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    Talking zenom and ruby connection

    ok dont yell at me if u already kno this but..

    i was thinking really deep into what the 2 old men were talking about when i was high so i might be wrong. but when there were talking about cross and how they made duplicates of the girl who is the trigger for angles for the khabala and that one of the researchers stole the girl and has never been heard of again. i thought couldnt ruby be the the original key and that the zenom leader is her "father that she is looking for" because no one really ever found her "father" dead or alive. it just seems to be peiced together. if im wrong its ok.

    the rants or a stoner

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    Ruby is not the key.She has the number 10 angel inside of her.The pendant she wears is the key.(now jio has it)

    well maybe Zenom's leader is really her "father".we will see.

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    indisposed, stalking adopted father's uncle's son's daughter.....


    well....tht has been made obvious, unless seishi like's to draw all his bad guysa with the same face.
    zenom leader is zekuto.
    i thought the key had to be turned into a human?
    and wat rubbish is this...stea lost the 1st they made a second , so tht cross does not remain a genseki. then they lost the second because satan blew her up. if they made a second why not a third?

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    ok if u read like chapter 52 it tells u everything

    stea leader talks this what she says
    -cross sister lily was just a copy of the key to his angel
    -satan kills lily
    -in past there was a trader who took the real solomon key and gensiki girl
    -his name Red Wing Zekuto Cresent ( picture of him )
    -acted like a father to the girl (hence Ruby Cresent )

    we later see at the end of chapter 53
    -the leader of zenom ( picture of him )
    and what do u no its the same guy

    then later in chapter 62 (spoiler)
    -that when the rescue ruby she has the angel power
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    hope that helps

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    It was never supposed to be questionable anyway. Zekuto IS Zenom's leader. It's not a spoiler because Seishi wanted everyone to see that.

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    yea i think chapter 63 definitely confirmed it. Amidaba said that ruby would have hard feelings from now on. and the next frame showed zenom's leader. then ruby was on the roof talking about her dad with jio. it seemed like this was the theme of the chapter.




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