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    Default a few translations

    Chapter 50

    Page 1
    Chapter 50 1 hit

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4
    RB dude - *scream*
    RB dude2 - *scream*
    Ruby – *scream* Jio!!
    Ikarosu – Look at my power. As I said I can only believe in myself.
    Ikarosu – Now that I am in my real body, there is no way that you could beat me without drawing out Satan’s true strength
    Jio – You would be correct…
    Jio – If I were alone!!
    Ikarosu – Stop acting tough brat
    Ikarosu – I am completely overwhelming you
    Jio – But right now I am

    Page 5
    Jio – I will go to Ikarosu no matter what
    Ball – Make sure to definitely save Ruby
    Ball – You can do that better than anyone. For Ruby’s sake
    Ruby – I’m… Fine…
    Ruby – I can laugh and get over this

    Page 6
    Jio – I am not alone
    Jio – Ikarosu, this 1 hit is far heavier than yours
    Ikarosu – Idiot, disappear!!
    Jio/Ikarosu – Uoooo (random scream and acting tough)
    Jio – Everyone’s feelings are in this!!!

    Page 7
    Ikarosu – This is not possible. I’m being pushed back!!
    Jio – Uooo (random screaming and acting tough)
    Ikarosu – His Satan consciousness should be asleep!! Where is this power coming from!!
    Ikarosu – That, that is!! 12 wings
    Ikarosu – My body won’t move

    Page 8
    Ikarosu – Hiii (again, a type of scream)
    Ikarosu – Ujiiiaaa (damn, way too many different screaming sounds)
    Ikarosu – My body has
    Ikarosu – This body that is a complete form of Kabara’s devils, is falling apart
    Ikarosu – My body is
    Ikarosu – My body is… I can’t…
    Ikarosu – Re…Ge…Ne…Rate
    RB dude – The monster disappeared…
    RB dude 2 – Thank god
    Hag – What happened
    Hag – What are you going to do if my skin gets scratched

    Page 9
    Bally – Is it possible that Jio beat Ikarosu…
    Kirin – It seems like he did it
    Anna – I believed in you
    Anna – Jio!
    Anna – What?
    The stones got a crack in them, and formed into rings!! This is…
    ? – It is over. For Ikarosu and this city as well…
    ? – A wing made from lies will eventually fall apart
    Ball – But that means if we don’t leave quickly, we will be doomed!!
    Anna – But Jio and Ruby are still
    Ball – They will be fine. They have gotten out of tighter situations before
    Ball – Probably this time as well
    Ball – I believe in him more than you do Anna
    Anna – You sure talk a lot
    ? – Well, lets go!!
    Ball – OK
    ? – OK

    Page 10
    Ikarosu – I beg of you…
    Ikarosu - Please… Help me…
    Ikarosu – I am the same as you. A chosen…
    Ikarosu – Member of Kabara. We are nakama? (note: Nakama can refer to someone of the same group, or a friend)
    Jio – Chosen people and things like that don’t matter…
    Jio – A guy who only believes in himself can’t understand what nakama are
    Ikarosu – Please believe me. We are nakama right?
    Ikarosu – I don’t want to fall to the ground
    Ikarosu – What?
    Rock – That isn’t where you are going to fall…

    Page 11
    Rock – Its inside the reverse Kabara, Beruzebubu (realized, it is the name of the second demon)
    Girl – Nice catch, Mr. Franken
    Jio – What are they? When did they?
    Rock – We sure have a lot of problems
    Jio – What are you
    Rock – We may eventually
    Rock - meet again…
    Jio – They disappeared…

    Page 12
    Jio – pant
    Jio – pant
    Jio – everyone… I…
    Jio – In the end I might involve everyone,
    Jio – And make them sad
    Ruby – Jio
    Ruby – Don’t suffer alone
    Ruby – When Jio is suffering, I want to suffer along with him. Because, for me Jio is…
    Satan – Than…

