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    doing your gf

    Default chapter 59 trans

    Wonder how many people will talk about how mangahelpers has the translation.

    Chapter 59

    Page 1
    Dark bubble – 666 Satan
    Mei - sob
    Mei - sob
    Mei - sob
    BB(big brother) – You were in a place like this Mei…
    Mei - !
    BB – I bet you were fighting with the boys again
    BB – You are a girl, so be more girl like
    Mei – Big Brother!!
    BB – Hei
    Mei – Bub, they were!
    Mei - They wouldn’t admit you as the village’s leader, so I…!!
    Mei - sob
    Mei - sob

    Page 2
    BB - …
    BB – I sea… Mei was protecting Big Brother huh?
    BB – Okay! I will let this fight go!
    BB – Than I better give you something in return
    Mei - …
    BB – Than I will teach you a magic trick
    BB – That will let you forget all of your sadness

    Page 3
    Mei – magic trick?
    Text (center) – That war a far away day’s memory with her Brother
    Text (buttom) – Chapter 59. Magic Trick

    Page 4
    Mei – Really!
    Mei – What kind?
    Mei – What kind?
    BB – First close your eyes…
    Mei – okay
    Mei – Brother, can I open my eyes?

    Page 5
    BB – I have already told you
    BB – No one is able to put a finger on me
    Mei – pant
    Mei – pant
    BB – Stop those eyes

    Page 6
    Mei – Aaah!!!
    Ball – Mei!
    Mei – Damn!!
    Mei – Rather than this pain…
    Eye – open
    Mei – watching big brother right now,

    Page 7
    BB - …
    Mei – Is far more painful to me
    BB – Damn
    Mei – pant
    Mei – pant
    BB – stop
    BB – Stop that eye
    BB – The old me is…

    Page 8
    BB – Gone!!!

    Page 9
    BB – pant
    BB – pant
    Eye – shuu (random sound)

    Page 10
    BB - …
    Text – Tricky 1, 2
    Rock – roll
    Rock - roll
    Rock - roll
    Tricky 1 – fuu (random sound)
    Tricky 2 – fuu (random sound)
    BB - To react to that short range attack
    BB – But the more rocks you create,
    BB – The more I can control
    Ball – For you too, that eye…
    Ball – It doesn’t seem like you can keep on using it for eternity
    Ball – 3

    Page 11
    Eye – Rool
    Tricky 3 – slide, slide
    BB – haha! You ran out of tricks you trash
    BB – Change the direction by reprogramming
    Tricky 3 – turn
    Ball – 4
    Hand – lift
    Eye – roll
    BB – Bastard, to hide it below
    BB – the speed of my eye is dropping

    Page 12
    BB – kuku
    BB – hahaha
    BB – haha
    BB – It is just like he said
    Ball/Mei - …
    BB – I can’t feel any pain
    Eye – open
    BB – this is a great power

    Page 13
    Mei – Big brother
    BB – Ball play won’t work anymore loser!!
    Eye – push, push
    BB – This time I will use all of the rocks, and squash you
    Ball – I’m sorry but for my O-Parts,
    Ball – The magnetic attraction that can’t be see is their strength
    Ball – Anything touched by Tricky becomes a powerful magnet
    Ball – In other words…
    Ball – All these rocks as well as your body
    BB – Shut up you worthless loser!!!

    Page 14
    Ball – I am faster for activating
    Ball – G-pond

    Page 15
    Mei – Big brother!!!
    BB – Stupid!!
    BB – Even if you attack faster, if I can change the direction instantly, it is pointless
    BB – Now it is my turn

    Page 16
    Ball – I already knew that
    Ball – Magnetic maximum jump
    Ball – The connection between siblings that can’t be seen is real strength
    BB - !!
    BB – Damn, this eye doesn’t work on humans

    Page 17
    Ball – Remember that!!!

    Page 18
    Ball - !!!
    Ball – Darn
    Eye – roll
    Ball - !
    Ball – Crap!! Behind the rock!!!

    Page 19
    Ball – Mei!!!

