1 smiling face
    Bottom left – Chapter 69 [life]

    Page 2
    Franken – that is right
    Franken – My dad’s name is…
    Franken – Browny, Shurettsu
    Franken – A scientist of Zenom
    Ball - Browny, Shurettsu?
    Amidaba – Ball, you should have seen him as well
    Amidaba – In Ento City, he was standing behind Seifu’s Jagga.
    Amidaba – he called himself Dokku

    Page 3
    Ball – I remember yo! So he was a Zenom spy
    Amidaba – It seems that even before Seifu
    Amidaba –They succeeded in producing
    Amidaba – man-made OPTs
    Amidaba – To turn his own son…
    Amidaba – Into a tool for experiment
    Amidaba – A true mad scientist
    Ball – He is really evil Yo
    Franken – not true

    Page 4
    Franken – Dad is a great scientist!!!
    Franken – He is not evil!!!
    Ball – What about you!!
    Ball – Are you fine with that body!!!
    Franken – I have almost no memory of walking
    Franken – I always watched the sky from my bed
    Franken – My body was weak from a sickness, and I was told I wouldn’t live until 10

    Page 5
    Franken – But dad turned me into
    Franken – the ultimate warrior!!!
    Ball – Than you should understand the weight of life
    Ball – Why can you kill people so easily!?
    Franken – Dad’s thought is my thought
    Franken – I can’t forgive anyone to get in Zenom’s way!!!

    Page 6
    Ball – I can’t forgive you either brat
    Ball – It is time for punishment to the MAX

    Page 7
    Ball – Even though I said that, he is full of parts. What do we do?
    Amidaba – For that I have got a good plan
    Amidaba – When you saved me, you slammed a tricky in the left side of his spinning body
    Amidaba – Where he is touched by those, he turns into a powerful magnet
    Amidaba – No matter where he runs, pull him together with magnetism, and use pin point attack
    Ball – I already tried that yo!
    Ball – But it won’t work
    Amidaba – why is that?
    Ball – The moment a tricky strikes him, that part
    Ball – Is thrown away from his body
    Amidaba – So that won’t work. I never fought with a guy that separates before.
    Ball – If I could put a tricky into him before he breaks apart…

    Page 8
    Franken – I love masks
    Franken – It could hide my pale face stricken by sickness
    Ball - !
    Amidaba – Something is coming!

    Page 9
    Amidaba – 1 after the other!
    Ball – Now it is fire Yo!
    Amidaba – Effect Activate!

    Page 10
    Franken – Fusuishou
    Amidaba – Like this, right away ________ him. (note: in normal Japanese speech, the ____ part would be at the end, and she never gets to say it)
    Amidaba – !!
    Amidaba – He has changed masks!!

    Page 11
    Amidaba – I can’t use the effect of fire!
    Amidaba – That guy plans to freeze the insides of us!
    Ball – my hair!
    Franken – It was a mistake to put out the fire
    Franken – I can change effects with the masks

    Page 12
    Amidaba – Damn, my legs! I can’t move my body
    Duo – Uo
    Franken – With this, our bodies are connected
    Franken – If I separate, so will you guys

    Page 13
    Franken – tobichi…
    Franken – What is this?...
    Franken – By body’s
    Franken – parts are…
    Franken – connected and I can’t separate!!!
    Franekn – Why is it!!!

    Page 14
    Ball – You have already been hit by my magnetic attack
    Ball – In other words you entire body is connected by a N-pole, S-pole effect
    Franken - !?
    Ball – I will show you yo!!!
    Franken – When did he put his O-Parts inside of my body!
    Ball – When you let out the flames
    Ball – I mixed the tricky into the fire that was connected to you body

    Page 15
    Ball – When you attack, you can’t break apart
    Ball – A fire attack that lowers your sight range. And from the mouth
    Amidaba – Ball gets stronger each time we fight
    Amidaba – My body automatically moved to block but
    Amidaba – For his body to move onto the offensive in that situation
    Ball – It was a mistake to use the flames
    Ball – magnet repelling, all N-pole
    Ball – If you want to separate, I will help you

