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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiro-kun View Post
    Congrats, your first post was a flame! Everybody here has the right to express their opinion. If you like Mei fine give your reasons just as you did now(with more polite language of course) but don't condemn others for expressing their opinion. Nobody here said Mei is an absolute shitty character(except maybe the guy who started the thread) and if you don't read(the same way you don't post), the people above have posted good things about her as well. In short, read before you post shit.
    what if my first post is a flaming?
    i dont really post in here anyway....

    and i did read most to all comments.....and i only saw a few people who didin't hate her completly...

    yes they can express their opinion, but i havnt seen anyone of them defend their reasons....same as, i hate this person...and you ask why?
    well i just do, end of story....
    thats what i am feeling when i see their post, i dont see a real responsible(sp?) reason.....
    so thats annoying me, if that hate her and say it, they should also state a good reason for hating her. not just come like

    ''YEah i also hate her, i just wanna shot/kill/tear/and what ever they will say''

    so around that much.....

    *edit* please be mindful of what you say, and try not to curse in this forum. A warning from the 666Satan mod.

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    (( Whoops, I should have really read that the whole way through. ))

    It's true that some people (Real or fictional) are going to urk the hell out of you. The little things really; so I guess I agree with all of you. But yeah, I agree. Refrain from the retarded embolishments.
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    Yeah, Mei kinda gets on my nerves for some reason...she's just seems winny, clingy, and ignorant for following Jio. She's reminds me of the type of girls that always follow the hero around and then end up getting in their way because of their stupidity and foolish acts. I like Ruby more because she seems more independent and not so useless.
    Practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect. So what's the point in practicing?

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    I only just got up to chapter 56 and Mei is the first character I dislike. As many people have said, she's just way too annoying and clingy. "This O-Part was given to Jio Sama. Noone else can touch it", urgh, just let it go.

    But of course, she's only a fictional character and it doesn't bother me that much. She just seems to be tarnishing a manga full of cool characters.
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    dude, you guys... mei is awesome. She's so funny all the time and her face is cuter than Ruby's >_>

    plus, fastest character development ever! (with the whole her brother dying and Ball thing) Maybe because seishi received complaints about her he tweaked her character a little? But yeah, I posted this in the other thread, but right now she's my favorite female :3


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