    Page 13
    Satan – I will make you suffer
    Ruby – Jio
    RB – After that monster disappeared, the city started falling
    RB 2 – Help up Lord Ikarosu
    RB crowd – What is that?
    RB crowd – That monster still hasn’t disappeared

    Page 14
    Shin worker – We have arrived at our destination, Rock Bird
    Shit Head – That small thing is Rock Bird. It looks as if it is about to fall apart
    Shin worker – After the large body on the censor disappeared,
    Shin worker – Out of the 2 red dots, 1 dissapeared as well
    Cross – 1… disappeared?
    Cross – But… I can still feel it…
    Cross – Exactly where is the red dot?
    Shin worker – Towards the top of Rock Bird

    Page 15
    Cross – Satan is in front of my eyes
    Cross – I will be going out. Please open the entrance.
    Shit Head – It is much more dangerous than the normal single person work. It is a red dot. You don’t know what might happen
    Cross – I know
    Shit Head – Well, if something happens, we will use Shin as a support
    Cross – There is no need for that
    Cross – I will take care of Satan…
    Cross – By myself!
    Ruby – Jio…
    Ruby – That is!!

    Page 16
    Ruby – pendant
    Satan – Ruby, you made Jio’s heart big,
    Satan - and were pushing me deep down
    Ruby – Satan
    Amidaba – I used the power of foresight
    Amidaba – Ruby’s someone near you is going to be put to a long sleep
    Ruby – At that time, she was talking about Satan
    Satan – But Jio made a promise with me, and kept using this left hand
    Satan – I am the owner of the 666. The more you use it, the stronger my consciousness becomes, and Jio’s disappears.
    Satan – He had already went past the limit
    Satan – That pendant caused a lot of problems though
    Satan – Still, Jio’s return
    Satan – Won’t happen

    Page 17
    Ruby – a lie
    Ruby – That is a lie!!!
    Satan – It is your fault Ruby
    Satan – In order to protect you, Jio
    Satan – Used his left hand!
    Satan – It is impossible for you to understand Jio’s pain
    Satan – He is alone, he is destined to be alone
    Satan – Ruby, eventually you turned out as an existed in Jio’s way
    Satan – And…

    Page 18
    Satan – For your…
    Satan – Father as well…
    Satan – Did you really think that a real father would
    Satan – Leave his daughter behind and set out to travel?
    Satan – Why don’t you respond
    Ruby – stop
    Satan – Deep within your soul, about your father you feel…
    Ruby – Stop!!!

    Page 19
    Satan – That is a beautiful hatred. You had a very good growth
    Ruby – Cross!!
    Ruby – Why are you here?!!
    Cross – So, it was you. Jio Freed
    Satan – For the sake of accuracy,
    Satan – We last met
    Satan – When I killed your sister

    Page 20
    Cross – Excuse me
    Cross – It is that kid
    Jio – I’m sorry. Thank you for letting me sleep here.
    Jio – What? So you guys as well?
    Cross –Seems like we might be able to
    Cross – to become nice friends
    Jio – Oh, yeah I have to go
    Cross – Already?
    Cross – Well than, lets get strong together
    Cross – We might be able to meet again
    Jio – It is a nice weather today
    Jio – Damn
    Satan – I found it…
    Lilly – Wow, what a beautiful flower
    Cross – Lilly, I’m going ahead
    Cross – Lets go home
    Cross – Now that I think about it, I said it would be nice to meet again,
    Cross – But I forgot to ask his name…
    Jio – Yes, thank you
    Lilly – Wait up big brother
    Cross – Oh, well
    Cross – If you don’t hurry I’m leaving you behind

    Page 21
    Lilly – Big brother, this!!
    Satan – I found you,
    Satan – the strongest Genseki
    Satan – selfish, hate, revenge
    Satan – I will give it to you

    Page 22
    Lilly – Right now, mom and dad aren’t here, but I’m happy as long as you are here big brother. This is a symbol of our friendship.
    Cross – This is the ones you kept as your treasure… Are you sure its okay
    Lilly – Its okay since big brother
    Lilly – Protects what I believe is right

    Page 23
    Cross – It is time to end this
    Cross – Die Satan!!