    Page 16
    N-Pole Final

    Page 17

    Page 18
    Amidaba – You are
    Franken – Kill me already
    Ball – Say that once you get a body
    Franken – Not having a body is the same as being dead

    Page 19
    Ball – You are a brat, so stop being so aggressive
    Ball – Are you trying to act cool like that!!!
    Ball – I will beat your attitude back into place
    Ball – First, I will make a more normal body for you, than spank you
    Franken – you are more like a kid than me
    Ball – Shut up!!
    Ball – Take me to your dad already
    Amidana – Franken… Your feel towards your dad as a kid
    Amidaba – Has driven you down the road of fight and sadness…

    Page 20
    Ball – I will slap your rear, so I will have you turned into a doll
    Franken – do as you wish

    Page 21
    Ball – Even Jojomaru’s hepakutan didn’t have an effect
    Ball – The pod was destroyed
    Ball – You… were the one to shoot
    Amidaba – why are you here…
    Amidaba – So that the data of the Machine OPT wouldn’t be given to others

    Page 22
    Amidaba – Browny, Shurettsu
    Franken – It was a failure…
    Ball – It was a failure…
    Ball – You are his father…
    Ball – Does your son only look like a research experiment to you yo!!!

    Page 23
    Doc – I made Franken like that…
    Doc – No, I locked him inside of there
    Doc – In order to save my son who had a weak body and not long to live
    Doc – I
    Doc – Placed my eyes on Spirit
    Doc – the OPT power that the average human didn’t have
    Doc – The OPTs who could pull out the powers of O-Parts throughout the world
    Doc – are the world’s saviors (note: The way he says it, implies that he only believes this, not stating it as a fact)

    Page 24
    Doc – I turned all my energy to research of creating an OPT through human means
    Doc – After repeating experiments on bodies, when I changed my son’s body
    Doc – I had forgotten why I was even doing this research
    Doc – To turn Franken into the ultimate warrior
    Doc – I made him carry an extra burden
    Doc – Unlike me, he was a pure child with a strong thought for his father
    Doc – He must have been suffering in the bottom of his heart

    Page 25
    Doc – That kid lived on by becoming an OPT
    Doc – But in the end, the research was incomplete
    Amidaba – a secondary effect was there
    Doc – That is right
    Doc – His brain had already reached a limit
    Doc – To keep on living in a body like that. Whether that made him truly happy, whether that was a life that should have existed
    Doc – I (possibly he or we) may have been waiting for a day like this…
    Ball – Appearing suddenly, what is that all of a sudden…
    Ball – In the end, but your convenience Franken was
    Ball – The same as an experiment yo!!!

    Page 26
    Doc – What does an outsider like you understand about me,
    Doc – What do you understand about Franken?!!

    Page 27
    Doc – Franken
    Doc – I couldn’t save your life until the very end
    Doc – Forgive me

    Page 28
    Ball – stop fooling around. Randomly appearing, and randomly dying Yo
    Ball – What is a life that should exist yo!!!
    Ball – I don’t get that stuff

    Page 29
    Ball – Life is… life right…
    Ball – Because he could feel his father’s love,
    Ball – Franken tried to answer to his dad’s expectations as an OPT
    Amidaba – Even Browny, Shurettsu who was called Mad Scientist
    Amidaba – Was a lone father…

    Page 30
    Spika – You can’t pass here
    Spika – Please turn back
    Spika – Master, young miss
    Cross – Ma… maters?
    Ruby – Was it Spika-chan…
    Ruby – Well… even if you tell us to go home, the exist is that way

    Page 31
    Spika – Than there is no choice. Please pass through with care
    Spika – Master, young miss
    Ruby – What! It is okay?
    Ruby – In that case…
    Spika – no… That place
    Spika – Leads to hell <3
    Duo – What?

