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    i've finished 48.

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    doing your gf


    Here is chapter 53:

    Chapter 53

    Page 1
    Chapter 53 bonds

    Page 2
    Shuri – This is troublesome. Really.
    Kaito – I won’t die in a place like this till I save Yuria

    Page 3
    Ball – Wait a bit!!
    Anna – scream
    Kirin - !!
    Ball – No where to stand
    Kirin – Darn
    Ball – Bath room.

    Page 4
    Fatty - Wow, this dango tastes really good
    Jin – Futomomotarou, I won’t be your friend but,
    Jin - thanks for saving me.
    Fatty – Hopefully the OPTs didn’t die.
    Ball – I’m going to die!

    Page 5
    Ball - It is over
    Kirin – This is a good way to waste time
    Ball - !
    Anna – scream
    Kirin - !

    Page 6
    Amidaba – Kirin, if you died I couldn’t eat the pickles
    Jyajyamaru – Yes
    Kirin – Amidaba! Jyajyamaru!
    Amidaba – By the way, wasn’t the retard-headed brat with you?
    Kirin – what?
    Kirin – As I thought, Ball isn’t here!
    Jyajyamaru – Yes
    Ball – Why only me!
    Ball – Jyajyamaru probably did it on purpose. He definitely did it on purpose

    Page 7
    Ball – I will shoot the O-Part there, so catch it. I will use the magnet to pull myself up.
    Hag – OK.
    Ball – Okay, effect activate. Magnet, plus and minus
    Ball – Wow, I was saved. I was seriously going into the bathroom zone…
    Ball – What?

    Page 8
    Hag – Hurry!
    Ball – This is even worse!
    Ball – Dada Hidero!!
    Kirin – ah
    Ball – Major scream

    Page 9
    Satan – Now that there is no one in the way… Let’s continue
    Cross – That attack is…
    Satan – Yes, this is my kindness. I will destroy you the same way I destroyed Lilly.
    Satan – I don’t care about you now that you are not a Genseki. Along with this city…
    Satan – Just disappear…!

    Page 10
    Cross – Like I’ll let you!!

    Page 11

    Page 12
    Ruby – This is…
    Ruby – gate… no it isn’t
    Ruby It is a mirror

    Page 13
    Ruby – This is weird… This mirror, Jio’s shape is reflected
    Ruby – So why not me?
    Jio – mirror?
    Ruby – Now that I look closely, Jio isn’t the one reflected. It is Satan!
    Ruby – I see, so this mirror separates Satan and Jio
    Ruby – So in other words, the opposite side where Satan is, is the real world!
    Ruby – If somehow I can get Jio back over there, he should be about to get his soul back.
    Jio – What happened Ruby? Can I open my eyes now?

    Page 14
    Ruby – No!
    Jio – Darn
    Ruby – Jio, put your hands on the mirror in front of you
    Jio – Mirror? Ah, I see…
    Jio – Its cold
    Jio – If you can get to the other side of that mirror where Satan is,
    Jio – You can get your body and your soul back.
    Jio – But can I get to the other side of a mirror?
    Ruby – This mirror is your soul’s mirror
    Ruby – If you don’t think you can do it, you won’t succeed
    Ruby – This is the only way to go. If you can’t do this, you can’t go to the opposite side where everyone else is

    Page 15
    Ruby – You can do it
    Ruby – Just push your hand hard
    Jio – That is right, I am…
    Mirror – push
    Mirror – slide, slide
    Jio – Not alone!
    Jio – Uoooooo
    Mirror – slide, slide
    Ruby – Yes!
    Jio – It was pretty easy. It is almost as if I am being pulled in.
    Jio – Now, just like this…
    Jio – What?

    Page 16
    Mirror – slide
    Hands – slap
    Jio – Ruby what are you doing!
    Jio – You were the one who told me not to let go of your hands!
    Ruby – Okay, okay, don’t open your eyes
    Jio – Damn!! Why can’t I get back there!

