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  • 666 Satan

    125 27.65%
  • Naruto

    51 11.28%
  • Bleach

    48 10.62%
  • Berserk

    97 21.46%
  • Death Note

    40 8.85%
  • Other

    91 20.13%
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    Default Yo!

    Quote Originally Posted by glz88 View Post
    Berserk is amazing the detail the darkness of the whole manga but it takes so damn long for it to be released and by that i mean the release of the raw. The author takes months and sometimes even 3-4 months to release a chapter.
    He may have togashism... XD


    I would like to explain "why" the succes of 666satan in a so short period... (in my opinion of course)

    does anybody knows what people like more in a manga? (specially boys). yes, cool fights, and a very original and entertaing history... and that is exactly what 666Satan have, and more than this... it has other thing in favour than other mangas... the story isnt slow, it has an almost perfect "speed". I got that "slow" mangas doesnt like to anybody...

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    What the heck does berserk there? It is completly out of category... It seems that from that Gutts incident in Naruto forum must be in every pool about mangas or manga character at least one berserk reference....

    666 Satan compared to:
    Bleach: Bleach was really cool manga during SS arc when there wasnt no plotholes repetetative history or absurd power levels...Back then it could compete with 666 Satan but, with introduction of arrancars, vaizards, idiotic reestablishing of power levels and "deja vu" story arc it got far far worse than 666 Satan...
    Naruto: it is discussed elswhere, but in my eyes 666 Satan is way better
    Death Note: Before "false ending" it was my favorite manga, in my eyes better than 666 Satan. After it...meh
    Berserk: as I said before I think that this option is completly retarded(there should be One Piece in this place, I mean wtf you are comparing most "big" and "popular" shounen mangas, but you dont include the most popular and biggest one?) so I wont go about discussion here, but the fact that I voted for Berserk speaks for itself....

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    hmmm well it smells pie


    i like the fact that 666 are so diffrent from Naruto yet their creators are twins...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayangelus View Post
    666 Satan = cool characters, a hot chick (whish there were more), nice story line, good speed, cool fights.
    I second that.

    The more i read 666 the more i like it ( making my 3rd round whit it now ).

    Im starting to feel like when i first got my hands on scanlated Naruto, all jittery and jumpy, and i just can't wait for the next chapter to come out.

    Not to bash Naruto, but 666 has everything i consider Naruto missing, Jio got the girl ( hell yeah! ) he got the looks , the cool cloths and he AIN'T a retard like sum other manga char i know *coughNarutocough*

    And the best thing off all, i don't have to see sakura going on a random bashingspree on a clueless Naruto, hummm...come to think about it she havent done that alot since the timeskip...

    Oh dang im getting off topic here, well 666 in my oppinion is the best manga out there right now, and i wished more ppl could be sharing this joy whit me cus it feels like it doesent get the attention it deserves.

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    I voted death note, but 666Satan, Naruto, Bleach, Berserk, and Death note, are awesome in their own ways. They are just different genres. All different mangas,

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    doing your gf


    Quote Originally Posted by child_of_serenity View Post
    Kaya, I'll unlock the thread if you really want to post.
    Nah, at that time, I was just tired and pissed. Which means I wasn't thinking.
    Now, I'm just tired.

    Anyways, back on topic:

    Lizard --> Just because a manga is big with a giant fan base, does not mean it is good. Hence no OP. Also, as for Berserk, you do realise that at least half the people on this site a obsessed with it right? That would warrant including it.

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    one other thing that makes it stand out imo is that it's released monthly instead of weekly so it builds the story up slowly rather than just throwing it all at you

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    Mushishi for Serenity!

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    666Satan, imo, would really pwn all others if it was a bit should I say, "mature." Unlike Naruto and Bleach and be more like Berserk and Hellsing. Dark and bloody. Though, besides all that, 666Satan still pwnz so much :0 Especially when Jio fought Icaros and went an advanced form of Satan!!

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    Default wel

    wel itz a lil unfair posting a poll of several mangas in the forum of a specific forum. most ppl that come to thiz forum are into 666satan so it a lil one side. ex yo go to a site that support democrat's and you make a poll that says which iz better demo's, rep's, ind's, ect the democrets should win itz a demo supporting web site so im just sayin itz a lil one sided but 666satan still kicks as* so yea i voted for it just cuz i don't like the latest chap in naruto because of some person that something bad happens to them an it made me sad . o and i don't read any of the others i watch bleach anime and one piece isn't an option--i don't like the term other---o and i loved the deathnote manga so i was still pondering which is actualy better. DN can't realy b compared only u can like more cuz there completly diff i mean 666satan all actiony and DN is all psycological and cool like that so owell. k im outie
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