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Thread: chap 35???

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    Ok then heres the one i made with your translation. I did it for fun so it's probably not so good. But anyway enjoy.

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    awesome thanx but you guys should post all of this at mangahelpers

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    um, how about this link (for raws of volumes 1-10)?

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    doing your gf


    Chapter 36
    Page 1
    Chapter 36
    Definitely’s volume (literally what it means)

    Page 2
    Hag – As I thought, Orinpia is the best.
    Hag – Are you all having fun?
    Hag – Well than the next match,
    Hag – We will be getting started.
    Ball – Okay, calm down…
    Kaito(big sword dude) – sup

    Page 3
    Ball - !
    Ball – Hiiiiii!!! (surprised/scared sound)
    Kaito – Well, than lets be friendly till we enter the ring
    Ball – What is that huge O-Part, that guy
    Ball – And he is holding it with ease
    Kaito – Lets not hate each other, even if we die

    Page 4
    Ball – His smile is really scary
    Kaito – To drop from that height, and go into the ground that much… That O-Part…
    Kaito – And that brat…
    Ball – Ooops I dropped it… That was dangerous
    Kaito’s sis – Kaito good luck

    Page 5
    Kaito – Leave it to me. I will definitely win …
    Kaito – your body
    Kaito – I(can be we) will definitely fix it
    Sis – I know
    Sis – That is why I won’t be scared and try hard
    Kaito – yes, that is how to think

    Page 6
    Hag – A guy that I like, Kaitosama. Show me some good sweat.
    Hag – Fight number 2 It is finally a fight between man
    Hag – Ball!! Vs Kaito!!
    Spectator – Hey, hey, it’s a brat again
    Spectator – It’s a dwarf race… He is really scarred… kukuku (laugh sound)

    Page 7
    Jio – Now that you mention it, Ball,
    Jio – Since when is he able to hold that pickle stone so easily without using is spirit’
    Box – Before
    Kirin – Well Jio that is what is different from you
    Kirin – When using his O-Part, Ball using the magnet effect very well
    Kirin – and turns the remaining spirit into electricity
    Kirin – When he normally walks around, he is using that electricity
    Kirin – Though even he doesn’t notice

    Page 8
    Kirin – Meaning he is doing it subconsciously
    Kirin – He is thinking he became strong from training, so I don’t know if he is great or an idiot
    Ruby – Turning spirit into electricity, is that possible?
    Kirin – Since it is ball and that O-Part, it is possible. You can say that he is using that rock fully effectively
    Jio – nu!!! (completely random and meaning less sound)
    Ball – um… Ma… May I go to the bathroom
    Kaito - …
    Kirin – Well, sadly that is his personality

    Page 9
    Ball – Whoa, I finally came this far
    Kirin – Kaito why is he scared when he is really strong
    Jio – He is shaking

    Page 10
    Kaito – Lets end this
    Ruby – Ball!! If you win this fight
    Ruby – I will kiss you!!!
    Jio – WHAT!!!!
    Hag – There was still that method left
    Kaito – This arena’s air won’t fall apart
    Kaito – with such cheering.
    Hag – Kaitosama~~~ If you win this fight
    Hag – besides a kill you will get @#<$#@#%$@

    Page 11
    Jio – wha…

    Page 12
    Ball – Hey you. Keep your head cool and your heart warm!!!
    Kaito – what is this guy…
    Jio – what is good right now?
    Hag – Than fight #2
    Hag – Please start!!!

    Page 13
    Kirin – Ball returned to his usual pace with Ruby’s kill prediction
    Jio – As I thought, he is a brat…
    Kirin – you are even worse
    Sis – Kaito
    Ball – As I thought, with such a big O-Part, the movement is really slow!! I will plenty of time to look!!

    Page 14
    Ball – Fast
    Ball – damn, the wall!!

