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Thread: chap 35???

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    doing your gf


    Thanks, Xenbuda.
    Okay, here is a translation of the raw Xenbuda posted.

    Page 1
    chapter 35 - promise

    Page 2
    spectators - hey babe, its boring to see a brats fight. Please end it quickly
    Ball - Having Jio talked about like that makes me pissed
    Ruby - Jio watch out
    Jio - As I said, just because you are a girl, I won't go easy on you.
    OPT: Jio
    O-Part: Zero
    O-Part's Rank: B
    Effect: triple energy
    Anna - Really.... thats scary
    OPT: Anna
    O-part: tennyo
    O-part's Rank: C
    Effect: ???
    Jio: Eventhough I said that, this flying feeling makes me sick, it feels like it is hard to move

    Page 3
    Anna - from the beginning
    Anna - You are full of openings
    Jio - Oops

    Page 4
    Jio - that is dangerous
    Jio - Wow, I can really kick in the
    Jio - AIR!
    Jio - damn
    Anna - My attack from that positon... this kid...
    Anna - What kind of reaction does he have? It isn't human
    Jio - wha... it won't stop

    Page 5
    Jio - ouch
    Anna - maybe not
    Hag - when you want to stop in air, you have to put your feet in the direction you are moving in
    Jio - I guess this isn't okey unless I get used to it
    Kirin - I don't know where he learned it, but Jio's pose when moving, is similar ot a beast's
    Ruby - Before, he said that his teacher was a wolf
    Anna - phun (sound, usually showing you don't care, or are trying to act tough.)
    Kirin - there is a guy that is looking at something like a beast too
    Ruby - I guess he is relaxed now

    Page 6
    Jio - So your O-Part's effect is handling huh... than I'm used to fighting it
    Anna - Going behind the weight ball (literally heavy strength), where is he coming from...
    Anna - Above!
    Jio - urya (sound done when doing some light, instants movement, usually used by kids)
    Anna - No, it isn't

    Page 7
    Anna - He doesn't have his O-Part
    Anna - Damn, is it to the left?
    Anna - Is this a boomerang?
    Jio - I'm not a feint either
    Anna - damn

    Page 8
    Tennyo Tenjou
    Jio - Do you think you can block Zero with something like that?

    Page 9
    Jio - what?

    Page 10
    Anna - In a ring he was never in before, he is already using his surroundings to his advantage... this brat is pretty used to fighting
    Jio - What is that O-Part?
    Spectators - Oooogh
    Hag - Wow, suddenly it is an exciting match
    Hag - Jio is definitely winning right now
    Kirin - this is the best time killer
    Ruby - Kiring -san

    Page 11
    Anna - this is my O-Part, Tennyo's effect
    Jio - Now it became hard like a sword
    Anna - Handling plus shape changing

    Page 12
    Jio - to deflect Zero, what kind of hardness does it have

    Page 13
    Anna - I have him
    Jio - making it soft again from where I blocked
    Jio - Damn
    Jio - If it is right now...

    Page 14
    Jio - damn
    Hag - Tieing down Jio-kun, what kind of woman are you?
    Hag - I will take his place tie me down!

    Page 15
    Ruby - Jio
    Kirin - She is more used to using it than I thought
    Kirin - If it is an O-Part that can both attack and defend at the same time this fight... Strategy decides the winner but Jio...
    Ball - I have seriously fooled by the breasts. Shes strong
    Spectator1 - As I thought, that woman is strong
    Spectator2 - As predicted, it is over for the brat
    Jio - It hurts
    Anna - For your small size your pretty tough

    Page 16
    Spectator 3 - That brat stood up
    Ruby - Jio
    Jio - damn, I really won't go easy on you anymore
    Anna - I don't know how many times I have heard that. Saying you won't go easy on me, how is that different from before?
    Jio - I will use this guy's effect
    Ruby - He didn't use it till now...
    Anna - I was taken really lightly

    Page 17
    Jio - spirit release! Effect activate! Triple energy
    Jio - I'm sorry but I will crush that O-Part
    Anna - Tennyou's defense is perfect. It will be the same result

    Page 18

    Page 19
    Spectators - wow it cut through that ring
    Anna - I can't believe tennyo was

    Page 20
    Anna - he isn't there. Where is he?
    Jio - here
    Anna - kya (Sound girls give when they are scared, see something cute, or are hurt.)

    Page 21
    Jio - it seems that Zero with its effect activated is stronger. And that defense, it closes in the user, so when deactivated, you can be hit from behind

    Page 22
    Jio - Kirin battle rule one: use your spirit with care. Kirin battle rule two: act fluidly like water. Kirin battle rule three
    Kirin - don't hit a girl
    Kirin - just because of that, head butting is still...
    Jio - I'm sorry but give up
    Anna - I...

    Page 23
    Anna - whatever happens
    Anna - I will win this tournament
    Hag - you can't stand up cause you have such large breasts
    Jio - what makes you go so far?

    Page 24
    Anna - Because Marisu...
    Anna - Because I hate that man
    Anna - That is why, till I meet him...
    Jio - Marisu?
    Spectator 3(?) - Marisu...
    Spectaror 4 - I kinda remember hearing of him... Where was it?
    Spectator 3 - I remember

    Page 25
    Spectator 3 - He was the OPT that won Orinpia 4 years ago.
    Hag - Yes, he was a man that I approve of
    Jio - previous Orinpia's winner...
    Anna - why?
    Anna - Why are you entering such a dangerous fight? If it is because of the fight before, I am
    Anna - and I...