    Chapter 51

    Page 1
    Chapter 51 Light and dark

    Page 2
    Glass – bang bang
    Rock – We finally arrived. We are right in front of the Reverse Kabara. Time to insert Beruzebubu
    Girl – Wow, it is cold outside of the glass

    Page 3
    Kabara – heart beat
    Kabara – heart beat
    Kabara – heart beat
    Rock - ?
    Rock – This is bad Franken!!
    Rock – Spit out Beruzebubu. Otherwise you will be swallowed as well!!!

    Page 4
    Icarosu - ?!
    Rock – cut, cut
    Rock – Damn.
    Girl – What happened, Mr. Rock!!!
    Rock – Nothing. It is nothing

    Page 5
    Hands – hit
    Hands - push
    Hands - push
    Mask – The special hands are going towards Kujyaku… As I thought, Kujyaku is…
    Mask – A demon from the reverse Kabara
    Hand – open eyes
    Mask – The reverse Karasa wants to eat him
    Mask – That sephirot number is…
    Mask – That is!

    Page 6
    Mask – One of the 4 lords of Zenom, Kujyaku is…
    Mask – Devil number 8
    Mask - *title of number 8 demon*
    Rock – Kujyaku, you are

    Page 7
    Ikarosu – Wait, stop. I am the lord of the sky
    Ikarosu – I was supposed to use Kabara’s power by myself
    Ikarosu – I don’t want to become a part of it
    Ikarosu – I won’t be used by OPTs.
    Ikarosu – I am…
    Box – Number 2. *title of number 2 demon*. Insertion complete
    Mask - !
    Hand – pull

    Page 8
    Kabara – heart beat
    Kabara – heart beat
    Girl – It seems like it calmed down
    Girl – That is good
    Mask – It seems that with Rukifugusu in it, the reverse Kabara has become stronger. Now that Berusebubu is inside as well, thinking about safety,
    Mask – We need to have Kujyaku-sama stay away from the Kabara

    Page 9
    RB people – Uwaa (scream)
    Amidaba – Darn
    Jyajyamaru – smell smell
    Jyajyamaru – slip
    Amidaba – Hey! Jyajyamarru! Where are you going, come back!!

    Page 10
    Shin worker – Keeping the standard distance from the target, we are 200 meters away.
    Shit head – good
    Shit head – Once the preparations for Shin’s Zoru are complete,
    Shit head – Begin the bombardment
    Shin worker – what?
    Shin worker – But the commander is still in that city

    Page 11
    Shit head – That is why right now I am the top commander of shin. From here on, we will be going with the orders of adults instead of those of children
    Shit head – There is a red button in that city
    Shit head – If something were to happen we would be in danger as well
    Shit head – you still don’t want to die right?
    Shin worker – That is…
    Shit head – There is no need to be ashamed
    Shit head – We are already prepared to attack the location but
    Shit head – The use of Zoru is only
    Shit head – As a support attack… Am I correct?

    Page 12-13 (double page)
    Satan – You are going to kill me… kukuku
    Satan – Jio, who became your friend doesn’t remember anything that I have done. Can you still erase this body?
    Cross – I can no longer be stopped.
    Cross – Just like what you did to Lilly,
    Cross – I will erase that body without a single remain

    Page 14
    Cross – For that sake, I…
    Cross – I have…
    Cross – Die Satan!!!

    Page 15
    Tail - shove

    Page 16
    Cross – Wind!
    Cross – Wind!
    Cross – Fast O-Part

    Page 17
    Cross – Electrified Water
    Cross – Take this

    Page 18
    Cross – Thunder Dragon

    Page 19
    Satan – stare

    Page 20
    TD – bang
    Cross – Damn, Thunder Dragon lost!!