    Page 32
    Spika – Well than, feel free to use me until you die (It may just be my pervy mind, but this may be going a bit far)
    Cross – This kid is messed up (what is with angles and being prude?)
    Ruby – It looks troublesome, so lets leave it to Futomomotarou that is lagging behind
    Cross – Let us do so…
    Ruby – good bye

    Page 33
    Spika – I even took care to tell them to use me
    Spika – Until they die
    Spika – About Spika…

    Page 34
    Spika – Don’t friggin ignore me
    Spika – You bastards!!!
    Ruby – What are those?
    Cross – Letters!!?

    Page 35

    Page 36
    Cross – She sure took us by surprise… Those letters
    Ruby – are probably
    Ruby – from that pendent
    Spika – che
    Ruby – It probably takes sound waves from the air
    Ruby – and as they go through the ring take shapes
    *going into ring* - Satan
    Ruby – It is definitely an A-rank O-Part
    Spika – Don’t friggin ignore me
    Ruby – It seems that kid really is 1 of Zenom’s 4 guardians

    Page 37
    Cross – suddenly her character has…
    Ruby – Guys just don’t know, but in reality all girls are like that inside
    Cross – Anyways, that attack
    Cross – Seems pretty straight forward
    Letters – snake
    Spika – It isn’t only straight. (okay… I am blaming this one on my mind). Take some poison as well

    Page 38
    Letters – Spike
    Letters – spike
    Ruby - *scream*
    Cross – Ruby!!!
    Spika – I did it

    Page 39
    Ruby – I’m fine
    Ruby – Just got slightly cut
    Ruby – Cross… Leave this to me
    Ruby – The rest we will handle girl on girl
    Ruby – A guy can’t feel easy about hitting a girl right (since when is cross a guy?)
    Cross – That is true
    Ruby – Well, I will go serious now as well

    Page 40
    Spika – The spike spike is getting smaller and smaller
    Ruby – Here I go
    Letters – Fat a** (in case some people may be offended by words, even if boobies don’t effect them)
    Spika – She got small and disappeared!!

    Page 41
    Spika – Where?
    Spika – jeeez
    Spika – Where did she go?
    Spika – Get out here
    Ruby – Right here
    Spika – che
    Spika – She got small again
    Spika – Young miss, that is not fair

    Page 42
    Spika – s***
    Ruby – Kyaaa! My nose!!
    Spika – Found you!!!
    Ruby – Who is unfair!!!
    Spika – Neba neba [stickiness]

    Page 43
    Ruby – Not good
    Spika – fufufu [lame laugh]
    Ruby – I can’t really call this
    Ruby – A beautiful fight between 2 women
    Cross – Incredible
    Cross – That girl’s sense of words (hey, I could totally out do her)
    Cross – Is using that O-Part’s effect to its limits. This is a type we have never seen before
    Spika – Well than young miss, would you like something hot to drink?
    Words – Hot Tea

    Page 44
    Cross – Ruby!!
    Ruby – That was close
    Cross – Increasing the size of the rock at her feet
    Cross – You are pretty good Ruby

    Page 45
    Ruby – Take this
    Ruby – Turn Gigantic!!
    Spika – Kamaitachi!! [slicing winds]
    Spika – It still gets bigger!! (still nothing compared to mine. j/k)

    Page 46
    Spika – Uwaa!!
    Spika – I will be crushed like this!!!
    Cross – Ruby
    Ruby – I know. I will stop as soon as she is caught
    Someone – Gya [scream]
    Someone – What?
    Spika – Something is caught
    Futamomotarou – What is this?
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    Thanks alot, now it makes a bit more sense :> Can't wait for the scanlation
    Back from ban-hood, I blame explosm webcomics

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    Dude...your sig is HILARIOUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagoKui Heir View Post
    Dude...your sig is HILARIOUS
    I agree thats one of the funniest sigs i have ever seen(nick8. BTW ty very much for translations kayangelus. I was waiting fo this chapter because i wanted to see Ball in action.

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    Back from ban-hood, I blame explosm webcomics




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