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    Default chapter 66 translation


    Yay, chapter 66 done for now ^-^ Please note that this still needs some editing as it is sure to contain some errors… feel free to use to scanslate, though correct some of the obvious errors would be appreciated =P. I will probably fix most tomorrow, not today, since homework is yet to be finished, and I already had mom mad at me about it xD Anyways, page 13 reminded me, that I need to lower the perverted ness of my mind… Anyways, as for the translation:

    Chapter 66

    Page 1
    Right: The strength that can’t be seen by eyes… That is---
    Bottom: Chapter 66 [heart]
    Bottom (right): Kishimoto Seishi

    Page 2
    Right: The ultimate foe appears

    Page 3
    Kujaku – Compared to before, you have pretty good movement
    Kujaku – And you have a nice combination
    Kunaju – A bit annoying
    Kaito – I couldn’t sense his presence!!
    Shuri – You knew that we couldn’t take good footing with ice under us
    Shuri – Yet even though you were even behind us, you went ahead and attacked from below
    Shuri – If we had dodged any other way, we would have lost our legs

    Page 4
    Kujaku – You aren’t all that terrible
    Kaito – Rather than thinking it through in our heads
    Kaito – Our bodies will choose the best reaction
    Kaito – We have definitely…
    Kaito – Become stronger
    Kujaku – I see, you weren’t just playing around these past 4 years
    Yuria – Kaito…
    Yuria – Thank you
    Kaito – It is obvious!!! After beating you,
    Kaito – We/I are/am going to rescue Yuria!!! (Note: any pronoun would be grammatically correct in this situation, and I am unsure which it is supposed to be…)

    Page 5
    Shuri – We don’t…
    Shuri – Move for our own sakes like you do
    Shuri – We won’t choose evil on our own!
    Kujaku – Stop shouting, you trash
    Kujaku – I would like to kill you right now but,
    Kujaku – I am in quite a hurry as well.
    Kujaku – Instead of me, I will introduce you to
    Kujaku – The best piece (Note: best here meaning, most fitting, not as in #1 strongest… and piece as in chess piece, or basically game pieces to be moved around)
    Pair - !!

    Page 6

    Page 7
    Shuri – Ru… Rukifugusu…!!
    Shuri – Wasn’t it inserted into the Kaballah?! /Really!/
    Kaito – Not there…
    Kaito – Yuria is no where to be seen!!
    Kaito – Why is it?!
    Kujaku – It is nostalgic right
    Kujaku – If you beat it, Yuria will die as well. What will you do now?...

    Page 8
    Girl – For Rock-san to have been an angle…
    Kujaku – What is this. You haven’t managed to take even the second one out yet

    Page 9
    Girl – But to use the recipes that took so long to put in, to “help people” (Note: Word didn’t appear in the dictionary I had, and the 2 “Kanji” making it up are “help” and “person”… This is just a random educated guess)
    Tall blond – A lot of incredible people seem to have penetrated the main base
    Mask – Zenom leader had predicted that event
    Mask – That is why he made the angel Rock-saman, whom is
    Mask – uninfluenced by the reverse Kaballah, 1 of the 4 guardians.
    Mask – And as long as Rock-sama is on this side,
    Mask – The true Kaballah of angles can’t be completed. It is two birds with 1 stone
    Girl – I thought that Gathering the 10
    Girl – Recipes of the Reverse Kaballah, and world domination was but a short way off
    Mask – Rukifugusu is outside of our ability to predict
    Mask – Are you able to take out 2 more, Rock-sama?

    Page 10
    Rock – That is impossible!
    Rock – At most 1 more
    Rock – My body would evaporate
    Rock – If that happened, I couldn’t guarantee
    Rock – What happened to the Reverse Kaballah!
    Mask – I understand, there is nothing to be done
    Mask – Than, please, just 1 more
    Mask – For the sake of his safety, Kujaku-sama is inside of Furanken (Franken?)
    Rock – Well than…
    Rock – Here I go

    Page 11
    Rock – This…
    Rock – Thing!!!

    Page 12
    Rock – I got it!!
    Mask – Muu! Remu! Get in position for the warp
    Muu/Remu – Yes, father

    Page 13
    Girl – Wow, as I thought, the tentacle has!!
    Girl – It is coming!!