    Page 21
    Ruby – Cross, please stop. Jio will definitely regain himself
    Cross – Shut up!!!
    Cross – Lilly will…
    Cross – Never be able to smile again

    Page 22
    Kid – You are from the siblings that were thrown away by your parents right? My mom had told me.
    Kid2 – They are poor and can’t even eat food. That is why they were looking at us. (bragging words.)
    Cross – Where did you get that Lilly?
    Cross – Lilly, don’t lie. That is something that you have stolen!
    Cross – Am I right?
    Lilly – I just,
    Lilly – Because I’m always commanding brother so,
    Lilly – So, I don’t want brother to disappear as well.
    Cross – I won’t disappear
    Cross – Even in a hard day to day life, she still smiled
    Cross – Because she was proud
    Cross – But why?
    Cross – Why was Lilly…
    Cross – Why did it have to be Lilly!!
    Cross – Satan, what the hell is your goal!! Answer me!!!

    Page 23
    Satan – You are just a special Genseki…
    Cross – Genseki…?
    Satan – you have a special strength sleeping in you… The reason your sister was killed is that…
    Satan – You were a Genseki that could put your eyes on me, Cross Biankiina
    Cross – A special strength within me?
    Satan – When hatred’s strength had fallen to darkness, an even more powerful hatred is born
    Satan – That strength is stronger than any hatred, and a strength of darkness

    Page 24
    Satan - That is you, and will become my strength
    Satan – That is because you are…
    Cross – laugh
    Cross – Whatever the reason is,
    Cross – Whomever I am, no longer matters
    Cross – At that time, when Lilly died, I died as well
    Cross – The reason I am alive right now,
    Cross – Is just to kill you!!!

    Page 25
    Cross – Eath
    Ruby – scream

    Page 26
    Cross – damn
    Satan – Rather than your friends or your life, revenge
    Satan – Revenge and hate that has overcome death
    Satan – This way it is impossible for you to wake up
    Satan – Good… You are growing very well

    Page 27
    Rock – hit
    Rock – hit
    Satan – The rings on the right hand seem to be the O-parts
    Cross – crack
    Cross - !!
    Ring – crack

    Page 28
    Shin worker – Zoru, charging has began

    Page 29
    Shit head – Go to full power
    Shit head – Aim for the red button at the top of Rock Bird
    Shin worker – Full power…
    Shin worker – Shin’s effect… Zoru is a laser that absorbs life energy. If that is at full power, we might be effected as well.
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    Chapter 52

    Page 1
    Chapter 52
    Key of Solomon

    Page 2
    Shin worker – vice-leader!! Another red button appeared
    Shin worker – At the top of Rock Bird
    Shin worker - …
    Shin worker – That light… What is occurring up there…
    Shit head – Don’t tell me! That Cross brat!!

    Page 3
    Shit head – No, it is possible we are talking about that old woman after all… She is probably hiding something about Cross as well
    Shit head – Stea’s leader, the legendary Amaterasu Miko. Is this also within your calculations…?
    Shin worker – Vice-leader!!
    Shin worker – 85% done with charging Zoru
    Shin worker – If we lock on to the target, we can attack the moment it reaches 100%!!!
    Shit head – Don’t think that a country that doesn’t know reality will keep on going forever
    Shit head – Mishima and Cross, I have been following your orders to gain command of the SS-rank O-Part, Shin

    Page 4
    Shin worker – Lock-on complete
    Shin worker – Zoru, fully charged
    Shit head – If I have this much power, I can take over a whole country with shin, and take the Kabara from Stea
    Shit head – I will rule the world

    Page 5
    Box – Stea main base
    Mishima – The copy of Michael that entered Rock Bird was destroyed
    Mishima – The reason of this plan’s failure was,
    Mishima – because of a lack of command being passed down
    Dofuu – That plan, if I had been commanding it, such a thing would not have happened
    Dofuu – As I thought, Mishima, a brat like you can’t live up to our expectations

