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    THANK UUU !The guys who are doing this job must have a contract with God,u are all going to heaven:P

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    Haven seen the quality but im sure it's wery good.

    THANX for the work, im starting to feel all eager over a satan release like i used to do over a naruto release.

    Thanx again!

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    doing your gf


    Quote Originally Posted by Arkana View Post
    THANK UUU !The guys who are doing this job must have a contract with God,u are all going to heaven:P
    Lol, that would be ironic, considering that the stuff we are working on has the word "Satan", and the letter "666" in its title. More like a 1 way ticket to hell. :P

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    wait a sec... what happened to 57 & 58....

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    check the 57&58 thread they haven't been scanned yet so no raws.

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    doing your gf


    Quote Originally Posted by LordMelkor View Post
    wait a sec... what happened to 57 & 58....

    Look at my last post there.

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    doing your gf

    Default Chapter 61 translation

    Super off topic: Could someone make me a 666 satan siggy, with Jio or Kujaku in it? Preferably Kujaku.

    Chapter 61

    Page 1
    Amaterasu – Whatever you do, the world will become one with me
    Amaterasu – The world is mine
    Jio – Really?
    Jio – I don’t think you will have such a nice seat

    Page 2
    Jio – Because I will
    Jio – Conquer the world
    Text (middle) – If you think about Jio, than conquering the world!! The newest volume, volume 15. Sold from October 21st!!
    Text (bottom left) – Chapter 61 Welcome home
    Text (bottom right) – Kishimoto Seishi

    Page 3
    Amaterasu – A regular toy should not say something like that
    Amaterasu – Eventually all will come together
    Amaterasu – I will give Ruby below us as a gift for coming so far
    Amaterasu – That is, if you can come to an agreement with Mishima down there
    Kirin – Where is it. The O-Part that has Miko’s soul sealed in it!!
    Kirin – If we don’t hit that, this is pointless
    Amaterasu – gigigi (laugh)
    Amaterasu – I was not here to begin with
    Amaterasu – My identity is somewhere worthy of God’s name
    Head – light up

    Page 4
    Amaterasu – Ah!
    Jio – This is what you are worth!
    Jio – Just die already!

    Page 5
    Jio – The stuff he was saying,
    Jio – What does it mean?
    Kirin – The one you beat to a pulp wasn’t Miko’s body
    Kirin – She has already sealed her soul in an O-Part
    Kirin – And thrown away her body
    Kirin – Even if you destroy the body,
    Kirin – If you can’t hit her soul, it is pointless
    Jio – she said something about being worthy of god’s name
    Amidaba – God’s name?
    Amidaba – God’s…
    Amidaba – God...
    Amidaba – God!!!
    Amidaba – Is it possible...
    Kirin – Did you figure something out, Amidaba!!!

    Page 6
    Amidaba – It is shin.
    Jio – Shin is…
    Jio – The giant ship Cross used to command right?
    Kirin – So, the place where Miko hid her self was,
    Kirin – Just as the name says, Shin. (shin means God)
    Kirin – Shin is Miko…
    Kirin – So she was controlling her body from there

    Page 7
    Amidaba – Since Shin was recently discovered by Stea,
    Amidaba – It’s effect is not well known yet
    Amidaba – But where is shin?
    Cross – Shin was taken over the vice-commander Barusa,
    Cross – And right now he is trying to use Shin’s power as a shield to build a nation

    Page 8
    Jio – Cross!!! Mei!!! I’m glad you are all aright
    Cross – Of course!
    Ball – For some reason, only my name is missing.
    Ball – What pisses me off, is I’m not sure if it is on purpose or not

    Page 9
    Jio – That is great
    Ball – Jio you bastard
    Cross – To tell the truth, I can’t get myself to like you
    Jio – Yeah, I’m used to that
    GA – That path has already been decided
    GA – Us recipe will eventually become 1 inside of Kaballah
    Cross – I won’t become a tool
    Cross – I will create my own path
    Cross – jio must have always felt like this
    Cross – And he also has to fight against Satan

    Page 10
    Jio – What happened Cross. Were you hit? You sure are out of it
    Cross – Oh! Nothing…
    Cross – It is nothing
    Jio – What a weird guy
    Jio – That remind me!!
    Ball – And now you are the weird one.
    Jio – Mei! What happened to Tsubame-san!?
    Jio – I see…

    Page 11
    Ball – Mei isn’t as weak of a girl as you think Jio
    Ball – Remember how I always get my ass kicked
    Mei – I… I might have just turned Jio-sama into my brother
    Mei – I was fooling the pain in my heart
    Mei – But I learned that my brother is my brother
    Mei – There is no replacement
    Mei – Even if I can’t see him…

    Page 12
    Mei – He is my only brother
    Ball – Mei…
    Jio – What happened while we were separate…?
    Kirin – Anyways, everyone
    Kirin – Good job on coming here
    Kirin – We will definitely

    Page 13
    Kirin – Save Ruby!!
    Jio – Right!!

    Page 14
    Jio or Ball – Wow, this is the under ground
    Cross – We can see it now
    Cross – It is here
    Jio – This is…

    Page 15
    Cross – It is a capsule built from Kaballah, that can’t be broken
    Jio – So, Ruby is inside here!!
    Jio – Ruby…
    Jio – What is that…

    Page 16
    Jio – This is Ruby!!?
    Ball – That is…
    Cross – Her soul left, and her body is looking for balance
    Cross – She is nearing an angel’s awakened form
    Cross – To have evolved this farm…

    Page 17
    Jio – What are we supposed to do?
    Cross – We have to return her soul to her body
    Cross – I am speechless
    Cross – Even for me, to be able to control Metaron’s full form by myself,
    Cross – Took a very long amount of time
    Jio – Can Ruby control the full form right now?
    Cross – that is…
    Amidaba – Shut up
    Amidaba – You idiot!!!