    Page 14
    Rock – Baku, hurry up with the warp, damn it!!!
    Baku – Effect activate!!!

    Page 15
    Shuri – Kaito!!
    Kaito – I’m alive!! It was hard to move, so I took it off
    Kaito – Ouch
    Shuri – What is happening /really/
    Kaito – More importantly, it is just his body, and Yuria is no where to be seen!!

    Page 16
    Kaito – “non-femine (but not masculine) scream”

    Page 17
    Shuri – This is bad!!!
    Kaito – Spirit release
    Kaito – Effect activate!!!
    Kaito9 – Weight control 50%

    Page 18
    Kaito – Still more to come!!

    Page 19
    Kaito – If I do it any further, I will be in the ocean
    Kaito – Weight control minus 30%

    Page 20
    Shuri – Are you alright Kaito!
    Kaito – Of course
    Kaito – Rather than that…
    Kaito – The fact that he is moving means he must be eating Yuria’s spirit
    Kaito – Yet Yuria’s body isn’t here
    Shuri – His nucleus must be Yuria
    Kaito – Than why isn’t her body here
    Kaito – Like this, rather than separating the demon and Yuria…
    Kaito – We can’t do anything
    Kaito – If we beat him, Yuria dies as well

    Page 21
    Shuri – Anyways lets talk once we have stopped
    Shuri – His movement
    Kaito – Got it
    Shuri – Diamond snake

    Page 22
    Shuri – Like I will let you escape!!!
    Kaito – This is bad!!! He escaped to another dimension (Note: Literally space)
    Kaito – Shuri watch out.
    Kaito – Once he gets into that form
    Kaito – You will be erased and taken to another dimension

    Page 23
    Kaito – Damn. Like this, we really can’t do anything
    Shuri – He is connected to another dimension…
    Shuri - !!
    Shuri – His nucleus is Yuria’s left hand…
    Shuri – The fact that the old nucleus, in other words Yuria’s body can’t be seen means
    Shuri – I see! He has hidden only his nucles in
    Shuri – The safety of another dimension!!!
    Kaito - !
    Shuri – But even though we know that,
    Shuri – There is nothing to do… /really/

    Page 24
    Shuri – What?!
    Shuri – Ka…i…to… What… are… you…
    Kaito – He attacks, whatever moves the most, even if only by a little
    Shuri – Don’t… tell… me…
    Kaito – Shuri… you have helped me out a lot…
    Kaito – From this point on, it is my path

    Page 25
    Kaito – I will look for his nucleus… no, I will find Yuria!
    Shuri – Stu… pid… Don’t… the is no… gurantee… of safety…
    Kaito – Whether there is or isn’t,
    Kaito – I will do what is best right now
    Kaito – Come! Rukifugusu, I won’t run or hide!!!
    Kaito – Hurry up and erase me!!!

    Page 26
    Kaito – I am in a different dimension in an instant, really…
    Kaito – fu--- I somehow survived
    Kaito - !!
    Kaito – Poison!!!
    Kaito – This isn’t good… He turned into a real mummy

    Page 27
    Kaito – Damn--- I will increase my weight, and warp this dimension
    Kaito – Weight control 100%
    Kaito – What is with this dimension!!!
    Kaito – Where is Yuria!!!
    Kaito - !
    Kaito – For Rukifugusu who erases those with shape
    Kaito – There is no way he can comprehend something like the heart which has no shape
    Shuri – Your heart that is thinking of Yuria
    Shuri – That will be the ultimate weapon to tear him out

    Page 28
    Kaito – Heart
    Kaito – Exactly, just like Shuri said it
    Kaito – This strong heart that thinks of Yuria…
    Kaito – Believe!!!

    Page 29
    Kaito – A crack in the dimension!!!
    Kaito – As I thought, the heart is the weapon against him
    Kaito – I can add mass to this dimension with heart!!!

