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    doing your gf

    Default Kujaku vs. Gutts

    Well, since I saw everyone in the Naruto section obsessed with Gutts, I'm wondering how he would fair in the 666 world. At first I was thinking of Satan vs. Itachi, than realised Satan would give Itachi the "you lack hatred" speech, same for Gutts, so I had to lvl down to Kujaku.

    off topic:
    Chapter 62

    Page 1
    Jio – Ruby, you told me in my heart
    Jio – I am not alone. Everyone is tied together by thoughts.
    Ruby – Everyone
    Amidaba – This is what it means

    Page 2
    Ruby – Everyone
    Ruby – Thank you

    Page 3
    Ball – Before saying thank you, you need to put something on.
    Ball – Some nice round stuff
    Mei – Mu (mad sound)
    Mei – What you are saying and doing are way off
    Mei – You idiot Ball!!
    Ball – Gya!! (death scream)
    Jio – Round lover
    Ruby – Clothing… What?
    Ruby – Wait, I am completely naked
    Ruby – Completely naked!!!
    Cross (bubble) – I think I have seen this image before
    Cross (Next to face) – She took the color page away with her

    Page 4
    Ball – Ouch, Mei why are you getting so upset
    Mei – what… What do you mean?
    Amidaba – Geez, guys are all stupid perverts
    Kirin – Aaaah.
    Jio – What?
    Ruby – It sucks, but it is better than noting
    Jio – My…my favorite front cloth

    Page 5
    Ball – At least now you have something hidden
    Mei – Mu
    Mei – Your face and words are off again
    Mei – What is that disappointed face!!!!
    Ball – Hiiii!!! (death scream feminine version)
    Ruby – Wait.
    Ruby – Who are you, Ms. Cutie
    Mei – What?
    Ruby – Are you an OPT? To come with everyone to such a dangerous place…
    Ruby – You are even hurt
    Mei – Ah, um, I’m not an OPT.
    Mei – I’m called Mei
    Mei – Nice to meet you, Ruby-san

    Page 6
    Ruby – Thank you, for helping me
    Ruby – Whom you don’t even know
    Mei – ah
    Mei – As I got to know more about Ball and Jio-sama,
    Mei – I thought that Ruby-san whom everyone was trying to save must be a great person
    Mei – I got a bit jealous though
    Mei – But you were just like I thought
    Mei – I’m happy I met you
    Ruby – Since I was surrounded by stupid guys,
    Ruby – I wanted a girl friend

    Page 7
    Jio – We just finally saved you. Don’t say that
    Ball – At least she isn’t hitting us
    Ruby/Mei – Girl power!
    Kirin – It isn’t just her breasts and height. Her body seems to hold a fighting spirit
    Kirin – So the inside is still Ruby
    Amidaba – I am still a girl…in theory
    Mei – The large 1 is Jajamaru!
    Mei – The tiny 1 is the child, Jojomaru!!
    Mei – The silver 1 is Jio-sama’s teacher, Zero!!!
    Jajamaru – Umu
    Jojomaru – Namu
    Ruby – Wow, a triple surprise
    Zero – Humanoid females speak a lot…

    Page 8
    Mishima – Sorry to interrupt the reunion,
    Mishima – But we should bet out of here
    Mishima – We are going by a quick route to the top. Follow me

    Page 9
    Cross – It is flipped over
    Cross – This is mean. Who did this…
    Ball – Cross, you flipped it over, along with the guys from Stea.
    Ball – It was you, it was you!!!
    Kirin – Like this, it is just a regular pickle stone
    Ruby – Everyone step back
    Jio – What are you doing, Ruby!?
    Ruby – With this event, I learnt I’m a recipe of the Kaballah

    Page 10
    Ruby – I am different from before
    Cross – Since her body has approached the full form, now that she has returned, Ruby is sensing the edge of Sunderphon’s powers
    Ruby – I am not only getting helped
    Ruby – This time I will be everyone’s
    Jio – Ruby…
    Ruby – strength

    Page 11
    Ball/Mei – Wow!
    Jio – WoW!!