    Page 18
    Amidaba – Now that Ruby is in front of you, calm down
    Amidaba – If you are like that, nothing can be done
    Amidaba – Your ties should not be that weak
    Amidaba – Your ties should not be as weak as that
    Jio – Ruby’s soul is inside of me
    Jio – I am supposed to be the most calm here
    Jio – Like this, Ruby would laugh at me
    Jio – I’m sorry everyone…
    Ball – He is honest for a change

    Page 19
    Zero – Smell of human and machine
    Zero – Is it your friend, Kirin, Amidaba?
    Mishima – So you finally got here
    Kirin – You are!!
    Amidaba – That is right. I completely forgot about this guy
    Mishima – It is sad for me to be forgotton

    Page 20
    Mishima – For this Mishima Kagesuge to be forgotten
    Amidaba – Damn! At a time like this!!
    Amidaba – Watch out! He has become 1 with his O-Part
    Amidaba – He can attack without showing his spirit

    Page 21
    Mishima – Good
    Mishima – Position Shot

    Page 22
    Ball – What?
    Kirin – What!!
    Amidaba – What the…
    Ball – Did he miss on purpose!?

    Page 23
    Mishima – Hurry up and save
    Mishima – That recipe
    Ball – It might be a trap
    Amidaba – If he is serious, he wouldn’t do something that pointless
    Amidaba – Everything would be gone by now
    Amidaba – Mishima, what is the meaning of this?

    Page 24
    Mishima – I aimed for a world, where using Stea’s powers,
    Mishima – All of the land was united with no wars
    Mishima – I believed that the Kaballah was
    Mishima – Necessary
    Mishima – But I found out that both Kaballah,
    Mishima – And Zenom for tools for Miko’s plans
    Mishima – She is planning to take the reverse Kaballah, along with the real Kaballah
    Kirin – What Stea and Zenom are trying to do is pretty much the same
    Kirin – The ones to suffer are the people trying to live in peace

    Page 25
    Amidaba – Where is Miko heading next?
    Mishima – Stea is aiming for the reverse Kaballah right now
    Mishima – The next place Miko will appear
    Mishima – Is the Zenom base
    Jio – Zenom’s base…!
    Ball – If that gigantic Shin arrives, even an idiot will notice
    Mishima – Stop Miko
    Mishima – The only ones who can do that…

    Page 26
    Msihima – Are you guys
    Jio – Leave it to us

    Page 27
    Ball – Seems like we should hurry
    Cross – Jio
    Satan – Absorb
    Cross – Your left hand absorbed Ruby
    Cross – Insert your left hand in the capsule
    Cross – Now, please think strongly about Ruby
    Jio – Cross…

    Page 28
    Jio – The promise at that time, I’m trusting you with it
    Jio – If I turn into Satan, kill me off right away.
    Cross – I already said this before, but I even hate this weakling you
    Cross – but…
    Cross – The combo back than wasn’t all that bad
    Cross – I believe in you Jio (translator’s note: BELIEVE IT!)

    Page 29
    Jio – Okay
    Jio – I’m starting than
    Jio – Ruby

    Page 30

    Page 31
    Jio – At that time, Ruby went through this pain
    Jio – Now it is my turn

    Page 32
    Jio – That is…
    Jio – Ruby… Is it you?
    Ruby – That voice…
    Ruby – Ji…O…
    Ruby – Is it Jio!!!
    Jio – What… She can’t see me!?

    Page 33
    Ruby – Jio, why are you here!?
    Jio – I came here to save you, Ruby
    Ruby – You can’t. If I’m not stopping Satan down here,
    Ruby – Satan will take over your soul

    Page 34
    Jio – Ruby is same as I was back than. 1 way thinking
    Jio – Up until now, I tried to take everything on
    Jio – That is the same as sealing your heart
    Jio – When Ruby took on my suffering
    Jio – I thought that I needed to take on my pain…
    Jio – I thought I could not relax
    Jio – But that isn’t real
    Jio – Because they help with each other’s pains,
    Jio – We are called friends

    Page 35
    Satan – kukuku… I did not expect this

    Page 36

    Page 37
    Satan – For you to come here willingly
    Satan – You are alone. You can’t do anything
    Ruby – Jio

    Page 38
    Ball – Don’t lose to Satan, idiot Jio!!!

    Page 39
    Satan – I haven’t had this body for 4 years
    Mei – That is… Jio-sama…

    Page 40
    Jio – That is why, I can take on
    Jio – Ruby’s and everyone’s pain
    Jio – It isn’t a 1 way process
    Jio – If both truly think that way,
    Jio – A new strength that can’t be seen is born
    Jio – That is called opening up…

    Page 41
    Jio – It means you aren’t alone…
    Jio – Ruby
    Ruby – Jio!

    Page 42
    Satan – What is this feeling
    Satan – Many different people are coming inside
    Satan – What the!!! This program is
    Satan – Impossible

    Page 43
    Mei – Look!
    Mei – Jio-sama returned
    Kirin – Ruby’s soul returned too
    Kirin – Look, that body is

    Page 44
    Ball – cry

    Page 45
    Amidaba – They were long 4 years
    Mei – That is Ruby-san
    Mei – So beautiful. Truly an angel. (translators note: How come it isn’t “get the fuck away from my bf”?)
    Jio – Welcome home

    Page 46
    Ruby – Tadaima (Japanese statement people say when arriving home. Used instead of “I’m home”, but that does not seem to fit with context. Oh, and that lucky bastard Jio.)

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    ahhh sweetness this is amazing thx for the hard work

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    どうもありがとう。 I speak some japanese and tried translating it and I only really understood half of it.


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