    Page 15
    Kirin – He used the push caused by same sides of a magnet to slow down. (inside ball it says Norse pole. Above hand it says Norse ball. Between it says repel. Next to wall it says glass wall)
    Jio – With the previous speed, he couldn’t stop with just the push from his feet
    Ball – What is with that!!? He moves it around really easily

    Page 16
    Ball – It’s as if he isn’t holding anything.
    Ball – And that attack was seriously heavy.
    Kaito – You’re pretty good

    Page 17
    Ball - !!

    Page 18
    Ball – Are you serious?

    Page 19
    Ruby – Ball!!!
    Jio - !!
    Ball – I almost died…
    Ball – I didn’t even have time to dodge
    Ruby – fuu (relaxes)
    Ruby – Ball’s fight was really dangerous

    Page 20
    Kaito – It hit that rock, and its direction changed huh
    Ball – This is perfect, I will use this guy!!
    Ball – what the!?
    Ball – Heavy
    Ball – I can’t

    Page 21
    Kaito – Welcome home
    Ball – What kind of crazy strength does that guy have!!!
    Jio – Ball how stupid can you get
    Jio – That is his O-Part’s effect!!
    Kaito – right on
    Kaito – I am not that strong at all

    Page 22
    OPT : Kaito
    O-Parts: Giant’s knife
    O – Part’s Rank: C
    Effect: Weight control
    Kaito – I can change this giant’s knife’s weight with ease, from a few grams to a few tons
    Ball – So that is why he can use it so easily, and when the attack hits he makes it heavy
    Kirin – That thing’s weight itself increases the power of the attack
    Jio – Even Ball’s pickle stone doesn’t go as far as a ton~~
    Kirin – It could hold down at least 3 pickle jars
    Jio – What are you day dreaming…

    Page 23
    Spectator – This Orinpia has a lot of strong people in it
    Spectator – there are a lot with different effects
    Kirin – Thinking right now, the attacks are around this
    (above ball; Ball below ball from left to right “strength 40%” “weight 20%” “short 40%” under, “attack strength 60%”. Above Kaito: Kaito. Below from left to right than bottom “strength 10%” “weight 90%” ”attack strength 40%”)
    Kirin – Now ball, how are you going to make up for the 40% that you are short…
    Kirin – and to win, you need even more than that

    Page 24
    Ball – There is no choice but to try that…
    Kaito - !
    Jio - !? What is Ball doing…
    Ball – Damn, I was going to keep it a secret in case I fought Jio
    Ball – There is no choice but to use it here
    Jio – Maybe…

    Page 25
    Kirin – I see, creating a North and South pole with both hands and replacing them with incredible speed the repelling causes the ball to spin, and if you increase the power of the poles it becomes like a motor
    Ball – I’m raising the volume My Ultimate Attack!!! Hurricane Mixer Dance Ball Great Delicious Ikashouryoku.
    Kirin – A body that has spin with gain an explosion like spin when it hits
    Kirin – This makes up for the missing 40%
    Jio – Since when did Ball have that technique! The spin is becoming faster
    Kaito – This time I’m going with full power so be prepared

    Page 26
    Hag (or crowd) – Wow!!
    Bug guy – I see
    Jio and/or Ruby – Ball!!!

    Page 27
    Jio – You finally woke up
    Ball – What… I was knocked out…
    Ball – So as I predicted
    Ball – I lot…
    Kirin – Well Ball I was surprised he would develop this far
    Kirin – In reality both sides were knocked out
    Kirin – The one who survived without the O-Part being destroyed one
    Ball – That my O-Part…

    Page 28
    Kirin – yes, right below your head
    Ball – what
    Jio – Ball the next fight be prepared
    Ball – My cool ball was safe….
    Kirin – So you glad over that than the victory
    Ball – Oh, yeah
    Ball – Rubychan umm… I won the fight so…
    Ruby – damn, he remembered!!
    Ruby – I get it… It is embarrassing so close your eyes!!