    Page 12
    ? – It is like a model
    ? – Big Balloon has gotten small!!
    Ruby – Small Balloon version
    Ruby – Now, first flip it over
    Ruby – And return it to its original size

    Page 13
    Ball - Great
    Cross – It has kinda changed
    Ball – It is way too cool!
    Ruby – While resizing, I slightly changed it

    Page 14
    Ruby – hehe
    Jio – Wow, this is Ruby’s
    Jio – Angel power…
    Cross – This is Sunderphon’s power
    Cross – But its true power is nothing like this
    Ball – Wow Ruby, you are way better than OPTs.!!!
    Ruby – I feel like I powered up!!

    Page 15
    Kirin – This is a nice ally to have
    Kirin – Anyways, finally,
    Jio – All the members are together

    Page 16

    Page 17

    Page 18
    Ball – This is great
    Cross – If that is true…
    Cross – than Shin’s vice commander Barisu taking over Shin’s command,
    Cross – Is part of Miko’s plan
    Amidaba – It is probably to take her actual body
    Amidaba – As far from Stea as possible
    Kirin – She used the trickster Barisu well
    Amidaba – Miko is a way better trickster than Barisu
    Amidaba – Shin (Miko) will definitely appear at Zenom’s base

    Page 19
    Jio – But Zenom’s main base shouldn’t be all that easy to find
    Ball – Really?
    Jio – STFU!!
    Ball – Ou!
    Kirin – Well
    Box – According to Stea’s info, right now Zenom’s base is
    Box – at the South of the Asukarudo continent
    Kirin – As Mishima said, we can only go there to find out
    Ruby – How does this look?

    Page 20
    Ruby – This cloth’s theme is fighting girl
    Ruby – It is easy to move in, and different from my previous weak body

    Page 21
    Ball – Wow, looks great
    Amidaba – Younglings these days. Are those bathing suits?
    Kirin – You sure look different
    Mei – Wow, Ruby-san looks like a woman and is so cool.
    Mei – And compared to her… and even for breasts, I...
    Jio – Don't have it!!! (translator’s note: Jio happens to be completing Ruby’s sentence of “I don’t have any breasts” with the word “nai” which can mean “gone, doesn’t exist, don’t have it”. It and them do not exist seperately, which is why this is hard to translate.)

    Page 22
    Ball - ?
    Jio – Don't have it
    Jio – Don't have it
    Jio – Don't have it
    Cross – What on earth happened?
    Mei – Jio-sama…
    Jio – It is gone…

    Page 23
    Box – Dokurikka Japan (Shin)
    Loser – Lord Barisu. Something seemed to have happened in Stea
    Barisu – Hey, hey
    Barisu – I had put down crushing Stea as part of the world conquest’s main dish
    Barisu – Don’t die by yourself
    Barisu – glurp
    Barisu – blurp

    Page 24
    Barisu – Oh
    Barisu – Oh
    Barisu – Throw up
    Barisu – baft
    Box – clank
    Box – clank
    Barisu – what the
    Barisu – uck
    Barisu – what is? Tis…
    Barisu – Hell…p…me…

    Page 25
    Loser – What happened lord?
    Barisu – Nothing
    Amaterasu – Barisu. From now on, I Miko have taken over your body
    Amaterasu – Did you think I would give up on this legendary O-Part
    Amaterasu – And on Jio Freed?

    Page 26
    Barisu - Head to the south of the Asukarudo continent

    Page 27
    Fatty – breath
    Fatty – No way, where did you guys pick that up?
    Fatty – The censor on my chest is reaction. Hand over the recipe
    Jin – If you want it that bad, come down here, lower your head to the ground, and say “please”
    FA (fat ass) – As I thought that is a large takoyaki (time of Japanese food FA is currently eating)
    FA – Hey, if you have food

    Page 28
    FA – We might let you trade

    Page 29
    Fatty – Even inside of Zenom,
    Fatty – I am feared as the outer looker
    Fatty – Ah!
    Fatty – I don’t have to ask… I will just kill you and take it
    Fatty – Death, death, death!
    Fatty – Because the octopus of these guys (note: takoyaku that FA is obsessed with, is literally burnt octopus, hence the reference)
    FA – Wow, a lot of Takoyaki!!!
    Jin – It is a mass attack type… A high ranked O-Part
    Jin – Even if you toast it or roast it, you can’t eat it
    FA – darn
    FA – Deadly Gas

