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    Chapter 51

    Page 1
    Chapter 51 Light and dark

    Page 2
    Glass – bang bang
    Rock – We finally arrived. We are right in front of the Reverse Kabara. Time to insert Beruzebubu
    Girl – Wow, it is cold outside of the glass

    Page 3
    Kabara – heart beat
    Kabara – heart beat
    Kabara – heart beat
    Rock - ?
    Rock – This is bad Franken!!
    Rock – Spit out Beruzebubu. Otherwise you will be swallowed as well!!!

    Page 4
    Icarosu - ?!
    Rock – cut, cut
    Rock – Damn.
    Girl – What happened, Mr. Rock!!!
    Rock – Nothing. It is nothing

    Page 5
    Hands – hit
    Hands - push
    Hands - push
    Mask – The special hands are going towards Kujyaku… As I thought, Kujyaku is…
    Mask – A demon from the reverse Kabara
    Hand – open eyes
    Mask – The reverse Karasa wants to eat him
    Mask – That sephirot number is…
    Mask – That is!

    Page 6
    Mask – One of the 4 lords of Zenom, Kujyaku is…
    Mask – Devil number 8
    Mask - *title of number 8 demon*
    Rock – Kujyaku, you are

    Page 7
    Ikarosu – Wait, stop. I am the lord of the sky
    Ikarosu – I was supposed to use Kabara’s power by myself
    Ikarosu – I don’t want to become a part of it
    Ikarosu – I won’t be used by OPTs.
    Ikarosu – I am…
    Box – Number 2. *title of number 2 demon*. Insertion complete
    Mask - !
    Hand – pull

    Page 8
    Kabara – heart beat
    Kabara – heart beat
    Girl – It seems like it calmed down
    Girl – That is good
    Mask – It seems that with Rukifugusu in it, the reverse Kabara has become stronger. Now that Berusebubu is inside as well, thinking about safety,
    Mask – We need to have Kujyaku-sama stay away from the Kabara

    Page 9
    RB people – Uwaa (scream)
    Amidaba – Darn
    Jyajyamaru – smell smell
    Jyajyamaru – slip
    Amidaba – Hey! Jyajyamarru! Where are you going, come back!!

    Page 10
    Shin worker – Keeping the standard distance from the target, we are 200 meters away.
    Shit head – good
    Shit head – Once the preparations for Shin’s Zoru are complete,
    Shit head – Begin the bombardment
    Shin worker – what?
    Shin worker – But the commander is still in that city

    Page 11
    Shit head – That is why right now I am the top commander of shin. From here on, we will be going with the orders of adults instead of those of children
    Shit head – There is a red button in that city
    Shit head – If something were to happen we would be in danger as well
    Shit head – you still don’t want to die right?
    Shin worker – That is…
    Shit head – There is no need to be ashamed
    Shit head – We are already prepared to attack the location but
    Shit head – The use of Zoru is only
    Shit head – As a support attack… Am I correct?

    Page 12-13 (double page)
    Satan – You are going to kill me… kukuku
    Satan – Jio, who became your friend doesn’t remember anything that I have done. Can you still erase this body?
    Cross – I can no longer be stopped.
    Cross – Just like what you did to Lilly,
    Cross – I will erase that body without a single remain

    Page 14
    Cross – For that sake, I…
    Cross – I have…
    Cross – Die Satan!!!

    Page 15
    Tail - shove

    Page 16
    Cross – Wind!
    Cross – Wind!
    Cross – Fast O-Part

    Page 17
    Cross – Electrified Water
    Cross – Take this

    Page 18
    Cross – Thunder Dragon

    Page 19
    Satan – stare

    Page 20
    TD – bang
    Cross – Damn, Thunder Dragon lost!!

    Page 21
    Ruby – Cross, please stop. Jio will definitely regain himself
    Cross – Shut up!!!
    Cross – Lilly will…
    Cross – Never be able to smile again

    Page 22
    Kid – You are from the siblings that were thrown away by your parents right? My mom had told me.
    Kid2 – They are poor and can’t even eat food. That is why they were looking at us. (bragging words.)
    Cross – Where did you get that Lilly?
    Cross – Lilly, don’t lie. That is something that you have stolen!
    Cross – Am I right?
    Lilly – I just,
    Lilly – Because I’m always commanding brother so,
    Lilly – So, I don’t want brother to disappear as well.
    Cross – I won’t disappear
    Cross – Even in a hard day to day life, she still smiled
    Cross – Because she was proud
    Cross – But why?
    Cross – Why was Lilly…
    Cross – Why did it have to be Lilly!!
    Cross – Satan, what the hell is your goal!! Answer me!!!

    Page 23
    Satan – You are just a special Genseki…
    Cross – Genseki…?
    Satan – you have a special strength sleeping in you… The reason your sister was killed is that…
    Satan – You were a Genseki that could put your eyes on me, Cross Biankiina
    Cross – A special strength within me?
    Satan – When hatred’s strength had fallen to darkness, an even more powerful hatred is born
    Satan – That strength is stronger than any hatred, and a strength of darkness

    Page 24
    Satan - That is you, and will become my strength
    Satan – That is because you are…
    Cross – laugh
    Cross – Whatever the reason is,
    Cross – Whomever I am, no longer matters
    Cross – At that time, when Lilly died, I died as well
    Cross – The reason I am alive right now,
    Cross – Is just to kill you!!!

