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  • 666 Satan

    125 27.65%
  • Naruto

    51 11.28%
  • Bleach

    48 10.62%
  • Berserk

    97 21.46%
  • Death Note

    40 8.85%
  • Other

    91 20.13%
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayangelus View Post
    Just because a manga is big with a giant fan base, does not mean it is good. Hence no OP. Also, as for Berserk, you do realise that at least half the people on this site a obsessed with it right? That would warrant including it.
    hey One piece is a great manga not becuse of it's giant fan base but becuse it is really good (and that is why OP has a giant fan base to begin with)
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    @kayangelus: even if you personally dont like OP, you cant deny that in present it is one of THE shounen mangas and is good enough to compete with, if not outrightly defeat, Naruto or Bleach...or 666 Satan. And the fact that is has private army and is still ongoing for almost 500 chapters means that large quantity of people think that One Piece is good(or best...) manga... And that is closest objective description of good manga I can think of...

    About Berserk: Yea I noticed, and I dont have anything against it. However including Berserk to almost any pool (or Gutts...) is becoming a little too repeated joke... I mean what have Berserk and 666 Satan in comon...Well except the fact that both have big swords...

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    Yeah, the results will be fairly biased one way or the other. But unless we had over fifty choices it was never gonna be fair anyway. So I guess its just to decide which one of these (Naruto/bleach/berserk/S6) is better in the opinions of S6 fans.

    As for S6 and Berserk, the only vague similarity is that S6 involves the 'Devil' but it doesn't really feel like the devil/hell etc. He's just another monster. But Berserk (esp. anime episode 25 with that satanic music) has some scary/twisted moments that feel as close to hell as any anime does.

    For me, the manga I like reading depends on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy one more, sometimes the other.

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    aikido_boy is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    I am one of the one piece fans!
    Sadly it gon in as others.

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    glz88 is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    meh never got into one piece it didn't attract me for one reason or another but bleach is completely another story. Anyone here read Airgear?

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    zen is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    hmmm well it smells pie


    yes it great and is made by OhGreat! imagine the ironi...

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    of cour$e that if you made thi$ tread in here 666 $atan will win.
    and not everyone ha$ read all the manga li$ted in the poll $o thi$ pool i$ meaningless. i have read all the manga$ in that poll except ber$erk $o here i$ my order :

    *¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡& #161;¡¡GANTZ !!!!!!!!!!!!
    1.- bleach - naruto
    2.- 666 $atan
    3.- deathnote
    (but gantz is the BE$T !!!!! )

    666 $atan is 2 because in comparation doe$nt have much chapter$.
    P.$: I would have put deathnote $econd but the manga turn into crap after "L" died.
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    lets see my top mangas are

    1. 666 satan
    2. Air Gear
    3. Busou Renkin
    4. Gintama
    5. D-Grey-man

    i read a bunch of other mangas but right know these are the top five. a fairly deverse list actualy. they really dont have anything in common.
    well im a bit of topic the point is 666satan rocks!

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    top mangas Oo

    Shaman King

    but to start such a pollonly here.. you should knw that 666satan would win :-/

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    in the second half the chapters have been good
    but for me, as a whole 666satan doesn't really come near
    some of the more developed mangas

    and you can't really say that the story is short as each chapter
    is about 40 something pages.


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