    Page 20
    Michael – Judgment shiisou is a beauty that measures the soul. A measurement of rotting
    Michael – If your souls are equal, the balance will remain
    Michael – The point is balance
    Michael – If you have even a little bit of darkness, the balance will drop
    Micahel – And the more dirty one will turn to ash

    Page 21
    Michael – Everyone except for an angel has some darkness
    Micahel – This is decided. Can you stand beautiful, Jio-kun?
    Bully – Hey cursed brat go away!
    Bully – Don’t come here, we will get your bad luck
    Bully – Bastard!!
    Jio – Ouch
    Satan – No one will believe you. No one will love you
    Satan – You are alone. Alone

    Page 22
    Jio – I am falling?
    Cross – By quite a bit

    Page 23
    Shoe – clear
    Shoe – erase, erase
    Jio – What is this!! It is disappearing from the bottom
    Jio – Even my scarf!
    Scarf – erase
    Cross – Jio!!
    Michael – I already told you
    Scarf – erase
    ? – erase
    Michael – If you go to the bottom, your body will fall apart and turn to ash
    Jio – This is bad. If I don’t make Cross’s soul just as dirty as mine, the balance won’t…
    Jio – Okay

    Page 24
    Jio – Hey
    Jio – Stupid Cross! Retard! Idiot! Loser! Hag! He she!
    Cross - …
    Jio – How is that! If I say this much
    Jio – He should get really pissed…
    Jio – What? I’m dropping even more!!!

    Page 25
    Cross – That is right! Cross is an angle
    Cross – It is the same as being pure
    Jio – Damn, how can I make both sides equal
    GA (gay ass, aka Michael) – fufu (laugh)
    Jio – Think!! There must be something
    Jio - !
    Jio – There is!...
    Jio – That is right, I had this move
    Jio – to make both sides 100% equal

    Page 26
    Jio – spirit release
    Opart – New Zero R
    Rank – B
    Effect – Make blades equal in size to the user’s hatred

    Page 27
    Jio – Effect activate
    Jio – My soul’s blade
    Jio – It is getting bigger and bigger…
    Jio – If everyone saw the blades of my New Zero R, they would probably get scared
    Jio – No matter how much I seal away Satan’s hatred,
    Jio – This guy can see through my soul
    Jio – Cross, catch this!!!

    Page 28
    GA - !
    Cross - !!
    Cross - ?

    Page 29
    GA – So, beautiful
    GA – It is so beautiful. No, don’t go…
    Cross – How did you do that?
    Jio – It is because of that O-Part
    Below Zero R – New Zero R
    Jio – It creates an exact copy of my soul
    Jio – If I give that to Cross who has no hatred,
    Jio – It is as if I were on both sides
    Jio – For someone who is an angle like you,
    Jio – That guy’s blades won’t come out, so it can’t scratch you

    Page 30
    GA – I guess there is no choice…
    GA – Like I said,
    GA – I will show you
    GA – the ultimate beauty

    Page 31
    Jio – He finally showed his full form
    Jio – Where he touches, stuff disappears, replaced by sand, trees, and water!!
    Cross – that is…

    Page 32
    Cross – He deconstructs the concrete and cement that he touches,
    Cross – as turns it back to its original natural form
    Box (top) – Concrete
    Boxes (right to left) – sand – Cement – Rock – Water
    Black crap – natural metal
    Brown crap – clay
    Rock – minerals
    Jio – For humans who destroy nature,
    Jio – It is like an angel’s rage
    GA – It is beautiful right. Round things make all in this world
    GA – And in this 3rd stage, I have the ultimate form
    GA – I will erase both of you, and turn you back to nature
    Jio/Cross – It is lucky that Ball hasn’t chosen to fight with Michael (Cross says Ballsan, Jio says Ball, but since that isn’t at the beginning of the sentence, that makes it pointless)

    Page 33

    Page 34
    Eye – roll
    BB – Her eye!!

    Page 35
    Mei – Brother, can I open it now?
    BB – It is okay
    BB – To name it, ear-trick
    BB – here I go. 1, 2…
    Mei - !
    Ear – twist
    Ear – twist
    BB – Ears!
    Ear – twist
    Mei – hahaha
    Mei – Hahaha, it is ticklish, big brother. Hahaha
    BB – Your ears are soft now, and it is relaxing right?

    Page 36
    BB – One, Two
    Mei – Ear!!
    Ear – twist
    Ear – twist
    Ear – twist
    Ear – twist
    Loser – What is Mei doing?
    Loser 2 – We made her cry yet she is laughing again
    BB – hahaha
    Mei – It is ticklish
    Mei – It is a weird magic trick
    BB – r… really?
    BB – But you forgot you were sad and are laughing, Mei
    Mei – Ah!
    Mei – it is true!
    Mei – This magic trick is great!!