    Page 17
    Ruby – Jio that is your wish. This is all I can do.
    Jio – What are you saying? We are going back together. Give me your hand!
    Jio – Damn, my body is sinking. Quickly!
    Ruby – My soul was absorbed by Satan
    Ruby – This mirror is your soul’s mirror
    Ruby – I don’t reflect. Only you can pass through
    Ruby – Jio…
    Jio – Ruby…
    Ruby – Beat Satan

    Page 18
    Ruby – Don’t forget you are not alone
    Ruby – I will stay here, and from the bottom of your soul,
    Ruby – I will protect you
    Jio – sink, sink

    Page 19
    Jio – RUBY!
    Ruby – Lets be friends
    Jio – I was happy...
    Jio – In reality, when I first met Ruby, I already wanted to say it. But I…
    Jio – But the longer we were together…
    Jio – The harder it became to say those words
    Jio – it might be too late now, but it was stuck inside of me
    Mirror – slide
    Jio – In front of Ruby, with my voice…
    Jio – RUBY!

    Page 20
    Jio – Friends

    Page 21
    Satan - !

    Page 22
    Jio – drop, drop
    Cross – erase
    Cross – erase

    Page 23
    Jio – drop, drop
    Cross – If it was still the me who was caught up in revenge…
    Cross – I would probably have killed you…

    Page 24
    Cross – Even you who are no longer Satan…
    Cross – Aghhh
    Jio – Damn
    ? – My body!!
    Cross – Is this my body’s reaction…?!

    Page 25
    Jio – Ruby!
    Jio – Ruby…
    Jio – Ruby…
    Jio – slide

    Page 26
    Jio – Ruby…
    Jio – Ruby…

    Page 27
    Shin – slide
    Shin worker – Both of the red buttons have disappeared
    Shit head – kukuku, good!
    Shit head – So I killed both!
    Shin worker – We have signs of life at the front of the ship!
    Shit head – What!
    Shin Worker – We are enlarging

    Page 28
    Shit head – Damn
    Shit head – What a tough brat
    Cross – That time…
    Cross – It is strange… How similar she is to Lilly…
    Cross – I will take her body to my place
    Cross – And…

    Page 29
    Cross – Her soul to Jio
    Satan – If Lilly, Solomon’s key does not exist,
    Satan – There is no way for you, a Genseki to turn into an angel
    Cross – Lilly… and me… What are we
    Cross – What am I supposed to believe?

    Page 30
    ? – A wing made from lies is pretty old
    Hag – Besides it getting like this, why was he refusing so hard?
    Hag – Geez, that hotty Ikarosu
    Hag – We are talking about this cute me, so he was probably planning an abduction
    Kirin – Skipping the cute part, he really hated you
    Hag – Did you say something?
    Kirin – Not really
    Kirin – But for Stea to use Shin’s Zoru…
    Amidaba – I can’t believe Cross ordered it but…
    Kirin – yeah…
    Amidaba – With this, the Recipe and Satan’s lives
    Amidaba – We can’t guarantee them

    Page 31
    Ball – Shut up hag! Of course they are alive!
    Hag – clam down a bit
    Ball – We are going to go rescue them!
    Kirin – Wait Ball!
    Kirin – Right now we need to worry about everyone’s safety
    Kirin – Didn’t you believe in Jio?
    Ball – Yes… but…
    Anna – Jio will definitely be saved
    Anna – It isn’t just me… Jio and Marisu’s strong thoughts have
    Anna – Even gotton to these rocks

    Page 32
    Kirin – The rocks broke into the shapes of rings!!
    Anna – Whatever happens
    Anna – They are definitely alive
    Anna – I believe so… Ball, you too right?
    Ball – Thank you Anna-san
    Kirin – That is why we need to be brake now, and get out of here
    Kirin – You get it right, Ball!
    Ball – yeah…

    Page 33
    Anna – Hey, hey, Maris, look at this!
    Maris – study of archeology?
    Maris – The Reki stone. What is with it?
    Anna – This is the rock that we will be happy if both of us have
    Maris – Okay
    Anna – What do you mean by “Okay”?
    Anna – Geez, living beings known as boys really don’t understand a woman’s heart
    Maris – I know it. When you get married, you want to get married by the sea in a white dress
    Anna – Don’t decide by yourself idiot!
    Maris – Ouch. So, Anna when you and me… err. I mean
    Maris – When you get married, what do you want to wear?