    Page 6
    Dofuu – Are you prepared to die?
    Box – Sanbou Jouji (name) Dofuu of Cuts (nick name)
    Amaterasu – As I thought, Michael’s copy wasn’t enough… Sanbou, don’t hurry that much
    Box – Stea leader, the legendary Amaterasu Miko
    Amaterasu – We only need Mishima’s life if the other plan fails
    Dofuu – Other plan?...
    Amaterasu – Finally, what we had been hiding for long,
    Mirror thing – Paaa (sound of glow)
    Amaterasu – The Genseki has turned into an angle.

    Page 7

    Page 8

    Page 9
    Ruby – Cross is…
    Ruby – An angel?

    Page 10
    Dofuu – Hidden for long…?
    Dofuu – Don’t tell me that boy,
    Dofuu – The commander of Shin, Cross Biankiina is!!
    Dofuu – In reality, how many recipes do we Stea have under our command?
    Amaterasu – No matter how much we may have the recipe’s Genseki under our control, if it hasn’t evolved,
    Amaterasu – it won’t go in the sephirhot
    Dofuu – That, how do we make the Genseki evolve?
    Mishima – That is why we put that near the Genseki
    Dofuu – Not only the leader, but Mishima knows of it as well…!

    Page 11
    Dofuu – So what is it!!
    Dofuu – What is that!!
    Mishima – that is…
    Amaterasu – Solomon’s key

    Page 12
    Satan – Why is it!!?
    Satan – There is no way for you who is right now a Genseki to evolve into an agel!!!
    Satan – At that time, I had already destroyed
    Satan – Lilly, the Solomon’s key!!!
    Cross – Lilly is… Solomon’s key…?
    Cross – What is that!!?
    Cross – What does that mean!!
    Cross – Are you saying that is the real reason why you killed Lilly!!!

    Page 13
    Satan – Yes. The key that turns a Genseki into a recipe that is Solomon’s key.
    Satan – That was your sister, Lilly
    In ( ) – Evolve
    Below Cross – Cross, Genseki
    Below Lilly – Lilly, Solomon’s key
    Below arrow – Necessary
    Below Cross angel – Cross, angle
    Satan – If Lilly does not exist, there is no way for you who is a Genseki to evolve into an angel…
    Satan – And I was planning on taking you to this side.
    Satan – Since I can’t absorb you once you are an angel. If you don’t want to believe me, that is your choice
    Cross – If that is true that Lilly… We siblings, what in the world are we!
    Cross – Is this just a coincidence?!...

    Page 14
    Amaterasu – 13 years ago, within Kabara’s territory, we found Metaron, the number 1 angel
    Amaterasu – But along with the number 10 angel, Thunderfun that we had found,
    Amaterasu – He had taken on the form of a human, and he was an un-evolved Genseki
    Amaterasu – We called the boy that was already 2 at the time, Cross

    Page 15
    Amaterasu – At that time, in order for Cross to evolve, we made him have a parent like feeling,
    Amaterasu – By using the Genseki of the number 10 angel, Thunderfun, and Solomon’s key, and we made a copy that we called Lilly.
    Amaterasu – We put it by Cross so that he would have warm feelings
    Amaterasu – And we had him live in a small village
    Amaterasu – 2 of Stea’s people acted as parents,
    Amaterasu – And perfected the 2 over a few years

    Page 16
    Amaterasu – But because Cross would not evolve,
    Amaterasu – so we pulled out the 2 that were acting as parents
    Amaterasu – To make Cross and Lilly be all by themselves
    Amaterasu – And than that even occurred…
    Amaterasu – And the key’s copy was killed
    Mishima – Dragon’s Eye even…!!
    Amaterasu – That is why we took Cross, who was alone,
    Amaterasu – and put him as the commander of the attack team Shin, even though he was but a kid