    Page 37

    Page 38
    Stick – drop
    BB – You sure have grown
    BB – Mei
    Mei – Yes

    Page 39
    BB – as usual you are doing nothing but touching people’s ears
    BB – You are using the ear trick on me
    Ball – Tsubame-san, did your memory return?
    Ball – Magic trick? Ears?
    Ear – twist
    Ear – twist
    Jojomaru – namuu
    Ball – Gyaa! The ears!!!
    Ball – What are you doing to my cute little Jojomaru! You witch!!
    Ball – Animal abuser
    Mei – hard ears
    Jio – Now that you mention it,
    Jio – Mei, you sure touch people’s ears a lot
    Ball – That was
    Ball – Because of this

    Page 40
    Mei – That is good, big bro…
    Mei – ther…
    Mei – Brother!!!
    Eye – close
    BB – I think my body reached its limit

    Page 41
    Mei – What do you mean by limit?
    Mei – I don’t want this! I finally met my brother whom I thought dead!!
    BB – 3 years ago, I tried to protect the village from Zenom…
    Zenom – Give us the legendary O-Part!!!
    BB – It is not here!!
    BB – darn

    Page 42
    Jio – !
    Jio – Leader!!!
    BB – I can’t die in a place like this…
    BB – The village, everyone…
    BB – damn
    BB – If only I had more strength!...

    Page 43
    Mishima – That mark on your forehead…
    Mishima – To find a sample I was looking for this fast…
    Mishima – Like that, you will die
    Mishima – Come with me. You have that worth

    Page 44
    BB – I overused the eye on my forehead. It was faster than I thought
    Mei – Don’t say that like you are going to die
    BB – I might have not wanted to realize you Mei
    BB – I was scared
    BB – Mei, to be in front of you as a big brother who got this body to be strong
    BB – forgive a this weak brother
    Mei – You aren’t weak. You protected me and everyone from the village
    Hand – crack
    Hand – crack

    Page 45
    BB – You are Ball right. Your 1 hit went to my head…
    BB – I’m leaving Mei, my little sister to you…
    Ball - !
    Ball – Yeah
    Mei – Don’t worry about me. Worry about your self brother!!
    BB – Don’t worry. Right now I don’t feel pain or anything
    BB – At that time I might have already died… haha
    Mei – I can’t laugh about that
    BB – But Mei, you sadness has
    BB – reached this hand
    BB – Don’t cry Mei
    Ear – twist
    BB – Here, the ear magic trick
    BB – With this you will forget all sadness…

    Page 46
    BB – One
    BB – Tw…o…
    Ball – You were able to finally touch Tsumabe-san huh, Mei
    Mei – Ear.
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    YAY! Although thisisn't my favorite chapter, I'm glad we've gotten over the chapter 57 and 58 slump. I wonder when someone'll scan them... Well, anyway, I can't wait for your wonderful work on the next chapters, espically 61 and 62!! :P

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    doing your gf


    Chapter 60 is the one that is coming up next.
    Sorry, but I like to go somewhat in order.

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    XD I know, but I'm just saying I can't wait until you get around to 61 and 62. I'm looking forward to seeing Ruby coming back. :P

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    doing your gf


    You just want to see her naked right?

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    so awesome this is just getting better and better thanks for your hard work

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    doing your gf


    I started doing chapter 60, than realised I could turn like first 10 pages into a flirting between Ball and Mei without changing the gist of what they are saying.

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    doing your gf

    Default Chapter 60 translation

    Off topic: Geez, where is the 666 Satan siggy I requested 2-3 weeks ago?

    Chapter 60

    Page 1
    Text (going down) – Beauty’s contest
    Text (middle) – Chapter 60 Miko’s truth
    Text (buttom) Kishimoto Seishi

    Page 2
    Wind Mill – turn, turn
    Ball – Mei…
    Ball – As a brother who has a little sister, I know this much…
    Ball – You have to smile and live for Tsumabe-sama’s sake as well
    Ball – That is the thought of an elder brother…
    Mei – Brother…

    Page 3
    Ball – But at that time…
    Mei - !
    Ball – For you to open your 3rd eye with your own strength
    Ball – If the people of the village here this, they will be surprised
    Mei - !!
    Mei – The eye on my forehead opened?
    Ball – What, even you didn’t realize it!!
    Mei – But
    Ball – It was so big, your regular eyes were almost pushed shot
    Mei – That is your mouth…
    Mei – What did you say, you bas…
    Mei - …tard…
    Mei – What?...

    Page 4
    Ball – Hey, hey
    Ball – If you want to have some love, it will be OK later
    Ball – So, don’t push yourself now
    Mei – Stupid. I’m leaning on you on purpose
    Ball - …
    Ball – I was told by Tsumabe-san to guard Mei
    Ball – Okay, lets catch up to everyone
    Bal – Here
    Mei – what are you doing…. Stop!!