    Page 30
    Fatty – What is this? My nest smells way worse
    Jin – Poor kid
    Jin – Just kidding!!
    Jin – Fountain Glass

    Page 31
    Jin – Inside of strong smelled gas, there is Metan HC4 (isn’t is supposed to be CH4?)
    Jin – If you light it, it burns. Well, that gas is special

    Page 32
    Jin – I told you to lower your head, but you don’t have to go that far
    FA – Like this, he might have become an actual Takoyaki
    Jin – However you look at it, it is an O-Part. Well, I won’t stop you
    Jin – They saw my face
    Jin – I don’t want to shave my head anymore

    Page 33

    Page 34
    Kaito – Weight Controll 30%
    Kaito – Megastamp

    Page 35
    Shuri – It ends here

    Page 36
    Shuri – Kaito
    Shuri – That is it for today
    Kaito – Heh

    Page 37
    Kaito – It puts stress on my body, but I can finally freely use it
    Kaito – Shuri
    Shuri – It is a new O-Part we took 1 year to find
    Shuri – For any level OPT, it would take 5 years to master it
    Shuri – It is increadible to do it in 3
    Kaito – No, it is too slow
    Kaito – Yuria has suffered inside of the Kaballah for 4 years

    Page 38
    Shuri – Right now, you can evenly fight with a Zenom Chief Executive
    Shuri – Even 1 of the 4 guardians
    Shuri – If we team up
    Kaito – That?
    Shuri – Yes, it is time to start out

    Page 39

    Page 40
    Rock – I didn’t expect it to be hiding in such a ruin

    Page 41
    Rock – The mark on its stomach. There is no mistake. It is the #7i recipe, Ba-ru of lust

    Page 42
    Rock - !

    Page 43
    Girl – What?

    Page 44
    Rock – This is bad… This is his power!!
    SCM (super cute monster) – Negyaaaa! (scream)

    Page 45
    Kujaku – Ba-ru. I have taken
    Kujaku – Your base
    Girl – It returned…

    Page 46
    Kujaku – You guys suck as usual
    Text – The 4 guardians of Zenom have gathered!! The demons of Kaballah that are consistently collected!!!

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    In the depths of a vast swamp...


    I feel that I should lock this thread on moral.

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    I think comparing kujaku to gutts is not fair. gutts is a mere human. maybe you should compare him with gaara or another jinchuuriki.

    btw thanks for the translation.

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    err, kayangelus, i think you miss chapter 62 title, on naked ruby's colored page, the red one. just want to let u know

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    a vs. thread?

    I'm surprised at you.

    (gutts wins due to higher levels of awesomness + plot armour btw)

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    Gutts'd find a way. When everyone was being eaten alive without putting up any resistance in episode 25, Gutts was beating the crap out of those gigantic monsters. Kujaku would have to come out in his full form to even stand a chance. And I just can't see that psychopath Gutts losing to anyone.

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    doing your gf


    hmmm. Gutts could not dodge lightning.
    Kirin dodged a beam of light (light is faster than lightning by a lot)
    Kirin only ended up tieing with Kujaku.
    How is Gutts winning?

    Also, sure Gutts was killing those monsters. But Kujaku would have been having a tea party in there, while killing anyone that came close by. If he missed, he wouldn't take damage, and just disintergrate them.

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    I suppose for me it's about the level of seriousness of the anime/manga.
    If a kids manga had a superman-level character who was invincible and could kill everything that ever lived, I still wouldn't want to think he could beat say, Jio. It's because the level of seriousness of the animes/mangas is different. I can't really compare such a light-hearted kids manga with S6.
    When I watched the last episode of Berserk I thought it was the darkest anime I'd ever seen (especially that twisted dimension in the last few episodes), whereas when I read Satan, despite the name it has quite a nice feel to it. Again the levels of seriousness between the mangas is different so looking literally at the abilities of the characters seems unfair...otherwise the superman-level kid in the above example would be the toughest.

    In the end, if I'm to choose one character as the toughest I tend to favour the more serious/darker anime/manga. (Don't worry I haven't jumped ship, S6 is still better!)




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