    Page 29
    Hag – Awn, I told you it is embarrassing if you open your eyes
    Ball – oee (freaked out sound)
    Hag – I wonder why
    Ruby – I told you to relax
    Ruby – Don’t get excited pervert
    Jio – Damn, it was close between Ball and Hideroo

    Page 30
    Kaito – Yuria I’m sorry…
    Yuria – it’s okay
    Yuria – It’s Okay if Kaito is alive
    Yurita – that in itself is enough
    Kaito – Yuria…
    Yuria – I know that I have to solve my own problems
    Yuria – But Kaito is always spoiling me

    Page 31
    Yuria – In my heart I think, even if it means killing other OPT, by winning the Orinipia
    Yuria – I can find a way to fix my body. I’m always pushing that on Kaito
    Kaito – Your like always till now. Take it easily, easily
    Kaito – If you think about your well being or of others, you can’t win the Orinpia
    Yuria – I’m going
    Yuria – since next is my fight

    Page 32
    Kaito – okay
    Kaito - ….
    Kaito – Yuria!
    Kaito - … but if you think your body is in trouble, don’t go too far
    Kaito – If your body breaks you can’t go back to before
    Yuria – Okay!
    Yuria – I know

    Page 33
    Crowd – What is going on, when is the next match!!
    Crowd – Hurry up!!
    Hag – Hello everyone, please listen to the beautiful me, and wait a bit
    Hag – That girl’s next opponent is HoutaiYarou (wrapping bastard) geez, what are these guys doing

    Page 34
    Fatty – Awww!!!
    Fatty – you were together with the friend of that brat…
    Dog – yeah
    Fatty – But no matter how much he abandoned you,
    Fatty – you can’t shit freely
    Fatty - ?!
    Fatty – This… Is the smell of blood…
    Fatty – Its close by wan(dog bark sound)
    Dog – yeah (his barking sound)

    Page 35
    Fatty - Its here wan
    Dog – yeah
    Fatty - !!
    HoutaiYarou – I was sleeping piecefully too
    Dude about to die – Plsea stop, we only came to call you!!!

    Page 36
    Dude about to die – Nooo!

    Page 37
    HoutaiYarou – what?!
    HoutaiYarou – I guess it was my imagination
    HoutaiYarou – Well than, I already finished my warm-up
    HoutaiYarou – Its our turn now, so lets go kill BiRaiYa

    Page 38
    Crowd – What are you guys doing!!
    Crowd – Hurry up!!
    Hag – There is no default win in Orinpia
    Hag – Those bastards, late callers better not be late as well.
    Hag - ?

    Page 39

    Page 40
    Jio – Wow its huge
    Spectator – He is the guy who killed all the OPT-s on ship #4
    Spectator 2 – Idiot, don’t you know him. He is the enjoy-killer serial killer, Poison Joke
    Spectator 3 - A few cities were destroyed by him
    Spectator 3 – even us upper people might be in trouble
    Jio – It might have been better for that girl to not be given another chance
    Ball – Right now we can still stop it
    Kaito – Don’t over do it
    Kaito – Yuria

    Page 41

    Page 42
    (random crap nothing to do with the actual story)

    Page 43
    O-Parts Catalouge
    (look in the manga if you want to know what it does)

    You have to wait for volume 10 a while, since I'm first going to enjoy it before translating it.
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    NOOO=( megaupload doesnt work for china..thers only 600 slotss and all of them are constantly being used *crying in the corner* ...and which volume has chapter 36?

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    doing your gf

    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Death_Bringer
    NOOO=( megaupload doesnt work for china..thers only 600 slotss and all of them are constantly being used *crying in the corner* ...and which volume has chapter 36?
    Volume 9, last chapter is chapter 36

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    aha thanx ><, newayz this thread is great!! and thanks for trnaslatin all that stuff haha ...i love 666satan ><

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    Heres 36 uploaded 2 places.

    I'll be cleaning v10 in all my glorious free time

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    doing your gf


    Wow Xenbuda, that was fast.
    And it looks pretty good too.
    I will be doing chapter 37 tomorrow morning when I wake up, (I'm going by Pacific Time so 9:15 pm here), cause though I could do it now, I'm too tired/lazy and only doing this as a hobby.


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