    Page 5
    Ball – All set!
    Ball – I can’t become Tsubame-san but,
    Ball – If you think of me as your big brother, you might get less sad
    Mei – What?
    Mei – Why are you my brother? Are you retarded!
    Mei – Hell no!
    Mei – Ball is…

    Page 6
    Ball – Whatever happens…
    Ball – Your blood sisters face!!
    Ball – Don’t you dare forget it! Bastard!!!
    Ball – Darn
    Mei – kya
    Ball – The tie of siblings that you can’t see is the real power
    BB - !!
    Ball – Remember that!!

    Page 7
    Mei – Bal…
    Ball – What is it…
    Mei – Thank you…
    Ball – What are you doing! Loving already?! Are you trying to suffocate me!!
    Mei - …
    Mei – You to, because of your big head, I can’t open my eyes, you stupid Ball!!!
    Ball – Wha… What?!

    Page 8
    Cross – This will never end. From now on, I will handle it alone. Please go on ahead!
    Jio – But if you aren’t there, the direction
    Cross – It is okay, all you have to do
    Cross – is go straight down
    Jio – It is Michael completely awake. Can you handle it by yourself?
    Cross – Please hurry
    Jio - …
    Shoe – hit

    Page 9
    Jio – Stop sleeping and catch up quickly
    Cross – Of course
    Cross – Even though I said that,
    Cross – Like this, it might be
    Cross – a bit hard…

    Page 10

    Page 11
    Amaterasu – hoho
    Tiger – Garuru
    Amaterasu – What a nostalgic picture
    Amaterasu – I need to train the defense team more
    Ameterasu – You are the most talented, Moguru
    Moguru – Garuru

    Page 12
    Kirin – Return Ruby to us
    Amatersu – What are you talking about?
    Kirin – Stop acting retarded
    Point – light
    Point – stick
    Star – click

    Page 13
    Sword – beam

    Page 14
    Amaterasu – (death sound)
    Smoke – (seriously no idea what that sound it)
    Head – hit
    Moguru – Garuru
    Amidaba - ….
    Amidaba – Stop acting like you are dead

    Page 15
    Eye – roll
    Amaterasu – kuku…
    Amaterasu – You are supposed to be kind to the old
    Amidaba – I see, so the rumor of no death is true
    Kirin – I see. This explains why you, who has taken over Stea’s leadership
    Kirin – 1 generation ago, has been a bit too long in this world
    Amaterasu - …
    Kirin – Zekuto knew about your dangerous intentions

    Page 16
    Amaterasu – You are supposed to tell old people
    Amaterasu – To have a long life…
    Amaterasu – Brat!!!
    Amidaba – Her body!
    Amidaba – Into a machine

    Page 17

    Page 18

    Page 19
    GA – Did you really think you could beat me by turning into an angel, when I am fully awakened? So ugly
    GA – I need to finish it here quickly, and go after Satan
    Cross – You are judging by appearance as usual
    Cross – Those words, I will
    Cross – return them to you
    Cross – Metatoron
    Cross – Fully Awakened version, Activate
    GA - !!!

    Page 20
    Amaterasu – You should have used most of your strength in your fight with Dofura but,
    Amaterasu – You sure are good
    Amidaba – For Amaterasu Miki, the leader of Stea
    Amidaba – To throw away her body as well

    Page 21
    Amaterasu – Aside from my body, I already threw away my mind
    Amaterasu – kukuku
    Amaterasu – I gave up my soul for “that O-Part” that can gather all the data and memories
    Amaterasu – With that, I threw away my body and became the eternal being
    Kirin – Do you thing you became god with something like that?
    Kirin – Based on you seating a machine doll,
    Kirin – It seems that you want to show your existence
    Kirin – You confusing hag. What is it that you want?

    Page 22
    Amaterasu – Brats who can only see right in front of you
    Amaterasu – Me, who is borrowing the power of an O-Part. I am still an incomplete being. It is ahead of that…
    Amaterasu – Throw away the living things
    Amaterasu – A world wehre all memories are one
    Amaterasu – A world without wars or lies
    Amaterasu – This world was created by something
    Amaterasu – A world that is an information program
    Amaterasu – Water, people, trees, and stars are all gathering of information and memory
    Amaterasu – and…

    Page 23
    Amaterasu – The universe…
    Amaterasu – And it’s memory…
    Amaterasu – Humans will become part of the universe, and learn its truth
    Amaterasu – A world where you can find reality without depending on O-Parts
    Amaterasu – For that
    Fore head – light up
    Amaterasu – Kabalah is needed!!!