    Page 17
    Amaterasu – For that kid, reality is too sad. At least, there are only a few things he doesn’t know
    Amaterasu – But starting now that he became an angel, this time we will have him worker for the sake of Stea
    Dofuu – Than why is it that when Lilly, the copy of Solomon’s key is gone, he could evolve into an angel?
    Amaterasu – Eventually they might end up meeting…
    Amaterasu – In the past, when we made Lilly, there was a traitor
    Amaterasu – Who took the original Solomon’s key, and the Genseki girl from Stea
    Dofuu – Who was that?
    Amaterasu – His name is…

    Page 18
    Amaterasu – Originally leader of Stea attack group, number 1 attack team,
    Amaterasu – Red wind, Zekuto Crescent

    Page 19
    Dofuu – That red wind!!...
    Dofuu – Unbelievable… I heard he had disappeared, but to do such a thing…
    Dofuu – I know that he held back on information on the Dust Strom ruins
    Amaterasu – How much information does he know?
    Amaterasu – What is he planning…?
    Amaterasu – Zekuto acted like a father to the Genseki girl
    Amaterasu – Either way, traitors will,
    Amaterasu – Definitely be found and
    Amaterasu – the Red Wind’s name will become history

    Page 20
    Ruby – Jio!!!
    Ruby – Cross!! Why did you do something like this!!
    Cross – You should know… He is not Jio…

    Page 21
    Cross – He is Satan…
    Ruby - …
    Satan – Damn
    Satan - !!
    Satan – I see! That is what happened…!

    Page 22
    Satan - ?!
    Satan – That pendent is,
    Satan – The original Solomon’s key!!!

    Page 23
    Satan - … For something like this to happen!!!
    Cross – Lilly has told me….
    Cross – Satan… Without being taken over by the hatred in my soul
    Cross – I will destroy you with the light in my soul
    Cross – Say your good byes!!

    Page 24
    Ruby – In my head I know that I am not supposed to save Satan…
    Ruby – Mr. Cross!!
    Cross – It is over
    Ruby – Stop!!

    Page 25
    Satan - !?
    Ruby – Kya.. (scream)

    Page 26
    Shit head – How is it, Mr. Recipes?!!
    Shit head – This is full power Zoru
    Shin worker – What are you talking about, this is really bad, this size!!
    Shin worker – The nearby crew’s lives aren’t guaranteed…!!

    Page 27
    Crew – Hey!! It’s Zoru
    Crew – Why is that? I didn’t hear any evacuation warnings!!
    Crew – Is it Zoru?
    Crew – It is huge. It is full power
    Crew – This is the first time I haven’t seen this kind of Zoru!
    Crew – What?!
    Crew – Why are our souls as well? Wait, no one is listening!!!

    Page 28
    Crew – Help. My body!
    Crew – No! I don’t want to die!!!
    *screaming from all the spirits*
    Crew – Help! I’m being pulled in by Zoru.

    Page 29
    R-B dude – What the… What is this?!

    Page 30
    Cross - You are pretty troublesome, Barusa
    Finger – Shield
    Cross – It seems he is planning to make me disappear along with Satan
    Cross – To use Shin’s Zoru!!
    Satan – To have a shield used at a time like this!! But…!
    Satan – The problem is this wound. The Angel’s light is gathered around it, and I can’t regenerate!
    Satan – If this continues…!
    Satan - !!

    Page 31
    Ruby – What?!
    Satan – You hid it well. I thought it was just a regular Adam Kadomon, but this guy…
    Satan – That is it…!!