    Page 25
    Cross – Eath
    Ruby – scream

    Page 26
    Cross – damn
    Satan – Rather than your friends or your life, revenge
    Satan – Revenge and hate that has overcome death
    Satan – This way it is impossible for you to wake up
    Satan – Good… You are growing very well

    Page 27
    Rock – hit
    Rock – hit
    Satan – The rings on the right hand seem to be the O-parts
    Cross – crack
    Cross - !!
    Ring – crack

    Page 28
    Shin worker – Zoru, charging has began

    Page 29
    Shit head – Go to full power
    Shit head – Aim for the red button at the top of Rock Bird
    Shin worker – Full power…
    Shin worker – Shin’s effect… Zoru is a laser that absorbs life energy. If that is at full power, we might be effected as well.

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    Page 31 (Page 127)
    Satan – of couse, he is using the effect of the barrier, barely make it from my eye attack.
    Cross (smile / laugh)
    Ruby – Cross-san … so strong! (but his spirit seems like…)
    Satan – eyes become sharp, it’s almost there… then the hatred will be filling up all the space.
    your heard will be tainted.
    Cross – don’t say anything, Satan. (release all the OPTs)
    Cross – you will be killed under this attack.

    Page 32
    Cross – [five to be one] Go Die! (x 3)

    Page 33
    Satan – hohoho… no matter what kind of attack it is,
    if it’s full of hatred, that will only make me stronger.
    Satan – Come!
    I’ll absorb you with your body, becomes my energy!
    Ruby – you’ll both die, don’t fight any more!! <ah>
    Ruby – wu… don’t fight any more…
    Ruby – don’t fight any more------

    Page 34 (Page 130)
    Satan – WHAT!!?
    Ruby – mmm!
    Cross – Lily!!

    Page 35
    Lily [brother…]
    [you cannot attack him with a heart filled with hatred, or you’ll be absorbed by him]
    [using light against every devil, you can win darkness for sure.]
    Cross [Light of heart?]
    Lily [yes… that’s it brother…]
    Lily [that heart… brother can do it for sure… because brother is Lily’s… is everyone’s…]

    Page 36 (page 132)
    Lily [the comrade of righteousness!!]
    Cross – thanks Lily…
    (some water dropping sounds)

    Page 37 (Page 133)
    Ruby – what’s that? Those light gather together… surrounding Cross-san!!
    Satan – that is!!

    Page 38
    Cross — [the ring of angle!!!] Lily!

    Page 39
    Satan – [the toughest angle is awaken unexpectedly!!]
    [what!!? He shouldn’t have the ability to awake the gene of angle!!]
    [that time, I already killed his sister—the Solomon key of Kabbalah!!]
    [the darkness that I planted becomes Light!!
    then I cannot absorb him any more!!]
    Cross – Go Die!!

    Page 40 - 41
    Satan – Damn! The formula of Light gives him brightness!!
    Satan – what!? His rings!?

    Page 42
    Cross – WIND!! Dancing of wind!!
    GROUND!! Anger of Ground!!
    BOMB!! Storm of Bomb!!
    Force field!! Death Domain!!
    Electric Water!! Electric water Dragon!!

    Page 43 (Page 139)
    Cross [5 hit combo Lily-Piangina!!!] (dunno what that is… could be her last name)
    Ruby – ah!!

    Page 44
    Ruby – Jio!!
    Satan – Light is blocking my wounds… I can’t regenerate…

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    Please double check my stuff!!
    I dun want any of my stupid mistakes viewing by 1000s of ppl again
    so embarrassing T.T

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    doing your gf


    Thanks for the translation.
    Now we have finally caught up to chapter 56.
    Yay, we are only 6 chapters behind the actual manga. (pretty good considering we used to be 20+ chapters behind, and people claimed it would take 1 year to catch up.)

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    page 29 : effected = affected.
    pages 38 & 39: angle = angel.

    great job leexavier, you translated the chapter everyone needed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disastorm View Post
    page 29 : effected = affected.
    pages 38 & 39: angle = angel.

    great job leexavier, you translated the chapter everyone needed!
    naah, "effect" is the correct use in there.

    btw yes it is a great job.

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    many typo aye?
    thx for correcting them

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    Quote Originally Posted by barlasayaz View Post
    naah, "effect" is the correct use in there.

    btw yes it is a great job.
    no you are wrong. "affected" is the right word. "effected" is not correct. I am 100% positive.

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    as i said it's typo
    "effect" = noun
    "affect" = verb

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    I was wondering.. if we have the translation of Chap 51, how come it's not up yet?

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    um the translation is up there
    i think u meant scanlations and yes its out go to mangahelpers


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