    Page 24
    Amaterasu – In these 4 years, we have gained the majority of the Angels of the Kabalah
    Amaterasu – The remaining Sephiloths are 1, 4, 5, and 10. Only 4
    Amaterasu – The time is close by
    Box (right) – Kabalah’s drawing
    Box (left) - *Except for No.1 and No.1, the pictures of the angels are in their full forms
    Angels (in order) – Metatoron, Raschelle, Zawakael, Sadokael, Samuel, Michael, Hamelle, Rafael, Gabriel, Sunderphon

    Page 25
    Amaterasu – Come brats, I will play with you for a hundred days
    Amaterasu – With this body that was made by O-Parts
    Kirin – Probably, even with my sword, it wouldn’t be possible to scratch him
    Amidaba – The O-Part she is using should be somewhere
    Amidaba – If we can find and strike it,
    Amidaba – Her body will fall apart

    Page 26
    Cross – Burn
    GA – To already be able to control
    GA – The fully awakened version!!
    GA – 36 feathers!
    GA – Columns of fire
    GA – That really is…

    Page 27
    GA – No.! Angel, the Crown,
    GA – Metatoron

    Page 28
    GA – Wow, so beautiful… I can’t believe it is from this world
    GA – Beautiful?
    GA – Beautiful!
    GA – You are?
    Cross - !
    GA – I have way more beautiful!!!
    GA – Disintegrate! Disintegrate!! Disintegrate!!!

    Page 29
    GA – Everything, disintegrate
    Cross – He is getting out of control
    Cross – To go crazy over your obsession with beauty.
    Cross – As I thought, you have a corrupted soul
    Cross – If this continues, rather than Jio and crew below,
    Cross – a crater will be created inside of the crater

    Page 30
    Cross – Thirty six hundred 5 thousand, burning eyes (Not sure wtf that is supposed to be. Literal translation here)

    Page 31
    Cross – Basera Shoot!!!

    Page 32
    GA – Beautiful!!!
    GA – I can’t disintegrate this light

    Page 33

    Page 34
    GA - I see… As I thought, real beauty is,
    GA – something that well cease to exist
    GA – When the reverse and true Kabalah meet
    GA – Hate and love becomes 0, and becomes 1
    GA – That road has been decided long ago
    GA – We angels will eventually become 1 within Kabalah
    Light – Flash
    Cross – To go to the South Pole where the normal Kabalah is…
    Face – Slide
    Cross – To willingly enter the Kabalah
    Cross – I…
    Cross – I won’t become a tool

    Page 35
    Cross – I will definitely…
    Cross – chose my own path

    Page 36
    Amaterasu – charge

    Page 37
    Kirin – Amidaba!!!
    Amidaba – darn…
    Amidaba – My strength....

    Page 38
    Amidaba - !!!
    Amaterasu - !
    Kirin – Jajamaru!! Jojomaru!! Zero!!!
    Kirin – They used the smell to fin us

    Page 39
    Moguru – Garuru
    Moguru – Guaaggh (scream of pain)
    Amaterasu – Damn! There animal friends have

    Page 40
    Jio – To hide down this deep
    Jio – Do you think yourself a princess!!
    Leg – thump

    Page 41
    Amaterasu – Ooooooooo
    Amaterasux3 (right to left) – Sa – ta – n
    Amaterasu – It is disgusting. The disgusting hatred
    Body - click
    Body - click
    Body - click
    Body - click
    Kirin – Jio!
    Jio – Hey, trash bastard
    Jio – Where is Ruby

    Page 42
    Amaterasu – smile
    Amaterasu – Are you talking about Cross?
    Amaterasu – I don’t know any other tools like that
    Jio – Tools…
    Amaterasu – Demons and Angels are nothing but tools created by humans
    Amaterasu – They just chose to name their weapons that way
    Amaterasu – Tools are tools. Nothing more and nothing less
    Amaterasu – Cross and that girl as well. Kuhahaha
    Amaterasu – You are a tool just like them
    Amaterasu – I will turn you to dust right away
    Jio – Pride huh
    Jio – Than I can’t use my O-Part

    Page 43
    Jio – For Cross and Ruby’s saks as well,
    Jio – With this hand I will
    Amaterasu – Absorb!!!
    Jio – Blow you away

    Page 44

    Page 45
    Kirin – Jio, he destroyed
    Kirin – Chitoniumu Miko’s body!!!
    Jio – I can’t calm down

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    Nice job my man, keep up the great work, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say we really appreiciate ur effort.

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    Thanks, man.


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