    Page 32
    Satan – laugh
    Satan – laugh
    Satan – laugh
    Satan – That is right!
    Satan – She is a Genseki as well!!
    Ruby – What? Another me?
    Satan – She doesn’t have enough hatred, but I will absorb her!!!
    Satan – That way I will gain the power to heal this wound of light
    Cross – Her soul was pulled out by Zoru. If this continues…

    Page 33
    Ruby – What?
    Ruby – What the hell!
    Ruby – What is this --- This is so embarrassing, I want to die
    Cross – Ruby, there is no time to be saying that
    Cross – You are already half dead!!!
    Ruby – What the hell!
    Ruby – I don’t want to die like this
    Satan – Ruby!! If you want to return Jio’s body to normal,
    Satan – Let me absorb you!!!

    Page 34
    Cross – Damn!!
    Ruby – Don’t get in the way
    Ruby – Cross

    Page 35
    Cross – Stop! I already told you, he isn’t Jio. He is Satan!!!
    Cross – You are simply being used
    Ruby – Sorry… Cross, I…
    Ruby – Whatever happens, I want to meet Jio again
    Cross – Are you planning to sell your soul to evil for your ego!!!
    Ruby – I believe! That inside of Satan,
    Ruby – Jio still exists, no matter how little!!

    Page 36
    Ruby – I will definitely,
    Ruby – Find Jio
    Cross – Just because of that, Satan won’t turn into Jio!!
    Cross – And you will!!!
    Satan – absorb!!!

    Page 37

    Page 38
    Ruby – It is cold and dark. This is Satan’s inside…
    Ruby – I can’t return

    Page 39
    Ruby – Ouch
    Ruby – Jio…
    Foot – *drop*
    Leg – *slash*
    Shoulder - *slash*
    Ruby – pant
    Ruby – pant
    Ruby – I will definitely find you!
    Ruby – I will definitely save you!!
    Ruby – Please wait!!!

    Page 40
    Satan - Sorry to make you wait.
    Satan – The cut of light no longer scares me

    Page 41
    Jio – I can’t do anything. No, I just don’t want to do anything. Isn’t it okay to stop for a little? I have kept battling with Satan so far. Someone admit the real me…
    Jio - …Because I’m alone… Do I think this because I’m alone…
    Jio – I was a this weak guy…

    Page 42
    Ruby - You realized just now? So slow!
    Jio – What?
    Ruby – That is why you have friends…
    Ruby – I finally found you!
    Jio – WTH
    Jio – Ruby? Why are you here?
    Jio – And what is with that look? Plus you are full of cuts…
    Ruby – You are annoying. If I talked about that
    Ruby – It would be a long story
    Ruby – If you don’t like it, close your eyes, and put your hand out
    Ruby – Don’t try to peek
    Jio – ah… Okay!

    Page 43
    Jio – What?
    Ruby – okay Jio, trust in me
    Ruby – and don’t let go of this hand
    Ruby – We will get out of this darkness!

    Chapter 51 is not finished, next few pages are missing, confusing the events afterwards. Would have posted once I got the new pages, but problem is, that I have to get off my computer, and most likely won't be alowd back on tomorrow. *cries*

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    leexavier is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    lhateruspiye is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    how bout ch 47 n49, is those translation out yet? more n more curious about the story. think i'll do ch 50, if u still can put up with some "not too shabby" scanlation quality,
    i'll finish itafter two days (i hope so), because i need rest or else my backache gonna kill me.

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    doing your gf


    chapter 49:

    It seems that the person who promised to give me the complete raw for chapter 51 hasn't been on, so I can't really translated that.

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    didn't mean to be ungrateful, but i think in chapter 50, on page 11, after jio said :what are you. you miss one conversation of that rock guy. its the reply of jio's question, its on the same box.

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    Thank you for correcting that. I edited it. It was more of him saying that short sentence in 2 bubbles, and I accidentally merged it.

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    is chapter 50 incomplete 2

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    kayangelus is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    doing your gf


    chapter 50 is already scanslated.

    You know, I thought that the fact that the thread title was " 666satans chapter 50" kind of made it obvious that you need to discuss chapter 50 there

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    ooo so now we need chapter 51 n 48


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