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    Default Well a few things changed...

    I wanted to discuss a few things that happened that missed out on in chapter 57-58.

    What do you guys think the cyclops's power is? From what I can gather it seems like it gives them to ability to control any object other than humans. That's why whats his face was able to change the direction of the rocks, and even oparts. Not to mention Mei using it to change the direction of the sword attack.

    Seems a little anti-climatic to me. We have all these gillions of kickass O-part powers, and then instead of some mind blowing insane power, we bascially get a form of telekenesis. Arg! So disappointing!

    ZOMG MEI PLZ: It looks like Mei is starting to fall for Ball to me. Which wouldn't be bad because my main beef with her is how retarded she acted while being Jios Fangirl. Maybe if she shapes up and gets interested in the right character she may eventually be accepted. Though I completly called it when I said her eye would open to reveal some crazy power that would conviently open up a way out of a potentially deadly situation.

    Stea's Boss = Robot? Apparently the boss isn't a girl. But a Robot being controlled by an Opart? I'm not sure, it was confusing. Looks like we're getting close to seeing Ruby again.

    The true Hero: IMHO, I am sure without a doubt that Kirin, Amidaba, and everyone else would have been killed were it not for the brave actions of....Jojomaru. Man if he didn't hop on that giant tigers tail when he did the would have all been royally screwed. I hope they realize how lucky they are to have such a strong fighter on their side. Jojomaru! I salute you!


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    Default Yo!

    Jajamaru (When round) and its childs remembers me mayor armstrong from FMA XD (maybe its the haircut)

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    i was a bit disapointed with the cyclops's power but it still turned out to be pretty cool... kinda.
    well if Mei stops being a fangirl over Jio she will be ...ok. and it would be funny if she ends up with ball.
    the robot boss is a little bit...weird but hey it was a pretty good plot twist.
    and yes jojomaru is truly the main character.

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    afaik is kirin a cyclops too(never showing his eyes,he is the brother of the opart guy(forgot the name ^^) and he has this white hair and.. he says "Nothing can stop me" .. but he is no opart.. blah

    short thing:
    Kirin= Cyclops with always opened eye?(and if it's not always opened.. he has the abilitiy since he's a child)




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