    Page 30
    Kaito – If Yuria is the nucleus of this dimension than,
    Kaito – Yuria’s heart and
    Kaito – My heart!!
    Kaito – The masses of the 2 will react to each other…
    Kaito – Just like “banyuuinryouku”, strengths that pull each other together (Note: Them, dictionaries these days… Can’t comprehend “ban” and “ryuu” are separate syllables, and it isn’t “ba” “nyuu”… Well, banyuu is all things, in is pull, ryouku is strengths… Probably something like gravity…)
    Kaito – Take a good look Rukifugusu!!
    Kaito (head): What is this, the tension is increasing
    Kaito – This heart, I will increase it until it becomes super gigantic

    Page 31
    Shuri – ah…
    Shuri – ku
    Shuri – Kaito…

    Page 32

    Page 33

    Page 34
    (Why does Yuria have cloths on? And such an undeveloped body…)

    Page 35

    Page 36
    Kaito – Yuria… Can you hear me…?
    Yuria – Sorry Kaito, I’m so selfish right
    Yuria – In my head, I’m thinking that if I can fix my right head, what happens to others does not matter…
    Yuria – Yet with Kaito…
    Yuria – With Kaito…

    Page 37
    Yuria – I want you to always be by my side…
    Kaito – Yuria, at that time, I realized that
    Kaito – Making you alone was the greatest sin I could commit
    Kaito – Yet…
    Kaito – Yuria…
    Kujaku – I will be taking this brat
    Kujaku – This way both of you got away without dying
    Kujaku – Good bye

    Page 38
    Yuria – Kaita, until now…
    Yuria – thank you
    Kaito – Yuria-!!!
    Kaito – You became alone to rescue me
    Kaito – Even though I was supposed to be the one to defend you…
    Kaito – That is why this time
    Kaito – Don’t become alone for my sake

    Page 39
    Kaito – I won’t say anything cheesy
    Kaito - …Just simply…
    Kaito – Lets go home together, Yuria…
    Kaito – Definitely together…

    Page 40
    Yuria – Kai… I… To?

    Page 41
    Shuri - !
    Shuri – Rukifugusu!!
    Shuri - !!
    Shuri – Kaito, Yuria!!!
    Shuri – fu… I got you in time
    Shuri – Since you are so hot together, it should be perfect /really/ (Am I the only 1 to whom this sounds perverted?)

    Page 42

    Page 43
    Yuria – my…
    Yuria – left hand… (Took her a while to notice… I mean she had even put on a coat already…)
    Kaito – Your left hand is already healed so,
    Kaito – From now on we will always be together
    Kaito – Yuria
    Yuria – Than I want to die before Kaito
    Kaito – What?!!
    Kaito – Why is that!!
    Shuri - ?!
    Yuria – So long as Kaito watches over me, (wow, such a close family… can’t even say brother or sister to each other…)
    Yuria – Until I become an old woman…

    Page 44
    Yuria – Until the end,
    Yuria – I won’t be alone <3
    Kaito - …Yuria…
    Shuri – As I thought, the girl
    Shuri – is 1 level above /really/

    Page 45
    Box – Really strength is
    Box – Right here
    Box – The heart?
    Box – Don’t joke around with something as pathetic and shapeless as that. Strength and life,
    Box – Everything only exists if it has shape
    Box – What can something without shape do!!
    Box – It means, that it isn’t
    Box – Frozen all the way down in your heart

    Page 46
    Box – I will protect Yuria for eternity
    Box – Anyways, why did you save us? You are way different from the preliminaries, as if you were a different person
    Box – I remembered something…
    Box – Long ago… Something I felt, when I was… a kid…
    Shuri – Jin… The strength of the heart you spoke of
    Shuri – I finally feel like I really understand it
    Box – Because it is something without shape
    Box – That is why people try to tie it together
    Kaito – sneeze
    Yuria – Are you alright, Kaito?
    *Kaito and Yuria’s ties last for ever… Next edition, from central!! (not sure if that is name, or Kishi trying to be cool)
    Box(bottom): 4 month edition, continued March 12 (not sure what is with the 4)

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    hey hey....have i told you that you are god? id do a scanlation but i have too much crap to do

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    thanks for putting in the time to help us translate this!

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    thanks Kaya.

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    Ta muchos also :P

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    thanks when is the sub coming out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diedf47 View Post
    thanks when is the sub coming out?
    Already have an LQ here.




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