    Page 34
    Anna – Of course a snow white wedding dress!!
    Maris – Just as I thought
    Anna – Mu.
    Anna – What!! You are leaving this village?
    Anna – Why are you entering such a dangerous tournament? If it is about our fight,
    Anna – That is…
    Anna – Riko stone
    Maris – I will definitely win in the Olympia and return home
    Maris – And lets make our ring with this…

    Page 35
    Ring – slide
    Anna – Maris, up until now you were at the top of the sky
    Anna – Now, I want to make you rest on the ground

    Page 36
    Anna – You finally got home, Maris...
    Anna – For us, there might have been more hard times
    Anna – But I don’t regret having met you
    Anna – No matter what happens, I need to win in the Olympia
    Anna – If I win, just once more with Maris…
    Anna – I might be able to meet him

    Page 37
    Anna – You taught me that people could love this much, and that they could become strong
    Amidaba – That’s right! I was about to forget
    Amidaba – about this O-Part
    Amidaba – It is a B-Rank O-part that can create what is drawn inside. It was Maris’s I will give it back
    Amidaba – Even I was saved by this guy. Use it well
    Amidaba – Now that I think about it, there was something on the last page
    Anna – What?
    Amidaba – Here! I am here so I will make it come out
    Amidaba – Spirit release

    Page 38
    Anna – snow white wedding dress…

    Page 39
    Anna – That fight…
    Anna – He had
    Anna – remembered it
    Amidaba – Woman really are into man that understand what they think
    Ball – They were apart but their feelings
    Ball – were still tied together

    Page 40
    Anna – So, everyone be careful
    Amidaba – Okay, now to find Jio and Ruby
    Kirin – Lets go!!
    Ball – finally!

    Page 41
    Anna – Don’t worry Maris
    Anna – It seems like I’m not alone
    Anna – I have friends who
    Anna – Love me that much
    Anna – There were a variety of people who strived hard
    Hag – I’m gonna go and find a good man
    Anna – Eventually we will meet again
    Anna - !

    Page 42
    Anna – Even that black and white boy who is a bit a bad mouth
    Anna – Become a guy greater than Maris and come in front of me…
    Anna – Until than, I will keep this promise
    Anna – Thank you
    Anna – Jio Freed

    Page 43
    Jio – Where are you…
    Jio – everyone…
    Jio – Like this, I man
    Hand – slide

    Page 44
    Ruby – you are not alone
    Ruby – We are all tied together
    Ruby – With our thoughts

    Page 45
    Zenom leader – That is a nice news
    Rock – Together we inserted 2 Recipe into the reverse Kabarah
    Rock – We made sure we had Satan identified as well
    Zenom Leader – I heard Rock Bird has sunk
    Rock - yes
    Rock – It seems Stea’s movements have become big
    ZL – yes, Stea’s leader, Amaterasu Miko, she is attempting to get the frontal and reverse Kabarahs, both.

    Page 46
    ZL – Us Zenom need to hurry with the capture of Jio Freed, identified as Satan,
    ZL – And find the other half of the Legendary O-Part that we already have
    Rock – Yes, pleased to have good news
    Rock – Zenom’s Leader.

    Page 47
    top right - chapter 54, ancient beings
    Box - Flying O-Part. Big Oufuun open
    Ball - Geez, is that sensor really okay? It keep finding trash that I can't tell if its an O-part, or junk
    Kirin - It is the only way
    Kirin - This guy who can react to Kabarah's Recipe being released is curruntly the only way to find Jio.
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    Great job kayangelus.

    Now we are looking for chapter 51

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    cant wait till chapter 54 comes cuz from scan it got first page and when ball n everyone are grown up. and balls got so cool new moves

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    isn't ch 51 translation is up in this thread??
    in the same box as ch50??

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    doing your gf


    That isn't the complete translation.
    The japanese raw is missing 4 double pages, and I stopped there.
    Comes out to a total of 17 pages not translated. (2 have no words though)


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