    Page 26
    Marisu - in this village OPTs are hated. I don't want to cause problems for you Anna.
    Marisu - but in the fight, OPTs are respected.
    Anna - Marisu, in reality...
    Marisu - If I win in the Orinpia that is held once every 4 years, in Rockubato, the city that flies in the skies, it isn't just fame. I can also get more cash than can be spent.
    Marisu - We can say good bye to this life.
    Marisu - you understand right? I want to make you happy

    Page 27
    Marisu - Oh yeah. This. I finally found it
    Anna - That is a Ruko rock.
    Marisu - Anna you have it. I will definitely win in the Orinpia and come home...
    Marisu - And from this, lets make our rings.
    Marisu - it is a promise

    Page 28
    Marisu - what...
    Marisu - why won't you understand!
    Anna - You don't understand anything!!
    Anna - This thing!!

    Page 29
    Anna - why Marisu? That isn't what I want? Don't leave me alone
    Anna - I had no choice but to wait. And than one day, I heard tha Marisu won the Orinpia.
    Anna - I relaxed and was glad.
    Anna - I was happy that Marisu was alive
    Anna - But he didn't come home to me
    Anna - we are still in the middle of a fight
    Anna - That is why we have to meet and

    Page 30
    Anna - and take revenge on him for making me wait so long.
    Jio - damn
    Anna - it was a mistake to make tennyo into pieces.

    Page 31
    Anna - Doesn't matter how tough you are, if take direct damage to the brain...
    Ruby - Jio!!!
    Hag - Nooo!! My Jio!!!
    Anna - its over
    Ball - That can't be

    Page 32
    Ball - Damn Jio... Anna's breasts
    Jio - When being dropped, I copied Tennyo's effect
    Jio - there is one way too beat you without hitting you.

    Page 33
    Jio - With this left hand, your spirit..
    Jio - Wha...
    Jio - I thought it was kinda soft but
    Anna - are you saying that this brat is an O-Part too.
    Anna - and his hair and I colors have changed
    Hag - Jio!!! Hold my breasts in stead!!!
    Jio - There is no choice. I have to continue like this.

    Page 34
    Jio - Spirit drain!!!
    O-Part: Satan
    Effect: Spirit Drain

    Page 35
    Jio - This feeling
    Anna - My strength is going away
    Bug dude - That is...
    Crowd - what is that?

    page 36
    Kirin - as I thought Jio is...
    Ruby - Blond and red hair!!! That is Satan!!!

    Page 37
    Jio - what is this... I used my left hand
    Jio - but the usual after effect isn't present
    Spectator 5 - That brat won
    Bug dude - ............
    Hag - Jiochan!!! Here is your winning kiss take it!!!
    Not sure - Winner!!! Jio Freedo!

    Page 38
    Jio - You said you hate Mariku, but when I took your spirit,
    Jio - it was a really warm feeling
    Jio - You can't lie to me

    Page 39
    Jio - You should know as well, Marisu isn't the type of guy to break a promise with you.
    Jio - there must have been something
    Anna - I...
    Anna - I was afraid to think so
    Anna - If if win, at least once
    Anna - with Marisu
    Anna - I can meat him again
    Anna - and I want to tell him what I couldn't truthfully tell back than

    Page 40
    Anna - I love him from my heart
    Anna - this real feeling, I couldn't tell him. (Jio might be thinking this, with tell them, not tell him)
    Ruby - So that is why you risked your life in the Orinpia
    Anna - I was the same as Marisu. An OPT hated in the village I was born in
    Anna - I didn't want anything but for him to stay by my side and defend me

    Page 41
    Ruby - the winner of this Orinpia must have a hidden something (secret)
    Ball - but the competition is once every 4 years
    Kirin - That is what makes me suspicious. It might be that...
    Anna - I...
    Anna - I believe
    Anna - That that man is alive

    Page 42
    Ruby - Jio
    Jio - What is it?
    Ruby - I know that Jio you don't work easily for other people
    Ruby - this might be strange to say but
    Ruby - You have to win this fight
    Ruby - And Anna-san and Marisu's promise

    Page 43
    Jio - what are you saying Ruby? I don't care about Anna's situation
    Ruby - .........
    Jio - But taking over this town falls under my goal...

    Page 44
    Jio - Either way I will win this competition and I will go to the place of that hight loving idiot Ikarosu
    Ruby - Geez, he isn't honest
    Jio - It is a promise Anna
    Anna - Jio
    Anna - thank you
    Jio - Loving people sure has a lot of strength, Mom, dad...

    Finally done.
    Post chapter 36 and I will do that to.
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    Its nice to see a tread i started has accually accomplished something

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    doing your gf


    Quote Originally Posted by eamon542000
    Its nice to see a tread i started has accually accomplished something
    Help me with my typing lessons?

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    you rock! had forgotten where we were... but no matter!

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    i think that if you put this translation on manga helpers, someone sure will use

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    I'm already finished with a scanlation based on this translation. Just something I did for fun. But i wasn't really going to post it without permission.
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    doing your gf


    Wow that was fast.

    Edit: Who do you need permission from anyway?
    If you did the scanslation, shouldn't you be allowed to post it?

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    From you for using your translation. Oh and it was quick because I have no life. :P
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    Okay, in that case, I hereby give permission to anyone to use a translation I made that I post in the Stoptazmo forum, for a scanslation, unless I specifically state that they may not use it.

    Exception to this rule is, if you state that you did the translation, or make me look like a jerk, saying I took the credit from you. However, you may choose to give me no credit, if you so desire, or are too lazy to find a post by me, and copy and past my name, for I don't care.

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    First time doing one of these.. didn't realize it would take that long but thought you guys might like this.

    Umm i used your translation kayangelus but you said you didn't have a problem with that :P
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